NSFW: Hello Kitty Cheeky Tattoo

I am always afraid when I get an email that indicates that there is a Hello Kitty tattoo inside. There have just been far too many Hello Kitty tattoo that pretty much confirm that things are not right in the world. That is exactly the feeling that overwhelmed me when I took a look at this:

Hello Kitty cheeky tattoo

Hello Kitty butt tattoo

It’s not the fact that the actual Hello Kitty tattoo is as bad as some of the others out there (it’s a sure sign you live in Hello Kitty Hell when you can actually rank the awfulness of Hello Kitty tattoos because you have become so familiar with them), but that having to see it on a man’s hairy ass early in the morning (trust me, you really don’t want to click on the photos to get an extreme close-up unless you are on a fasting diet this week) pretty much ensures that you aren’t going to be eating a whole lot during the day.

Of course, to my wife sees this as proof that there are men out there that truly love the evil feline to which she can compare my total lack of devotion and question why I can’t be more like them — which pretty much ensures that it’s going to be one Hello Kitty Hellish weekend…

Sent in by Colin who I should wish horrendous and terrible things upon for thinking that ever sending me a photo like this could produce any good in the world, but the fact that that is going to be on his butt for life is far worse punishment than I could ever conceive…

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  1. i dont get you do you like hello kitty or not your hole web page is about hello kitty and yet it seems that you hate it but yet you have hello kitty every where its funny iv gone true some comments on your web page they are so funny, im a big hello kitty fan but not on mens ars,eeeeeehhhhhh……

  2. Ugh Just want I wanted in the morning, a full moon XD
    There a few that that should be kept private this is one of them. I have no problem of a guy getting a hello kitty tattoo. This one is rather cute, but putting you ass on the net is just wrong.
    Mr. HKH I wish two day lock up in Sanrio Puroland, three days imprisoned in the hello kitty tent with only kitty snack and water and must wear the hello kitty hat in public for inflicting my mind with this. If this is Colin’s butt, then punishment for you is this picture should be place on every gay board on the net to be eternally lusted after unless you are gay then two day with Fred Phelps.
    Then again I am not sure this is a man.

  3. I think its fake…

    The colors are not what you would see in a real tattoo after healing and all…

    and why for the mother of whiskers am I analizyng a tattoo butt???

    *Goes and scoops out her eyes*

  4. Did we really need to see the whole moon shot? Was it really necessary to inflict that on us? Shame on you Mr HKH for enjoying our pain just a little too much.

    @ wring
    Yeah, click and get a close up of that. If that isn’t a guys ass, then that chick needs some serious electrolysis.
    @ andophiroxia
    Yes, there are many a hairy men that are total body shavers. Obviously, this is one of them. IF not, I feel for that poor woman.

  5. *lucy
    It the real deal a blow shows uneven color and bleeding of the colors on the edge. Please do not make me look at it again. If I was not at work I be hitting the bottle of vodka get get this image out of my mind.

  6. Oh. My. GOD!!!!
    What were they thinking??????
    I think someone lost a bet…
    And this isn’t Hooker Kitty, it’s her 80’s look… (which could be the same).
    Now to go was my eyes with bleach.

  7. @acton

    Grow up. Why would gay people lust after this photo? To anyone in their right mind this photo is disgusting. The only people who would find this attractive are Hello Kitty tragics.

  8. Yes I think it’s Flashdance Kitty…..

    I have to agree with sansicarus, just b/c someone may be “gay” that doesn’t mean they would lust after that butt just b/c it’s a guys butt. Awful, butt, just awful….
    The close up was just sickening.

  9. why is no one commenting on why the guy is taking a picture of his ass outside so show off his tatoos? does it only show up in the sun??? we think it is bad that some posted that picture… imagin what his neighbours were thinking when they saw that our their window!

  10. …….O____O;; AHHH! WTF. THIS IS TOO MUCH!!

    Wait. Why does a man have this on his ass? And why does he have a photo of it??….I’ll just be in my dark corner of happy thoughts now. *Grabs rifle* >.>

  11. Hello edward id like to thank you for letting me no about this new invention (a dictionary which is not new) but what is it got to do with you what way i spell or anything….. NOTHING

    So thank you

  12. I don’t think it’s outside, the lighting’s a bit weird for that. I think it’s by an exposed brick wall (maybe a fireplace?) with a potted plant nearby. However, given the angle, he couldn’t possibly have taken the photo himself, which raises a new set of disturbing questions.

  13. @Indigo,

    O.O *twitches* I wonder who took the picture of him with no undies and his….nudeness. O.= <— (Twitch face)

    What was worse was that I haven’t been on for a week and when I finally come back to check the latest topic, a huge ass is on the front page with a tattoo of HK winking.
    *shivers* I litterally screamed.

  14. Oh my lord…. This beats out the Xavier Roberts ass tattoo for yuckness, I think. But maybe not.. At least an Xavier signature on the ass makes some sort of logistical sense.

  15. @andophiroxia

    LOLZ! Now that you mentioned it, it really does remind me of My Little Pony as well… omg… I use to own one when I was a kid… *shudders* That butt, ruined my childhood memory of My Little Pony! T_T

    Definately agree- this is really out of wack…

  16. @Action

    I’m all for humour, but things like that aren’t funny. They just spread negative stereotypes and prejudice. That is, as you quite humourously put it “the bottom line”.

  17. Thanks, Catherine, by the way.

    (and should have been Acton, not Action in the previous comment – really shouldn’t by typing after being on the bike for four hours: fingers just don’t want to do what they’re told!)

  18. @Rei

    Yeah well, if you look through the tattoos section, you can see the varying stages of My Little Pony (ie) ness.

    There was one that was kind of neat that had like a branching candy brightly colored thing across the ribs, but still.

  19. “I’m all for humour, but things like that aren’t funny. They just spread negative stereotypes and prejudice. That is, as you quite humourously put it “the bottom line”.

    So the old politically correct line. Well My joke was in bad taste But this how far my apology will go.
    I have some strong felling on the political correctness.

  20. Sorry folks I apologize for what I said earlier
    sansicarus touched off a raw nerve in RL, I should not had said what I did earlier.
    That is all

  21. OK so I’m a HK fan, and maybe I would consider getting a small tattoo on my neck or something, but on the ass? lol! Is he outside? I feel bad for the neighbors…

  22. @sansicarus,

    No problem.

    Which reminds me, Christmas is around the corner, so do any of you guys have any idea what I should ask for Christmas? “SANTA” better get me Samba de Amigo for the Wii. xD

  23. @ Ciara
    I think Edward meant that you are using words improperly. Like “hole” to explain the “whole” HKH website. Duh!

  24. @All:
    I don’t think it’s a matter of misspelling or being right/wrong, or even being mean and pointing it out (not that I think it’s mean though)…
    I think the point is that many of us cannot understand what is meant… I for one could not understand several comments because of grammer and puctuation errors (not going to name any)…
    Okay, I know I have ‘fat fingered’ the keys once or twice but I also like to use a little thing called spellcheck.
    Now I understand in the rush to be first to comment, some people get a little excited and forget to make sure their comments make sense. But come on, please don’t get upset at people if they come to wrong conclusion if they can’t make out what the heck you wrote!

  25. @mhkitty06
    It is nto a fat finger with me but a learning disability cuppled with a mis diganosis. I was fuctionlly illetrate into adulthood. The probm is I am unabl to reedit comments. Some times it t taks 10 trys to get one pargrph right .Please apient with em.


    It is not a fat finger with me but a learning disability coupled with a misdiagnosis. I was functionally illiterate into adulthood. The problem is I an unable to edit comments; some times it takes 10 tries to get one paragraph right. Please patient with me.
    Yes I tried many consolers and edition options. It seem I hit a plateau, unlike TV some do not ever overcome their disability by accommodate their life around it. For me I do not write anything by hand.

  26. @ mhkitty
    Way to put everyone in their place! ;)Though 80’s HK does have some similar characteristics to a hooker, I doubt she would make much money with her lack there of boobs and mouth lol…

    Any Who as for the picture, I think it’s hilarious!! Whether it’s a fake or not, it is still very comical to see a big HK on a grown mans butt… I find this to be much like toilet humor, at times inappropriate but you can’t help but laugh 🙂

    @ Catherine
    I just bought Harajuku “baby G” sent on Friday!! I couldn’t resist the cuteness of the fat headed bottles!! Mimi tried to eat her 🙁

  27. Acton:
    Dude, I wasn’t calling you out or making a snide comment, I was just stating a fact.
    A) some people can’t understand the comments and B) for others there is a things called spell check.

    Basically everyone should use this rule: If you don’t want people to misinterpret what you write, double check and proofread before you post.

    No harm, no foul, m’kay?

  28. I can’t tell what’s more disgusting. The guy with the tat on his ass or the guy that GOT the tat on his ass. DAmnit that’s gross. hahahahah

  29. MHK and Acton, pretty much agreed with everything you’ve both said dateline 27th October.

    Acton, do you suffer from a form of dyslexia, or something else?

  30. I think that what scares me the most is that this guy felt it necessary to strip totally naked for someone to take a picture of his arse. Couldn’t he have just yanked down his pants, or something?


  31. EEEEEEWWWWW! I can’t believe he sent you a pic of his butt! That’s so wrong!

    Of course, the good side is if this is anythong like the pics of Vanessa Anne Hudgens from High School Musical, he’ll never be able to live it down. >:D

  32. Oh and of course I had to press SUPAH CLOSE UP, after you told me not to. Argh, that is just too narsty fer words! The tat is adorable and well done. But, that just doesn’t belong on this white boy’s A$$.
    If my gay friends saw this, they’d have the same reaction. This is just unpleasant. I hope this sick weirdo who sent this to you really DOES burn in Hellokitty Hell. Nasty, Nasty, nasty.

  33. This man should not have bothered to shave his hind end and simply pinned a horse tail on top — with a big red bow around it like Eeyore! Very funny! I think I know who’s behind that is and he should have better photography equipment than that . . .

  34. Some long time since I wrote that! I shouldn’t say this, but I think it’s Robert Downey Jr.s hindparts (just kidding).
    And another big HELLO KITTY from Sanriotown where Hello Kitty is adored and respected except for by goth girls.
    This guy should have Goth Hello Kitty Tatooed on the other butt cheek, right?


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