Hello Kitty: When It's Time To Run!

I get all kinds of strange emails asking me all kinds of things (mostly things that I already specifically tell people not to ask me, but what else would be expected from a Hello Kitty fanatic?) I also get a disproportional amount of emails from people asking me to place photos on my blog to make Hello Kitty fanatics happy. In the strange Hello Kitty fanatic world it seems to be a good thing to be placed on this blog which basically means I will ignore the email in most cases. For example, I would in most cases simply ignore the following request:

Hello I am writing to you about a great woman 27 years old mother of two children, she is fan of Hello Kitty and even has two Hello Kitty tattoos that are unique, so we wanted to make a surprise for her birthday which is October 22. If you could publish the tattoos it will make her so happy even if after you delete the post.

It is part of living in Hello Kitty Hell that Hello Kitty fanatics seem to think that I have a desire to make them happy. Believe me, I don’t and I have no feelings of remorse when I place most of them in the trash. That is exactly what I was going to do when I accidentally hit the link in the email and was faced with this horrendous sight:

Hello Kitty love photo

A piece of advice. If your significant other ever creates a photo like this, run – run fast – and don’t look back. Believe me, you will thank me for this advice.

Sent in by Sophie’s friends (via Sophie’s Blog) who really should be punished in horrible and unspeakable ways for letting this poor man get anywhere near her…

33 thoughts on “Hello Kitty: When It's Time To Run!”

  1. Oh my god I just noticed that HK ad in your sidebar…Why would we ever use HK pancake pans? I for one think that we have had enough of HK all over our food, thank you very much.
    And that above picture is just plain hideous, I feel like I must add.

  2. perhaps it’s the cute and obscure that keeps your blog going. What would you do without it? Good vs Evil, HK vs Normality, i think that this is what your life is supposed to be. Sorry, but it’s true.

  3. It’s cute and horrible. My brain cracks from the strain of dealing with two polar opposites at once.

    Plus I freaking HATE the crappy Photoshop job that a lot of those companies use to make “cute and sweet and lasting” memorabilia, when it looks like crap!

    If you want to yourself to HK’s face fine, but at least put just the face on there and not your ears and hair.


  4. It’s awful. How old is the girl 13? (sorry Indy)
    Get a grip. Actually…the guy looks sorta comfortable wearing HK. That is really the disturbing part. lol

  5. Crazy HK people everywhere will latch on to this picture as though their life depended on it!

    That picture looks terrible… it’s poorly rendered and the faces are scary.

  6. moquez vous bien je crois que ça alimente votre site
    voulant bien faire a envoyé a un site mon lien de site et voila ce que ça donne
    j’ai demandé qu’on me traduise la page car je ne parle pas un seul mot d’anglais
    et bien que des critiques
    pour mon annif c’est vraiment pas chouette maintenant enfin je passe au dessus mais quand même c’est triste de ce moquer des gens comme ça …
    alors que je ne fais de mal a personne
    mon état de santé n’est pas tres bon en ce moment et cette article m’attriste tres fort alors que je ne demande rien que de pouvoir passer un bon anniversaire demain et d’etre un peu tranquille …

  7. ben a la limite dites ce que vous voulez je m’en fou
    je sais que j’aime hello kitty un point c’est tout
    et je suis fière de mes tatouages

  8. Dear Sanrio fans
    Asking Mr. HKH to display any hello kitty item in good taste makes much sense as asking an atheist to share his faith in Christ. The only logical reason is you have an audience of 2000+ readers. This is probably why Sanrio loves you, free publicity. The only reason to send him stuff is to badger, harass, and break him down until he embraces The Cute One, or give him material for his blog.

    As for the picture, curse you Photoshop, to hell. It is the source of bad photoshoping and cookie cutter digital art. Lady you should be embarrassed to show this.

  9. I love, love, love your site! I’m 35, mom of 3, and my wonderful husband has kindly endured my Hello Kitty obsession for 13 yrs! He’s even let me Hello kitty out my kitchen ie. microwave, coffee maker, dishes etc. Of course I needed a pink fridge to match it all! Keep up the fantastic work. =(^.^)=

  10. That is nothing compared to what my husband and i actually dressed up in…see the header on my blog and you’ll see what i mean! 😉

  11. Seriously… Having this picture published on HKH for your birthday is going to make you happy???? This girl must be one of those pain equals pleasure types… I mean really, what did they think we would all say about this picture??? My cat can photoshop better then that, and I can think of a much better gift then being HK bashed by the likes of all of us on my birthday…..

  12. I just dont understand why giving her age and mother condition makes her so special….
    and nearly everyone who has a tattoo has a unique one.

    And the picture……..


  13. “If you love me, prove it!”

    Remember those ads that went around teen pregnancy and that was that line they used of peer pressure.

    That is what I envision this woman saying to her sig other on this.

  14. Wow…..

    I’m struggling to decide whether I should gouge my eyes due to the bad photoshopping x HK or the simply “I Love You” in the most crappiest font I have ever seen…

    Although. I have to admit- it’s not as bad as the Hello Kitty Wedding in HK train terminal (who the hell wants to get married in a train station?!)

  15. Cute overload indeed. The photo’s just sick, and I also can’t understand the people who don’t get that you’re dissing hello kitty, not promoting it 😛

  16. @Catherine,

    “It’s awful. How old is the girl 13? (sorry Indy)”

    Nah, it’s alright. Alot of girls my age do this stuff. It’s scary. o.o

  17. @Catherine

    “It’s awful. How old is the girl 13? (sorry Indy)”

    It’s alright. Alot of Girls my age do this. I have actually seen one a little bit like this. o.o

  18. Surely all “real” tattoos, even if they’re cookie cutter roses or scrollwork, are unique by definition? After all, every single one is individually hand-drawn and inked!


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