Hello Kitty Lineman's Handset Telephone

What happens when you have a Hello Kitty fanatic that’s a techie who needs a graduation gift and a boyfriend too clueless to know that encouraging the Hello Kitty fanatic is worse than playing with radioactive material? You get something not very pretty like this Hello Kitty Lineman’s Handset:



He may not realise it at this moment, but one day he will greatly regret ever doing this. He has obviously not experienced Hello Kitty Hell at this point in the relationship and still thinks that his girfriend’s fascination with the evil feline is cute and his support of it will get him more. He will look back on this 10 years from now and realise that he brought it all upon himself with this one gift. It’s all down hill from here…

Sent in by delchi, who has already punished himself far, far more than I could ever wish punishment upon him without him even realising it…

48 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Lineman's Handset Telephone”

  1. Like watching a car wreck, you know in the end, there’s going to be a lot of pain, but there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

  2. What was I saying the other day about this stuff needing more thought than “make it pink and put some decals on it”? 😉

  3. I just wanted to say, in defence of other HK fanatics, that we are not all insane. I do love HK [and practically anything cute lol] but I understand and respect people that don’t. I know it’s your blog and you have every right to whine about living in HK hell but why always assume that all HK fanatics are crazy and evil? 🙁

    I keep my obsession to myself or my friends that are just as crazy as I am but none of use go crazy over someone who doesn’t understand our passion for it.

    Please excuse me, I am in no way being mean or anything. I like your blog because it’s very funny and I get to see weird HK stuff but constantly saying that HK fanatics are insane is a little sad for us fanatics that still like you blog because it’s funny.

    I know you probably get tons of whiny, weird e-mails from the crazy fanatics but I’m sure there are way more normal fanatics. It’s because they are normal, even in their obsesson, that they don’t write and just enjoy your blog. Like me.

    Thanks for sharing all sorts of weird HK stuff and your sense of humor with us normal yet still incredibly obsessed HK fans. ^____^

  4. Your right Catherine Some guys know what buttons to press.

    Still he did a good paint job on it and nobody will try to steal it. To MR HRH some men chose not to create there own hello Kitty hell and accept and enable the significant others interest. I do not see a problem with that.

  5. @Acton
    Its just stupid that she would want him to have a HK phone thingy for work or what ever it is. It would be like me having to have a Princeton license plate on my car for my husband. Its plain stupid. If he’s a Princeton fan so be it. No reason I have to sport the big “P”. Same thing why would she make her boyfriend hold a HK phone? He’s only doing it to be a good boyfriend. Says a lot about the guy, and a lot about the dim wit girlfriend!

  6. @Catherine
    Actually I’m not going to be carrying it – she will. She recently graduated from college with honors, and works as a technician. She and I were talking about the HK AR-15 , and she laughed and said ” What would I carry, a HK lineman’s handset? You know I probably would! “. So I secretly made it for her. If she wears it to work, or not is so far from the point.

    You are right about one thing though, it does say a lot about the guy. Thanks.

  7. @Catherine
    If I am reading this right The guy has built this for his Hello Kitty fan grilfriend. If she gave him this I woul agree with you.
    I do not see any problem with this, some guys can’t stand the Kitty and other are willing enablers. I do not see any harm with ether.
    Now if you want shocking…………….

  8. I guess since there’s no human in the picture Darlene can resist and not comment. Darlene get a life. He doesn’t like the cat and you can’t change his mind. It’s like telling someone who’s allergic to something that’s good that could kill them to go ahead and eat it. You really do want to take someone’s life don’t you?

  9. @ Mailyn, it’s deliberate exaggeration for comic effect. If you want to know why, look through the archive for the photos of Mk HKH’s bathroom, then compare that with, for examples, MHKitty(06)’s admitted likeing for a few plushes, and my likeing of good fan art (check the tattoos category) and dislike of the stuff that’s just a standard product with some HK decals on it.
    The problem is when HK fans lack a sense of proportion.

    @Delchi, the thought is nice, but you see my point about official products that are an ordinary whatever with HK decals on them?

  10. @Delchi
    Sorry, I just scanned the intro from Mr.HKH. Very sweet of you to do that for her! Don’t listen to all the “Debbie Downers” 😉

  11. @Kitteh , I don’t think I get your point at all. This is not a official product, this is something I modded. If you want to think of it as ” Stickered Crap ” , that’s fine. This was not made to be official or to be anything other than a fully functional handset made to surprise someone who thought that such a thing could never exist. I’m sure purists and critics like yourself could tear it down and call it crap , but nothing you say or do will take away the look on her face when she opens the box.

    Some people live to make sandcastles , some people live to knock them down. *shrug*

  12. While not a fan of HK by any means… If you (anyone) wants to wear/use this in the field – so be it, more power to them.

    Now, if someone was motivated enough to make say … a Scooby Doo or Taz buttset … I’ld not only pay for it but carry it daily on the job.

    Next, how about a series of tech-tools featuring Dilbert?

  13. Well… at least it’s useful?

    I have nothing good to say about this as I would be embarrassed to carry something like that. Just plain silly…

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  15. First off my gay friends wouldn’t even use something like this. Secondly, I think I threw up in my mouth a little lol.

  16. @Delchi,
    I’m the one Kitteh!! referred to, and way to go man, way to make the male species look good! Keep up the good work! 😉

    Wow… The guy does something nice for his girlfriend and he get crap for it…

    I mean I know we as HKH-fanatics are weathered in the ‘Hey Honey, look what I have- it’s Hello Kitty!’
    I know I’ve had my share of mean and thoughtless comments so am not, I repeat am NOT throwing stones, but I think we all need a few uppers and maybe some ‘Nice’ pills.
    Truth be told, I’m getting kinda of turned off but some of the stuff he chooses to bash, I mean I personally think its nice that a guy has done something nice for his girl. (And yes, MR. HKH, I am mad that you didn’t show my HK cube and assortment of Christmas trees!) And I mean, come on, she’s lucky he gives a crap enough to do stuff like that for her… and to call it Stickered Crap was a bit harsh… I mean haven’t we ALL seen some crap Sanrio puts out that looks worse, think about it!

    Anyway, folks, the tone here has changed, and that’s why you don’t see me on as much… it’s like it’s no longer funny…just a bitch-fest…come on, guys what happened to the fun of this site? It just seems so full of meanness and hate.
    And I’m sure I’ll get blasted for saying all the above but oh well…

  17. @mhkitty06
    yea i get you’re point, there is alot of anger
    just to be fair this is practically a hello kitty bashing site
    and it is called hello kitty hell
    …so i wasn’t expecting too many nice pills
    ya kno?

  18. @ mhkitty06
    My comment was not meant to be a slam against Delchi but a mere observation that it was not something that I thought was worth discussing. Yes, he did a nice thing by creating a lovely handset for his girl. Very sweet. But by painting something pink and plastering a few HK stickers on it does not make it truly HKH worthy. That is my opinion & I am sticking to it.

  19. @binks …. good point. Next time I want to submit something on the internet I’ll wait and get your approval first. Is there an email I can submit things to for your approval? I’m sure the guy who painted the AR-15 pink and white and added stickers also needs to be told that his paint & stick job doesn’t meet your standards.

  20. @mhkitty06
    Hello Kitty Hell, Portal of Evil, 4chan the problem with the “anti-site” is outrage can only go so fare before it get old and people get tired or worst like 4chan they get nastier.

  21. @Delchi
    Comparing your phone thing to an AR-15 is stretching it a bit, don’t ya think? Maybe you should get Binks approval.

  22. @binks
    Just remember this is MR Hello Kitty’s not your blog he alone is the arbitrator what is posted as demonstrated in not posting mhkitty06 tree. To me my problem is not mods, but MR HKH tendency to get upset over photo shopped pictures of items that do not exist like HK lawnmower or Racing leathers.

  23. @catherine … good point, but still as he said. Take something, paint it , add stickers. Doest matter if it’s a line st, an AR-15 or a chair. I’m about to start work on the tone generator, but I’m waiting to see if it gets approved. Wish me luck!

  24. I’ve never been to your website and I just want to say…I HAD NO IDEA about the LEVEL to which THE OBSESSION of HK had gone. I don’t know if you read all of your comments, because I see you have quite a few, but I just wanted to let you know I will be thinking twice before letting my 7 year old wear a HK outfit ever again. I don’t want to encourage this type of fanatacism in any way. (poor people!) You have brought awareness to me of a possible risk to my children. Thanks!

  25. I just found your blog. Thank Great White Snark for that, and the zombie kitty cake. I love your snark. I love your anti-obsession. I love the fans who come here who love to hate you. I think I will be your adoring fan.

  26. Hey, not bad for most hello kitty merchandise, that’s a fairly decent looking buttinski, even has the little bed of nails clips for tapping live lines 🙂

  27. Why does everyone ASSume that the user of this headset is a “burly” man-dude. I think it was sweet of him to make that for her. As Delchi Said:”She recently graduated from college with honors, and works as a technician” Supporting a woman in yet another “man dominated” field, giving her something to celebrate her sense of humor and hello kitty at that. She can take ownership of it as personalized, hers and meaningful, an inside joke. Instead of the same thing every other burly man has. Why the Hell do you think they sell pink hard hats? And as far as painted crap with stickers on it being rubbish, remember that when you paint and decorate your kids room, or put another bumper sticker on your hybrid. Better yet, go masturbate, I’d rather you depleted your sperm count. There are enough petty self righteous critics out there. AT LEAST Mr. Hello Kitty hell does it humorously and provides a source for hello kitty fans to look for new painted stickered crap to google for. Feel free to bash this comment all you like, I live for arguing with middle aged housefraus who need to validate their beliefs. /rant

  28. I know Delchi. I’ve known him for years.

    I think of him as the brother I never had.

    This is a gesture of affection, respect and, indeed, admiration.

    He is a gentleman in every meaning and nuance of the word.


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