Hello Kitty Death Cake

Not that I would ever wish for any kind of Hello Kitty cake to be presented to me, but if I had to have one, this would come close to being the best that I could hope for:

Hello Kitty death cake

Hello Kitty stabbed cake

If you are forced to give someone something that is Hello Kitty for their birthday, Hello Kitty with a knife sticking out of her chest and blood splattered all around is a good starting point in my humble opinion. Of course, I would prefer more blood, guts and extreme pain on the evil feline’s face to placate my feeling that I’m the only one that has to suffer in Hello Kitty Hell, but I could probably even let that pass in this situation. Somehow I don’t think this is the cake that my wife will be getting me, but one can dream…even in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Joana who I will have to buy a beer if our paths should ever cross for bringing a smile to my face in the depths of Hello Kitty Hell…

49 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Death Cake”

  1. It’s not excessively pink, it’s not blingtarded up, and is quite a well done cake. Honestly, I can’t fault the lack of pained expression, I don’t think that the evil feline is capable of being particularly expressive when dead.

    If Joana doesn’t like beer, I’ll throw in a bottle of blackberry honeywine for truly capturing the spirit of HK loathing.

  2. I thought it wad “Hello Kitty Hell Death Cake” as I suspected that some HKH reader was so upset about hearing that the blog might be shut down so creating a cake to show his/her outrage.

  3. even though i love her, that’s a really impressive cake! the knife looks really well made. and despite that it’s killing her, i bet she is yummy.

  4. You killed Hello Kitty ……………. YOU BASTARD

    rather creative, I was fooled by the Knife until I looked at the bigger picture.

  5. Joana, whoever she is, is a GODDESS. I know how I’ll be celebrating MY next birthday! The KNIFE is cake TOO? If I can’t get mine to stand up like that, no problem, I’ll just use a real knife!

  6. Is there something wrong with you? Hello Kitty represents innocence, love and youth! But apparently you are too demented to notice that! You deserve to be thrown into a whirlwind of doom!

  7. Rinda, how is it you can write but not read or think? I’d have thought the name “Hello Kitty Hell” was a big tip off as to how the site owner and at least some of the contributers felt about Hello Kitty!

  8. Bwaaaahaaahaaahaaaa!! I LOVE IT!!!

    Rinda = new Darlene

    @ Rinda it is best you just leave now. The hatred of Darlene is well known in these parts.
    @ Catherine – snap

  9. actually that’s not really amusing at all.

    and its disgusting.
    wow are you guys really that passionate in your hatred toward a cartoon character? get your priorities straight.

  10. OMG.

    i want to put this on a birthday card and see what happens.

    (but what would probably happen is that my friend would lock me up into a mental institution…)

  11. this is so rude. Hello Kity didn’t do anything shes a fiction cartoon character. Wow this really shows your imatureity. Grow up, and this is coming from a sixteen year old. Ha ha you are crazy.

  12. ^ No, you’re the one that’s crazy for protecting a fictional character.

    I like the knife. It looks real and it isnt flimsy.

  13. This looks like a well done cake but I couldn’t eat it. Not because I’m an HK fan, but it’s too gorey and I couldn’t imagine this happening without crying a little bit inside.

  14. Wow! That’s a really well-done cake! I wonder how she got the knife to stick up like that. Must’ve been a *itch to bake, big oven, maybe?

    Subject matter- absolutely love it. Really do. Sadly, I wouldn’t be able to eat this. I’d be too busy taking pictures and marveling at the fact there’s a knife made of cake.


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