Hello Kitty Guy

If you ever see me with a smile like this on my face with that much Hello kitty crap around, you have my permission to take out any of the many Hello Kitty guns available and put me out of my misery. Seriously. (if I was ever caught in a Hello Kitty hood or Hello Kitty T-shirt like that, I would have already done it myself):

Hello Kitty guy

Sent in by too many different people (via hello mimi) all who should be forced to live like him for even thinking that sending a photo like this could ever be a positive thing.

44 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Guy”

  1. Why oh why did you post this!?!? Do you realize that your wife could read this and get horrid ideas!?!??! You don’t need it anymore man!!!

    It’s just awful. That guy is just made into a passive shell of himself.

  2. Caption Time:
    Mr. Hellos Kitty Hell surrenders to the kitty, film at 11:00.

    one word

    Probably me in a few years. At least I know I am not alone. *

    *except I would do pictures fursuit and my plushie collection would have more verity.

    Still the dude need to lose the hat.

  3. @mhkitty06

    me: mom, we need to talk

    I would not mind meeting this man but it was posted in 1999. Furthermore There was a Japanese site that was my inspiration to resurrect “Kittyler” site. I am wondering this is the same person.
    I will provide a link later

    caption Time:
    How to score serious Hello Kitty Fan Chickage.

  4. Acton…
    No serious HK lover would ever want a “man” like that. Gross! If my guy was into HK I’d buy the HK divorce kit so fast his head would spin.

  5. @Catherine

    Your probably right

    The life of Otaku is a lonely one.

    Then again looking Hello MiMi post, she is looking for a “Kitty Man” So there are those out there who are looking.
    Hmmmmm a business opportunity.
    H-harmony The Hello Kitty dating service. Probably it will not work for the ratio of women to men will be 100 to 4.

  6. Why must you post this! Your wife will get IDEAS. x__x

    Seriously, that’s a BUTT LOAD of Hk……
    Though, the burning of that giant Hk poster is stuck inside my mind.

  7. @Jaime
    As a rule of thumb, I do not use any application that still in beta, I rather wait till release candidate is made. I also not keen on games.

  8. This is a beautiful example of how Hello Kitty makes people happy.

    You really should follow this example instead of complaining.

    And stop with the gun talk! Look at yourself: you openly encourage suicide and blame the poor innocent Hello Kitty!

  9. It doesn’t makes logical sense Mr. HKH
    if you were smiling because you are surounded by Hello Kitty items. Killing you would not be putting you out of your misery but depriving you of pleasure hello kitty brigs to you.

  10. Great, now we have marlene in addition to darlene.
    What comes next?
    ‘farlene’ or ‘warlene’?
    Name doesn’t matter much as all of them are HK fanatics living in another dimension.

  11. I can not unsee what I have just seen!!

    The next person to forward this pic should title the e-mail “Delete before opening”!!

  12. Wow – that guy must get such a wonderful feeling when he gets home from a long hard day at work, loosens his tie (says hi to his mum in the kitchen), goes to his room and immerses himself in all that joyous Hello Kitty magic. I’m sure it just sweeps his blues away.

  13. Here is the site of the original Male Kityler. He speaks about event from 1997 to 1998 which makes me wonder if this is our guy. Courtesy of the Internet archive


  14. LOL!!! He’s too much! A guy like that trying to get passionate with you is a v scary thought…. Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get my hands on a HK cute little bikini…. HK on my butt would be v nice indeed….

  15. More likely he’s some upper level Sanrio suit who’s only too glad to mug for the camera with the evil feline who’s put God knows how much yen in his pockets.


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