Hello Kitty Car License Plate

One would assume that a personalized Hello Kitty license plate (or two) would be about as bad as it could get (although they do have those Hello Kitty license plate thingies that don’t even have names), but that would be greatly underestimating the evil feline. It appears that she was able to slip a few bucks under the table and somehow convince the people of Queensland that it would be a good idea of giving them the option to buy Hello Kitty license plates for their cars:

Hello Kitty license plate

Of course, showing your affection for Hello Kitty, as is the case with everything she puts out in her image, comes at a price — this time $388 ($465 AUD). Price, however, is never an issue with Hello Kitty since she also has her own Hello Kitty credit card.

My wife, upon seeing this, has decided that our own car isn’t Hello Kitty pimpified enough and we need one of these for our car more. It never ends when you live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Anna who deserves to be run over by a Hello Kitty car for ever thinking that sending this to be could result in something positive…

53 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Car License Plate”

  1. Why are you so against your wife wanting to make her car cute? Most men would love it if a woman took so much interest in a car, but all you can do is complain and make rude remarks. And if you really loved your wife, price would not be an issue. You sound like a cheapskate as well.

    This license plate shows the character of the driver shares the same values as Hello Kitty. Maybe if you showed a little more of these values, you wouldn’t be as mean spirited as you are. I know every woman would love to have one of these.

    Stop posting your shallow comments that annoy everyone and put up the photos so we can enjoy them. That would make this blog so much better.

  2. Wow, darlene struck again:
    > This license plate shows the character of the driver shares the same values as Hello Kitty.

    Well, the world might be a bit safer place if every car has HK license plate.
    Even better, if you make a moving violation (speeding or parking), the violator must have HK license plate! This will halve the number of violations, don’t you think?

  3. Hey, I like it. In fact my license plate says hello kitty. It’s not spelled that way but you can still tell. I’m still waiting on it from the DMV. Three months is too long to wait for such a thing if you ask me.

  4. you should get your wife the queensland one…

    …just so she can get pulled over for a fake licence plate.

    …or would that mean more hello kitty sleeping bag

  5. LOL you guys!
    @Acton I think FUR4LIF is a good one for you!
    Or Maybe FURY4HK -as in furry and fury but oh well 🙂
    I had MHKITTY for a while until I was stalked so that one went bye bye quickly.

    I think the ‘thingies’ referred to in the post are called BOLT COVERS/CAPS… work just like caps used in furniture and whatnot… just there to prettify crap.
    The plates cute and all but I don’t think a plate should be that blaringly FUSCHIA!

    @Kitteh!!- wow a little violent this day, are we? 😉

  6. Lame and ugly. This is what you get when you have too much money and zero creativity… which could really go for everything that HK puts out.

    Still, it’s fodder for comments so it has some purpose.

  7. @moriyah: Hey welcome back 🙂

    Maybe the plate wouldn’t be so bad if it was white… I think the 30th anniversary image of a closeup of HK’s face *might* make a better background…

  8. @Catherine
    I prefer Yiffy 😉 just kidding. I would not go that far I am not that type.

    I try to make it subliminal kty4me furitup. whrsMimmy. Fur suter.
    I am writing this from Seattle at Rainfurrest.

  9. You’ve been tagged! Have a look at my blog. I’m farely new to the blogging world, so I’m just taggin’ people that have blogs I like to read! Hope you’ll participate Mr. I Hate Hello Kitty!


  10. Yeah my mom and I have the game where we try to figure the tags out… there are some weird ones out there!

    My bud has one on his bike: BATBYKE he like Batman a ‘little’ too much… LOL- this from the HK lover 😉

  11. ow… so pink…

    and Darlene, did you happen to read the FAQ section???
    you are only reading a TINY slice of his life, and you’re telling him that all he does is complains and make rude comments? I’m afraid you’re wrong!

    oh and for you’re
    “I know every woman would love to have one of these.”
    part of the comment………….. I’M a woman…………. and I KNOW that would be one of the last things I would put on my car!!! its FUGLY!

  12. Rule number one of License plates : never order a plate that is easily memorisable, you’ll only make the job of anybody wishing to report the slightest flaw in your driving easier.
    Now one would assume that having a text on it was enough but now if you want to report an problem with the car or driver to the police you can actually not only remember what is written on the plate easily, you can tell the police officer that it’s pink!
    And one would bay 388$ to get so easily identified…ewwww

  13. @Catherine

    I kinda think thats the point of Hello Kitty to be cheesy and cute. What’s the point of having something Hello Kitty with out making it obvious that it’s Hello Kitty. And what better way to make it obvious than pink??

  14. @darlene
    ”Stop posting your shallow comments that annoy everyone and put up the photos so we can enjoy them.”

    Excuse me? Annoy everyone? Everyone loves this forum BECAUSE of his FUNNY comments. I’m not feeding the darlene, I’m correcting her stupidity. =D

    “I know every woman would love to have one of these.”

    ……wut. I’m 13, when I’m 20 and have a license, I would rather buy this, and burn it with my friends. My Mum would see this and would never buy it. Your contradicting yourself, Darlene. =D

    “And if you really loved your wife, price would not be an issue. You sound like a cheapskate as well.”

    He loves his wife because he does. Not because of money.
    You judge him just because he thinks these items are rediculous.

    If I ever met you, I’d say your a stuck up, 60 year old woman who has no purpose in life except to attack others for something they hate.

    Grow up, and get a life instead of attacking a man venting how rediculous items are.

    Key words: GROW UP.

    I’m not feeding the troll, I’m giving it the truth. And I am SO glad I don’t live in QLD, alwise I’d see these in the stores. .___.

  15. MHK – It had been that sort of a week at work. I normally only advocate that as a punishment for driving without insurance.
    Acton, I’d go with FUR4LIF myself, because I read FURY4HK as “fury for HK” rather than “Furry for HK”.
    Indiana, are you really 13, and not someone older pretending to be 13, cos you seem very mature for 13! (meant as a compliment)

  16. @Indiana:

    There are only two ways to break trolls.

    A) Ignoring these attention whores completely.

    B) Getting a sledgehammer, finding out where they live, and smashing ALL of their HK stuff.

    Granted the 1st is less energy spent and I would often advocate that. However, I would say that I would love to see darlene cry as I stomp on every freaking, over-expensive, cheaply made, fragile, useless HK thing that she owns and then setting fire to it and watching the black smoke roil upwards while I laugh at her pain.

  17. @kitteh!!

    Wow, I’ve never been called very mature for my age. o_o
    ….Thank you. I freaking love you. *cries* =’D


    Can I join? I might feel bad once I see her cry, but I’ll give her a kirby (nintendo) plushie and make her hug that for a while. =D

  18. @Ando,
    xD well, while she goes nutso, I buy her a kirby doll she can destroy or hug until it’s nothing anymore. And the next time HK comes near her…..>=D

  19. @Ando… wow…a little angry are we? 😉
    I see darlene as a lonely middle-aged, under achiever that hates men in general and all people that don’t see the world through the Rose-colored glasses she wears…
    I feel sorry for her.
    BUT, that does not give her the right to say some of the things she says, some might be taken as slanderous.

    I think she does need a heathly dose of a thing called ‘Medication’ and maybe needs to speak to someone about her reality versus the real world.
    I’ve stopped getting seriously mad about the idiotic stuff she spouts, I look at her tirades as that of 3-year-old when they don’t get their nap.
    I go with A) but yes, option B) would be much more fun… but we might land Indy in a children’s assylum or something…so that idea is out.

  20. I found myself wondering seriously on the subject of Darlene this morning. Does anyone know if there’s a proper female equivalent of the word misogynist?

  21. Got it, it’s misandry – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misandry.

    You can probably guess the line of reasoning that led to that pondering.

  22. I do not think she hates men but want to feminize them to her own image. That is if she is a real person and not a Internet troll.

  23. Relax folks. The reasoning just went sort of:-
    Darlene hates men – that can’t be misogyny, cos that’s hatred of women – I wonder if there’s a female equivalent? And it was only the question that stuck with me really, cos not knowing anoyed me.

  24. What can i say except

    If you have this on your car you are effectively wearing a

    ” I am an IDIOT ” stamp on your head!!

    ***Blinks at the stupidity***

  25. Oh My God……
    I just realised that this is in Australia, i feel so ashamed******
    But there is one saving grace, In QLD or Queensland they are pretty much considered the Rednecks of Australia.

    Thank God i live in Sydney

  26. This shouldn’t surprise anyone from Australia who reads this blog… Queensland is known as “The Sunstroke State” after all.

  27. you know what,
    quit dissing Darlene cuz she’s awesome and especially HELLO KITTY
    and just because someone luvs HK does not diminish their intelligence or ability to drive. That’s a cute license plate.

  28. @becca
    Have you seen the ignorant, upsetting comments she does? have you read ALL her comments to this blog?

    Answer: NOO.

    Then you’ll why she is a cold hearted bitch.

    Indy out. =D

  29. Well thanks for putting this up, since sending this picture to you, I have received my very own plates for Christmas 2008. As they are personalised, you can get what you want (within reason) on them, so mine ofcourse is the model of my car!


    They will be going on the car very soon, and once you pay the fee, they are yours FOR LIFE until you decide to sell them. $465 well spent :p

    Anna xx

  30. CAT, they are a LEGAL numberplate of registration for a vehicle registered in Queensland, Australia. Unfortunately you can’t have a piece of metal printed up in your own colours and design and have them print your registration number on it. Since they were released back in September, I have only ever seen 2 cars on the road with them… and I drive A LOT. Obviously not too many crazy kitteh fans here :-p


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