Hello Kitty Pinata

If there are Hello Kitty Mexican wrestling masks, there really shouldn’t be any surprise that Hello Kitty pinatas also exist. I just wasn’t quite expecting a Hello Kitty pinata like this when I opened the email:

Hello Kitty Pinata

While I was expecting something a bit more on the overly cute side, I guess a zombie mummy Hello Kitty pinata is a pretty realistic way of expressing what the evil feline represents to most of us.

A Hello Kitty pinata does hold some appeal to me. If something Hello Kitty is going to be coming to my house anyway, having it be a Hello Kitty that I’m allowed to whack the crap out of definitely could provide some desperately needed stress release. Then again, Hello Kitty fanatics never allow the ones they torture to ever use the Hello Kitty items as they are supposed to be used.

Of course, my wife now wants a cute Hello Kitty pinata and immediately went to work on finding one. Let me just say that it took her less than 30 minutes to prove that there are far more Hello Kitty pinatas out there than is reasonably healthy for the world to have. Now I can look for one to soon arrive at our door to add to my wife’s collection and my Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Roy Van Nistelrooij who should have to suffer the same fate as a pinata on a daily basis for ever thinking that sending me a photo like this could result in something good.

78 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Pinata”

  1. Ok, that’s a monstrosity! Children should run in terror from that thing! I’d beat it just to make sure it couldn’t somehow come after me!

  2. How could you even call it HK? How would you even get enough candy and surprises to fill that human sized HK?
    I’m going to have nightmares for sure!
    What is the marshmallow man thing next to it?

  3. Who in their right mind would buy this for thier child’s party? It would scare the kids and leave them haunted for life, not to mention the amount of money that would be spent not just buying this ugly and distorted thing, but filling it up as well. It honestly looks like some sad homemade school project gone horribly wrong. There are plenty of licenced HK pinatas that are far cuter than this crap. As a fan of HK, I’m not only offended but disturbed by this vision as well…

  4. Question:
    I wonder what is Sanrio policy concerning copyrights and trademark infringement over Hello Kitty. I the owners of Dora and Thomas the Tank Engine will come down on any hint of infringement. The way business tries to weasel around copyrights is by changing the image so it doesn’t look exactly like Hello Kitty. It is common these look-alike products are horribly done.

  5. Finally! Something HK I would purchase… if only to beat the carp out of it.

    I have to agree that this pinata isn’t HK perfection, but who cares when all you’re going to do is take a stick to it? 😉

  6. it really sucks if you can’t wack it open…
    hum… it could give anyone nightmares… like a hk pinata walking and following you saying: “come here and hug me! i’m cute and loveable!”
    then again, you would be able to hit it in your dreams

  7. This is where it shows that I know way too much about military technology: I was going to use an AC-130 gunship, and empty every single magazine on board into it!!

  8. There seems to be an arms race ongoing? We started with a baseball bat, then up to dynamite or black powder, then I bid the entire ammo content of a Hercules gunship!
    Who’s gonna go nuclear on its @ss!? 😉

  9. Naw, too big a mess… plus you know all ‘Save the Earth’ people will be on our butts!

    Besides, someone will bomb someone else soon enough 🙁

    So, I went out and got the new Kurt S. Adler HK Glass X-Mas Ornament last night… they had two of them at the Homegoods store, so I got both… now… do I keep it, or put on ebay? Hmmmmm…

  10. Keep one, and e-bay the other. C’mon mhkitty06 no brainer.
    I’m doing an entire HK tree this year, but haven’t decided which room to do it in. Let me know if/when you decide to put her up. Or I suppose I could drag my happ a@@ over to my homegoods……

  11. Yeah but I may want to keep one in case I break the other… I’m a huge klutz!
    I’ll let you know, otherwise there are a bunch now on ebay (though I didn’t see this exact one) plus if you go the google and do a seach for HK Ornaments a $hitload pop up!
    if you go to kurtadler.com you can see all the ones he makes…
    I can’t wait to get to Target and Big Lots to get the new mini ornaments sets they sell! Comeon holidays!

  12. Yes I got an adorable one @ Neimans it gave me the idea that I had to do a HK tree. Now I must search out say, 100 more…
    The mini’s are to tiny for me. I want the big mama’s. I usually decorate 5 trees in my home, now I am adding another. I will have to break it to my hubby gently….;)

  13. @ Catherine
    “I think that is what HK would look like after a serious car accident…when she is in traction… hahahaha”

    That was awesome. 😀

    Yeah, I see no relation or any visual even remotely similar to HK.

    LET’S KILL IT!!!!!

  14. @mhkitty06 & catherine: I collect HK ornaments too! My hubby got me a beautiful set from the Sanrio store a few yrs back and it’s porcelain with gold detailing. It’s one of the best gifts he ever gave me. The one’s at Niemans sold out so fast last year, I really hope they sell it again. Beside’s ebay, Target, and the Sanrio stores, do either of you know where to buy HK ornaments?

  15. @catherine: You could use those small HK ornaments and decorate a small table top tree with them. That’s what I’m planning to do : )

  16. @Catherine,
    “I think that is what HK would look like after a serious car accident…when she is in traction… hahahaha”

    Freaking Epic. Great minds think alike. xD

    I’d think it would be great for a Christmas Party! Show it to kids, they’d start beating the crap out of it, and loads of lollies (candy) would fly out everywhere.

    A freaking epic Christmas miracle. xD

  17. What is wrong with you? How can you even conceive of wanting to hit Hello Kitty. That proves how demented you really are. I bet you would club baby seals too.

    Hello Kitty pinatas are filled with sweetness that Hello kitty gives to children. How can anyone say something bad about that? I suppose you hate children as well.

    The person that needs a whacking over the head is you!

  18. Darlene commented twice on the same picture!!

    Of course, she’s totally missed the point that you are supposed to hit pinatas till they break; in fact that is their function!

  19. Yes, Darlene I would club a baby seal if in fact I were cold and needed it’s coat. Or, if I were hungry and their insides were full of candy…..

  20. @ sanriobaby
    mhkitty06 mentioned that a ton came up when she googled HK ornaments. I would try that route. But if you do a HK tree you must do some HK ornaments and some regular so it’s not overkill. Add some feather boas as the garland to make it really sparkly and girly.

  21. @Catherine and Sanriobaby: If you go on google and do a search they have the Neiman Marcas ones on sale but they are like $12 a piece, not the set of four like how they came originally… plus you can fit an shitload of other ones!
    Also, let me clue you in if you don’t already know… Homegoods, Target, Big Lots ( I know, I know), ACMoore, Hot Topic, Cartlon Cards, Urban Outfitters, Limited Too, and sometimes Michaels, Sear and Kmart (again, I know, I know) carry Hello Kitty Chrtistmas stuff! I make the rounds like a faithfull little HK lover… plus I found 7.5′ PURPLE and PINK trees to highlight my HK ornaments, no numbering in the 100’s! Currently I have a 3.5 Purple Tree which houses all my minis and a Pink which houses all my Kurt Adler Glass ornaments which I just got some off ebay yesterday! Which I will post!

  22. Okay last time I swear got kurtadler.com, click the Consumer Catalog, the type in Hello Kitty, its set HK0112…
    I…MUST… HAVE….NOW!!!!!

  23. I want to be just like u mhkitty06!!!!!
    Oh, and btw I went for the HK tatt. She is sooo adorable.
    Just her little face about the size of a dime. I’m thrilled….

  24. i finally have been slapped by reality… i am afraid of hello kitty in the piñata version.

    i thought i loved hk but now i think i am scared and scarred

  25. MHK specifically. Drop the “vvww” off the front of links then.

    MHK, Catherine and Ando, yeah, let’s do the “HK Crazed Troll” pinata!! 😉

  26. @Kitteh!!

    COULD I?! *brings it* I still have some leftover after my bedroom makeover! =D

    also, lets spread some red paint on the pinata so it looks like blood! =D

  27. @Darlene
    Ok, so your first statement was that it would be wrong to hit the pinata, then in your second statement you say that it is “filled with sweetness” and what-have-you….How the hell are you supposed to get the “sweetness” out without beating the crap out of it with some sort of blunt object? o-O

  28. I took one look at this post and thought, “instant gratification!”
    I mean, you get to beat Hello Kitty with a baseball bat without having any questions asked. I can’t argue with this one, it’s a freebie.

  29. We could get into seriuos trouble having a 13yo help with stuffing Darlene into the pinata… But, on the other hand it could be a great alibi having a 13yo on hand giving us reason to have said pinata in the first place. 😉

  30. @Catherine,
    I’ll even invite some of my friends and a stereo with the “Eye of the tiger” song in it! xD

    From what I read, you pretty much contradicted her. xD

  31. [singing]
    Rising up, back on the streets,
    Got the girl, got the glory,… [/end]

    I’m old enough to remember that making the charts!

  32. Survivor’s eponymous album was a 1982 release.

    If you like rock like that, it might be worth trying some Deep Purple (preferably the mk2 Ian Gillan, Richie Blackmore, Ian Paice lineup) or Queen.

  33. OMG LOL…. TOOO FUNNY!!!! Eye of the Tiger…. 😉
    Good laugh though, I used to fun my little 3 year old butt around singing what I thought were the lyrics, wearing my ‘Tony the Tiger’ tail.

    Ah, my wonderful memories of Queen….
    One of the best songs ever: Bohemian Rhapsody (and NOT because of Wayne and Garth)

    ‘I see a little silhouetto of a man,
    Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango.
    Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very fright’ning me.
    (Galileo.) Galileo. (Galileo.) Galileo, Galileo figaro
    Magnifico. I’m just a poor boy and nobody loves me.
    He’s just a poor boy from a poor family,
    Spare him his life from this monstrosity.
    Easy come, easy go, will you let me go.
    Bismillah! No, we will not let you go.
    (Let him go!) Bismillah! We will not let you go.
    (Let him go!) Bismillah! We will not let you go.
    (Let me go.) Will not let you go.
    (Let me go.) Will not let you go. (Let me go.) Ah.
    No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
    (Oh mama mia, mama mia.) Mama mia, let me go.
    Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me, for me, for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!’
    Leads to GREAT headbanging part!

    Ahhhh… I feel much better screaming that in my head 😉

  34. I LOVE Bohemian Rhapsody! Queen is God. xD

    I like how it goes, “MEEEEEEEE!!! *BAM!*” then an awesome rock part comes up. xD

  35. I used to think this couplet was:-
    (Oh mama mia, mama mia.) Mama mia, let me go.
    Beelzebub has a devil for a sideboard for me!! 😀

  36. @Yes it does. But he was a great singer, adn Queen was a great band! I’d definitely put them in the top 25 bands… at least personally to me they are worthy.
    I think Coldplay are wannabees of Queen… they have a good song or two but I have to be in a mood to listen… but Queen- anywhere, anytime!

  37. Queen are a generally upbeat outfit.

    Coldplay I don’t listen too, because they always strike me as very downbeat, and I just don’t want that in an entire album.

  38. i think darlene needs a wacking over the head and a wake up call.. because some one who doesnt see how evil hello kitty is, is disturbed… and blind

  39. blah i just puked all over the keyboard this is the most foulest, reched thing i have ever seen i mean talk about ugly

    now i have seen it all

  40. @Kitteh!
    As mrhkitty06 no nuclear bombs. Besides the mess we might inadvertently start WW3. So what comes between dynamite and a nuke? The microwave? My coworker suggests a dirty bomb. While we’re at it which terror organazation should we give the credit to?


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