Hello Kitty Dog Wear

There seems to be this oblivious part of every Hello Kitty fanatic where they believe that it’s perfectly acceptable to insult their pets and make them the laughing stock of the neighborhood. While the things that they do you cats (example one :: example two :: example three) is downright torturous, there is no doubt that the true humiliation is reserved for the dogs (example one :: example two :: example three :: example four :: example five). So it should be no surprise that the evil feline would continue to make a dog’s life as Hello Kitty Hellish as my own:

Hello Kitty dog wear

Not only does Hello Kitty insist that the dog be made to wear Hello Kitty’s mouthless face , but she also insists on also making the dog dress up in a bunny costume. Of course, my wife thinks that this is absolutely adorable, but I’m sure that it simply makes the dog look more like a delicious snack to most of the other dogs out there.

It doesn’t even stop there since there are actually complete Hello Kitty dog wear lines that exist which pretty much means that any dog unlucky enough to land in the home of a Hello Kitty fanatic is pretty much guaranteed to need a lifetime of psychological help to get over the trauma. I know exactly how they must feel…

Sent in by Janet who should really be forced to wear the Hello Kitty dog clothes instead of her pets for thinking that sending something like this to me could ever be considered a good thing…

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  1. Is the dog winking? Looks as if her left eye is closed.
    WTF???? Or, perhaps she was hit in the face by another dog for wearing that get up.

  2. That’s what I call a punting dog!!!! LOL!
    Chihuahua! Yeah! (Like the trailer for that STUPID movie…that’s now stuck in my head :(…)

    Um, yeah… that’s what I call revenge for all those multiple-animal houses where the cat was the one getting dressed in the HK-wear… so now it’s the dogs turn to get the shinizzle embarrassed out of it!
    If they came in XXXL, I’d put one on my mom’s Collie just to piss him off! 😉

    But seriously, that is just WRONG… on SO many levels!

  3. deidre, just what’s wrong with suggesting that the dog wants legal representation and to call animal protection on its owner’s @$$?


    Talk about torture for your animal. It’s amazing that people will do to their little dogs. I feel bad for the little guy….

  5. This is why I stopped visiting “Stuff on my Cat”; it had become more “let’s see if my cat will stand for being used as a dress up doll”.

  6. A dog that small couldn’t be safe in that costume, you know. I bet that a bigger dog would just come maul it thinking it was a real bunny. It’s so sad that they’ve pretty much plastered her face on everything. I swear, the only thing worse than that new chihuahua movie out right now would be a hello kitty movie. Oh god, the horror…

  7. Poor doggy….kinda has the look “Rescue me, HELP.”

    I hate it that small dogs get treated like living dolls by some folks – and then the same owners wonder why the dogs are notorious biters. Hello, small dogs are dogs and have the same instincts as the wolf…

    HK Hell just attained another new depth…

  8. When it comes to pet, there are two things the grate me. First calling them you children or using them as substitute for children and secondly dressing them up in “pet” clothes.

  9. Nessa, since everything in HKH gets elevated, I’m going to suggest HK outfits for Tosas, and maybe even Siberian tigers! 👿

  10. Hey, I just noticed something…
    The dog in ‘example three’ also has his/her one eye shut…
    Could it be a coincidence?
    Or maybe a secret language!?!?!?!?


  11. Alright, alright… Being a small dog owner, no not Chihuahuas, I admit that I do put certain outfits on my dogs, i.e. sweaters when it’s cold and raincoats when it’s raining.. Those things serve a purpose, whatever that dog is wearing is just plain silly, unless he like Acton believes he is a bunny on the inside 🙂 Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one lol…

  12. Now Now only 14% are in costume, the correct word is fursuit at any given furry convention. Two weeks again I was at Rainfurrest in Seattle , we had 599 attendees and 89 fursuiters.

    I would believe an animal equivalent would be this:

    Sure someone can hook you up, but it is spendy. For me concept art is $50.00 and the actual partial will be $900. I fI add a body suit I am looking at $1300.

  13. @ Acton
    I hope you have a good job.
    @ Catherine
    What the hell does that mean?
    Don’t think you can come stalk me as some furry.
    or are you going to be a dog dressed as a human dressed as a furry?

  14. You can start here

    I would lend you my fox tail but I need it for Halloween. Do not forget to carry a nice big Hello Kitty Plushie with you.
    Here is another site that may help how to correctly portray a furry

    Perhaps you get so wrapped up in portraying me you want to join us. 😉

    Note furry in public panel, a Little hint of hello kitty.

  15. animal abuse perhaps, but then again people who buy this kinda thing probably push their dogs about in prams or carry them in special dog bags. Dogs do not need clothes, and people who own huskies in tropical countries are just cruel. In alot of countries people just treat dogs as toys, I once saw a pet shop in Taiwan called “alive toy”

  16. I know Hello Kitty had a poodle and a scottish terrier. Her pets weren’t dressed in anything but collars..How about a Hello Kitty collar?

  17. Hmm… Maybe it’s some kind of infectious eye disease that dogs get from wearing HK apparel.

    Poor dog- so cute and yet just like the other dog that’s been tortured/humiliated by HK, it’s got a funny eye ;_;


  18. I actually want that.
    I mean, come on. I dress up my dog because she gets cold easily. Might as well make it look either good or horrifyingly hilarious – the dog doesn’t give a rat’s a*s anyway. 😛

    And really, when do people get tired of calling chihuahuas “rodents”? I guess they think it’s OH so original and funny, but hasn’t the fun kind of worn off?

    There’re chihuahuas that don’t look like constipated anime-characters on drugs too, thankfully… ugh, THOSE EYES….

  19. You’ve got weird ass rodents in your area then. People resemble monkeys more than chi’s resemble any kind of rodent. It’s like classifying ferrets as rodents, and they most certainly are not. 🙂

    I don’t take it too seriously. But it stopped being funny the millionth time, especially since those saying stuff like what you said have never even spent time with a well bred chihuahua.
    I used to be the same way. And a lot of the poorly bred chihuahuas are indeed ugly as sin (but still do not resemble rats the slightest). Today, I own a chihuahua and run my own kennel, and she (and the puppies she breeds) certainly do not look like rats.

    I can’t bring myself to get mad about it. I just consider it funny that people can be this ignorant and hate a breed of dog just because it’s popular. And it’s HUMANS that made it look the way it does today, not the chihuahuas themselves. 🙂

  20. First off, I hate when people dress their dogs in anything, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Secondly, Hello Kitty dog wear, really? Hello Kitty really needs to stop it.


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