Hello Kitty MAC Make-Up Video

I really didn’t think that there would be anything more disturbing about the Hello Kitty MAC cosmetic line than the line itself, but that once again shows that I haven’t learned that the evil feline can always make things worse. If you have any doubt, take a look at this video (be warned, once you’ve seen it you can’t erase it from your brain):

While there are far too many things that are truly disturbing about the video than I care to write about here, I guess the biggest question is why didn’t they simply film the entire video in the Hello Kitty S & M Love Hotel Room since that is definitely the proper place for those Hello Kitty guys.

Of course, my wife found the entire video “sexy and fun” — words that actually scared me more than watching the video because I could see a glint in her eye as she tries to figure out how to get me to wear one of those Hello Kitty costumes in the video. See, things can always get worse in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in and left in comments by far too many people that seriously want me to have nightmares for the rest of my life. May you all get trapped in the video for even thinking for an instance that making me aware of its existence could ever be a good idea…

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  1. Definitely S&M stuff; I was expecting them to break out the HelloKitty whips and riding crops.

    And what’s that pink stuff she’s laying on? Fiberglass insulation?

  2. I love hello kitty and I like Mac cosmetics….but that is truly creepy. It makes me wonder how the brainstorming went for the ad. Who thought that was a good idea?!

  3. That was possibly the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen. >>^0.o^<< It was bearable for the first minute and 45 seconds and then it got all crazy and creepy.

  4. How can you make any comment on this when you have no artistic talent at all? If you don’t understand the beauty of Hello Kitty, how could you ever understand the creativity of this video? You show your complete shallowness and complete lack of understanding of anything to do with Hello Kitty.

    And what type of sick mind do you have that always turns Hello Kitty into a sex object? Those men have seen the beauty that Hello Kitty and mac cosmetics bring out in women and they want to be a part of it too. That is why they take the form of Hello Kitty. Anyone can understand that if they didn’t have so many masculinity issues like yourself.

    Maybe if you ever made a comment that was true could we enjoy this blog, but since all you do is spew lies and deceit about Hello Kitty, nobody pays attention to anything you say anymore. You are a sad man when the only way you can gain attention for yourself is by trying to make Hello Kitty look bad. How pathetic is that?

  5. OMG, this really made me freak out… What do they want people to buy with this video? I know that it supose to be about make-up, but jeeebus………
    This must be the new SM for those who gets turn on by beeing really really scared……..
    I understood it the sec she crawled in to that big pink “pussy” ;p

  6. Visually it’s gorgeous… until she gets out of the cotton candy tunnel thing. I almost threw up when the men in the kitty heads came out. Newsflash; Hello Kitty is not sexy in any way, shape or form!

  7. There were several times in which I seriously almost threw up.

    The pink stuff she was sleeping in seemed to pulsate that made me nauseous.

    The Hello Kitty men. Hello Kitty is a GIRL. I don’t get it. The black nail polish that I saw on those guys was just wierd.

    This whole video made me wonder if I had ingested something bad or I drank too much—nothing of which I had done right before, during, or even after this video.

    Some parts of it were cool of her following the black cat and stuff—but the gratutious panty shots of her going through the tunnel was making me think of Evangelion.

  8. Okay, this is how it goes:
    “I went followed a black cat through a place that looked like it came out of a lame fantasy movie, through a pink tunnel that was so hard to get through anyone watching could see right up my skirt, and out of a house where a lady in a black cat suit and six guys in black HK bondage suits and me all acted like we were on estacy, and the whole time I was wearing my limited edition stripperella ballgown and looking like a sexy sell-out slut. And that’s how I came up with HK makeup!”

    Epic tact FAIL.

  9. The overt sexual overtone made me say yikes! I seen the bondage kitties but should they be Daniel Star instead of Hello Kitty?
    I feel Mac was trying to hard to be conceptual but that’s the fashion industry for you. Still if the goal was to say this is not for little girls, they knock one out of the ball park

    As for the Black dress kitty woman, I know some guys who would not mind meeting her in the Hello Kitty S&M room. She can put the chains on me.

  10. WTF was that?? For starters the main model looked like a dude. I don’t even want to know what was with the guys wearing the kitty heads.

    BTW Darlene, go away.

  11. first off, for the love of god darlene why are you here! if this guy offends so much just go someplace else that takes you to your happy place. do you honestly think your tirades dissuades anybody from this blog? does your puffed up ego actualy think if you come back enough with flamer guns a blazing you make actulay change his mind and single handedly bring down the blog? we all know what your opinion is. youve stated it over and over and over and over and over again and yet over again.

    we get it all ready!!!

    as far as the video, calling dr. frued. only the most brainwashed hello kitty cultist could think that was not disturbing in the least (*cough* darlene *cough*) you dont have to have talent to recognize that.

  12. Im a big HK fan, but that video is terrible, and it makes HK look bad. Its everything that the kitty is not. Whoever let that video slide through the cracks should be fired, re-hired, and then fired again.

  13. Hehehe… Hey guys, I think I know why Darlene doesn’t but up a website! She doesn’t want us hunting her down and attacking her blog!

  14. Wow, earlier I didn’t have the music on when I watched the video. Ummmm……the music makes it a little bit creepier.

    Is it just me or does the “cotton candy” tunnel resemble something else?

  15. Damn that was some creepy stuff! I mean… it was kinda cool in a “artistic” way… but once the chick got to the other side and all these guys in big HK heads were around… it just got plain weird and sick. XD

  16. This commercial was the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen. Did that Darlene person direct this? haha

    It totally belongs in the Japanese S&M hotel room… in the creepiest room!

  17. The only thing that makes me sick about this video is all the ignorant, closed-minded, immature, imbecile comments. What is wrong with people? It’s called art, creativity, etc. I’m not even about to address all the stupid comments that were made, but you people have sick and twisted minds, and that’s saying a lot, as I am a mostly conservative woman.

  18. lets see, bondage? check!
    giant glob of pink cotton candy? Check!
    6000 yards of pink Tulle, enough to make a good 55+ childrens Tutu’s?! CHECK! o.O;
    Leaving me feeling as though I was getting sick to my stomach? Check

    the first part of the video, cute, strange, I could see the alice in wonder land theme..
    but then the bondage theme came in…
    and while bondage is all well and good… I’d prefer not to associate pink Tulle, Hello kitty, and overpriced makeup with a ‘evil cute’ HK themed to it….

    at all.

  19. I disagree with the female anatomy thing. I think it is a cats backside she is disappearing up which is strangely appropriate. It’s definately not cute though. Brr.

  20. @Min: lmao

    Mr Helly Kitty Hell, wearing the costume wouldn’t really be that bad if your wife was wearing the other one, would it?

  21. I really like Hello Kitty. a lot. But this doesn’t appeal to the fun innocent sensibilities that I associate with Hello Kitty. I like to keep my Hello Kitty stuff separate from the naughty times. I also think if they’re going to put men in large head masks it should at least be Dear Daniel’s head…

  22. “What is wrong with people? It’s called art, creativity, etc.”
    Um…no, actually, it’s not. Sometimes the reason something’s never been done before is because everybody who came before you realised what a terrible idea it was. This is the kind of thing I might have made in my first year as a film student if I’d had the budget. For large quantities of acid.
    FWIW, I thought that big pink tunnel looked *exactly* like the fallopian tubes in that Nova special about how babies are made.

  23. I cant understand that the HK-fans could approve of this.
    I know many woman has this strange feelings about this, but HK is a childs toy!!!
    I wonder if this is going as a commurcial on TV? what time will it be? I dont want my 6-yearold to se this! Kids doesent need to see this kind of things. What if this was Barbie-dolls or G.I.Joes?

  24. OM-freaking-G

    You know, I don’t mind HK, but as she is becoming a more mainstream thing, I don’t like it.

    AND AH This ad scared the Hell(oKitty) right out of me!!

    This Darlene chick:
    You call that Art? No. No no no… not. Believe me I know what art is. My fiance was accepted into the top art schools in the country and I am on my way to a pretty prestigious University for Art.
    This vid… creepy. Made by some hormone-crazed “art”- kid who thinks he/she’s better than everyone else and has no desire to learn more (because they think they are best). When really, they only draw cutesy doodles that just end up becoming their slaughter as they scrape at them with their pencils and add blood gore and sexual indecency. They never get another field or any depth in their art, they only know how to draw the same strange things over&over without branching out.

  25. Don’t care if it is hello kitty… I love this video. Always will. Though I did see those guy HK head models at the MAC store during the private opening thingy and they were a bit, well it was weird.

    Still love this video. πŸ™‚

  26. This is what happens when marketing morons think they’re being avant garde and have an unlimited budget.

    You hire idiots, you get monstrosities like this.

  27. It looks like Alice in wonderland, but the creepy way. The dress is amazing, and the little black cat is cute, but thats all. The rest of it is a nightmare.

  28. To Darlene who said:
    How can you make any comment on this when you have no artistic talent at all?
    First off, take a deep breath…. If you don’t like the content of the blog, then leave. No one is making you come here. I don’t mind Hello Kitty (in fact, I collect the different pens that you can get from various regions in Japan), but I have to agree with most of the other posters…This is just disturbing. (And was it just me, or did that girl look like she was struggling to walk in her shoes?)

    And: what type of sick mind do you have that always turns Hello Kitty into a sex object?
    Ummm….we’re not the ones who marketed the Hello Kitty dildo…

    Don’t forget this comment: Those men have seen the beauty that Hello Kitty and mac cosmetics bring out in women and they want to be a part of it too. That is why they take the form of Hello Kitty
    If they want to be part of the beauty industry, why take the form of Hello Kitty when becoming a plastic surgeon or physical trainer probably has better job security? (By the way, I can’t help but wonder how they could BREATHE with those on….)

  29. That’s not high art or anything. it’s just crap.

    Was that some kind of fluffy womb she crawled into? and was she lying on some kind of ghost ectoplasmic spew???

  30. At the start, watching the model stumble around in those heels after that cat was kind of embarassing… Rows of pink chairs at varying angles of uselessness? In a spiral? What have pink chairs got to do with either Mac or Hello Kitty? Then the cat walked into that pink tube. I thought, ‘Sweet mike, that looks like a… No, no, it’s a rose or something, get your mind out of the gutter’. Then, the model climbs inside, and we get an excellent upskirt shot, followed by the singer groaning ‘come inside’, and I’m thinking, ‘This ad has slight sexual undertones…’ And then, I see the Hello Kitty gimps and their HK bondage madame and I realise that the sexiness was definitely intentional. My jaw drops as the HK gimps go on to surround the 2 women and grope them, as the dominatrix rubs herself up against the model. That shot of the HK dominatrix walking her HK gimps on leashes, and then suggestively stroking the disco ball strategically placed between their legs… I will never recover from the trauma.

    In short, WTF?

    And if I didn’t already know this was an advert for the cosmetic line, how on earth was I supposed to realise otherwise? Sure, the model was wearing a lot of makeup, but that was the only sign of any in the video.

    This is a failure of epic proportions.

  31. I adore this blog!
    let’s start: this video is not only vulgar, it is gross!!!
    The blond model sleeps on this hughe pink hello kitty feacis…it can only be that thing!!! she is beutiful but looks demented…
    for the rest, sex sex sex and nothing more than sex! I hoped there could be at least a bit of creativity in this but I found the same old clichΓ©s.

  32. I’m a new reader here to this blog and i haven’t quite worked out in my head yet whether its Darlene (and all the people like her) with all that crazy stuff she comes out with or the hystericaly funny twisted sense of humour Mr HKH has….no just just kidding of course its the latter but Darlene is pretty goddammed funny 2!!!

  33. First of all, I have loved Hello Kitty since I was a wee little gal. I also love and wear M.A.C. Having said that and having read the comments on this, I can’t believe that not even one person said anything about ALL of M.A.C’s videos being extremely CREEPY. All of them. It doesn’t matter what collection they are advertising, every single one is like watching a nightmare come to life.

    Secondly, I can’t believe I’ve never seen this website before. A friend blogged about it earlier and I haven’t stopped reading yet. It’s hilarious! You really should consider publishing this! πŸ™‚

  34. hahaha i feel so bad for you…but this all just cracks me up…i wish i noticed this site a long time ago!! this is great.

    @ first i thought the video would be interesting because i thought it had an alice in wonderland quality…but it totally freaked me out. and i like hellp kitty…so this was prolly the most disturbing thing ive ever seen.

    i like guys…but no guy of mine would i ever think of putting a hello kitty mask on…prolly one of the most disturbing things ever, after that nude pic of hk….that was just….. (puke)

  35. To Darlene:

    Okay, I love Hello Kitty, alot. And it shows through all the stuff I have, my phone, everything…
    But this actually did scar me. 😐 Why?
    Or Hello Kitty bondange.

    the alice in wonderland ripoff was fine, boring, but manageable.
    And then, it got really weird. o___O;;

    and what do you mean “sickmind”? Thats obviously what the line wants as well. Like everything else in commercials today, perfume, beer, deoderant, even freakn fast food, of course there is going to be some type of sexual reference, sex sells.

    Seriously. Hello Kittyfied women and men, just slithering around with collars, cat ears and leather? What do you think they are putting out?
    Honestly, not “Hello Kitty is going to make men want to fawn over you” honestly not [sarcasm]

    Most of the people on this site actually really love Hello Kitty, are are fanatic, hence why we come here, to see what other sorts of goodies sanrio has whipped up. Lack of understanding? Shallowness? Creativity?

    Creativity? Where? Alice in wonderland ripoff, totally. Follow the magic bunny er cat sorry.
    I’ll definately give it creativity points on the whole bondage kitty sex scene though.

    you are seriously a crazy hello kitty fanatic to think this video is blosoming in innocence and artistical flow.

    Hello kitty itself is not sexual. Most do not interpret it as.

    Look at hamburgers. Hamburgers aren’t sexual at all.
    Get paris hilton to eat it in a bathingsuit.
    Okay now the commercial made them seem as, anytime you eat a burger, a hot woman comes out of nowhere.

  36. Wow. And not in a good way. see, this defeats my primary usage of hello kitty, which is as a teenage boy repellent. See, I am a (not insane, I hope) HK fan, though I try to keep it down to a dull roar in the home in deference to my fiance. I worked for 4 years at a residential treatment center for adolescent boys with mental illness. I noticed over time a fair amount of office stuff (nothing major) vanishing. It’s amazing how that stopped when I made my stuff Hello Kitty, because teenage boys really don’t want to be seen carrying (my stolen) Hello Kitty stuff around, so I actually got to keep my pens, pencil, stapler, etc!

    And now this video is trying to make HK into this weird freaky gross sexual thing. Ew.

  37. Awesome Video. Highly artistic, creative & arcane. Fascinating visuals. Loaded with color and choreography. Obviously it attracts attention, I think mostly positive. Any negative feedback must be from boring Amish types…and who cares what they have to say, conservative = dull = Zzzzz. 5 stars on this fantastical work. πŸ˜€

  38. P.S. I think this MAC Cosmetics edition is the grown up & darker version of Hello Kitty. People under the age of 18 probably can’t even afford Mac Cosmetics yet anyway, they may want to stick to the orginal Hello Kitty plush toys in fun bright whites and shiney plastic baby purses or something. lol πŸ™‚

  39. I’m a huge hello kitty fan but that ad really scares me. The hello kitty men or whatever you call them is a very disturbing image.

  40. if i didn’t know it was for hello kitty, i’d say it has beautiful art direction… but since i DO know, it suddenly becomes more disturbing than the nude sketch

  41. just watched the vid… now i love hello kitty and i am excited about the new make uo range but the advert was just sooooo wrong! i don’t see what any of it had to do with make up or the cute little creature herself. hello kitty and s and m don’t go! unless there are some “experimental” types out there. if thats the case, each to their own i suppose…..eww!

  42. that looked like some tipsy overly pink version of alice in wonderland except with some over paid chick with puffy blonde hair extensions sleeping on a massive ball of cotton candy. wt… and u guys, lets not get all mad ’bout darlene
    i’ve been reading this blog for a while now, and have seen her endless comments, and i’ve simple come to the copnclusion that she is hello kitty obsessed, (maybe mrhkh’s wife?) (no offence intended mr hkh, u DID say she’s a fanatic) or else faking her anger…
    but hey, who cares, its just helping mr.hkh’s popularity
    ps. this blog roks!

  43. Wow. I happen to be a HK fan, leaning more towards Kuromi these days, and even I do not get this video. Aside from the stupidity of the hair-do, the first part (in-vitro?) didn’t bother me at all, it was when I saw Brittney’s dancers that I thought, this is just SO wrong, and not appealing on any level. Maybe it’s culture, but in an ad, I want to see product. I shudder to think of the Mommies out there watching TV with their kids who have to explain that one.

  44. The first half of that was kinda cool, like a Birthday Massacre music video, but the second half… I think I’m going to have nightmares.


  45. I love kitty but its a stupid video . i mean really stop w/ the foolishness. but the makup bag is cute. I didnt need that to gear me towards a purchase

  46. yes the video was beyond bizzare, i say no to the dancing heads or whatever that was, i don’t think how that would attract shoppers…let the line speak for itself!

  47. I thought the video was fasinating and creepy at the same time. A little off your typical Hello Kitty but still interested.

  48. O..M..G.. I LOVE hello kitty, but watching that video made me feel dirty.
    Hello kitty is supposed to be sweet, lightharted, fun & INNOCENT!!
    The model looks like she is walking through a pink tulle v-jay! Hello kitty & S&M DO NOT MIX!
    You are right, I will never get that image out of my head!!!

  49. Okay, so the first part was kind of cutesy, alice in wonderland-type thing. But did anyone else think that the first trail surrounded by chairs resembled a swastika at part 0:47? Then after the fuzzy pink “tunnel” it just went downhill in a sick sexual way. Maybe it’s just me, but that was just WRONG!

  50. That is highly disturbing. More disturbing than Hello Kitty nekkidness which I AM STILL recovering from. I may not sleep tonight. o_O

  51. Well, it was basically Hello Kitty, a pinch of Gothic Lolita, and alot of S&M imagery. Somehow, something in my head tells me those things really shouldn’t be together.

    I didn’t mind the first part, although it was very… Alice in Wonderland-ish. But if you’re telling me young girls are going to be dreaming of such things when they cuddle that black Hello Kitty Plush thing from M.A.C…then I say TAKE THEM OFF THE SHELVES!

  52. Im worried about our next generation because of this, it’s like those people up there who ever has the power, money some sort of talent is able to turn our children who has less clue about what S&M is about into a pycho-sexual corrupted bunch of kids. Freud used to say he desire to __ his mother, and I guess it will work the reverse in human sexual desire when men sees kitty girls. it’s sick yet the director’s twisted mind is trying to draw out the perverted part of humanity in all of us (not saying everybody is innocent) everybody have desire, but by twisting our desire will make this world a dark place to live. I never thought sexy can come from a gang of ‘masked’ man pulling and tearing a girl wearing pink uniform-like clothes… it is hellokitty hell indeed

  53. What I basically got from the three minutes that I did manage to watch was:

    A strange random cat who you found sleeping with you will make you follow him around a bunch of pink chairs glued to the floor, go through a forest which has a convienent black and white striped road, climb through a cotton candy tunnel, which should have been very difficult, but didn’t seem to be, then drop you off in Hello Kitty Bondage Land where the Hello Kitified men will touch you in places you don’t want to be touched, and then thrown around like a ragdoll.

    Yeah, that was just disturbing indeed.

  54. I LOVED THIS!!!! I want to go buy the cute hello kitty makeup now. I love the cute pink cotton candy bed she was laying on. It was so cute. And I LOVE the men all wearing there cute sexy hello kitty heads!! MEOW!!! I wish they would play the hole ad on tv for commercials!! I would love watching tv to see that. I love there imagination. It gets better and better!!!

  55. lol looks like you dont like hello kitty!!! well i love hello kitty and i know other ppl that do 2……i feel sorry for you in hellokitty hell the vibrator thing is crazy and oh yea going back with the ppl that i know that R hello kitty maniacs i know one she is so obbsessed its kindof creepy for me she has a lot of thing like a hello kitty sanctuary full of pillows, jewlery, toys, omg a lot of ppl like hello kitty but im not a maniac about it!!!!

  56. wait I’m confused…what the hell is this ad about anyway? it took ages to get to the point about makeup, what with the cat suit lady looking like she was humping the camera man … and the close ups of ‘alice’ yeah, but the rest of it?!?! seriously…I know art is meant to confront people but that was just ott.

  57. I don’t care about hello kitty or mac makeup per se, but I LOVED THIS VIDEO. ALL CAPS. It’s what the inside of my brain looks like.

  58. Actually the video is epic and avant garde in all ways possible, the mac hello kitty makeup line is pretty good but the song is terrible and doesn’t match the theme of the video.
    I like your blog but I think you are trying to hard to talk shit on everything hello kitty, just because hello kitty is endorcing this product range of MAC doesn’t mean the makeup is bad or the artistic concept behind the video.

    I’m not trying to be anti you or anti hello kitty or anything I just dislike when people don’t appreciate the concept behinds things just because they hold a grudge against something.

  59. Um, anyone else think that the pink tunnel is symbolic of… yep. That. The unfortunate bad hairdressing victim leaves the safety and comfort of her warm and brightly colored world through a pink tunnel into a world of hideous sex fetishes? Think they were going for a birth metaphor there? And… oh dear god that woman’s hair! HER HAIR!!!

  60. lol…I know why she was chasin tha cat…. it ruined her hair while she was asleep…
    WTH with the men?????????????????????
    Just sick………………………………..

  61. OMG! Ummm, that was offensive. I am a Hello Kitty fan but wow. That was atrocious…disgusting on any level…S&M….don’t they know most HK fans aren’t into that kind of stuff. I can’t believe they made that….

  62. O.o seriously i liked the first part i was like …this may be alright
    but when i got to the last part with the hello kitty men that just creeped ME OUT omg that even scared my little sister to the point she just stayed frozen with her eyes wide open and shes a pretty big hello kitty fanatic DX

  63. What a piss off, here I was expecting a good video
    for the HK MAC make-up line. Not some Alice in wonderland
    /Through the looking glass knock off.
    Creative, yet really not that creative at all.
    This is a mix of a cheap horribly done Britney Spears
    video mixed with Alice in wonderland, and to top it off
    some stripper dance moves. I’m not an enemy of hello-kitty or a complete fanatic although it’s disappointing that MAC especially couldn’t have chosen a better video.

  64. oh my god. i almost threw up watching this. i wish i could say i would have enjoyed this movie whilst being high, but i think i would probably cry at how truly scary this video is.

  65. I’m 18, and resent the kid comment. The blond girl seemed to have trouble walking to me, and she looks like she’s being tortured in the second half. Next time, blogmiester, don’t dignify some thing THIS awful by putting it on a hk hating site. It’s just too wrong. This video should be (and is) banned by law.

  66. May I give an amteurish freudian interpretation of this advertisement? for starts, the black cat was the black woman in the second part and also a symbol for hello kitty in general (as youw ill notice she awoke with a black hello kitty figure at the end), and yes, stephanie thatkyou for recognizing the tunnel for what it realy was- a vaginal metaphor, just like the tulle skirt and the pink roses. The message was basically that hello kitty would allow us to revert to our “womb” and let us rest in a world where we can indulge in primitive sexual pleasures without worry- hello kitty acts as a sort of female pimp, bringing us pleasure and leading us in a ecure world where we can feel sexy. absolutely scary and yes, those who have watched this video with a critical eye are rightfully disturbed. I feel sorry for young children who watch this video and don’t understand what they see. this is a very powerfull advertisement.

  67. ………..That skank has the skinniest legs I have ever seen. :I I refuse to comment on anything disturbing that involves Hello Kitty lest it be burned further into my mind.

  68. I really like Sanrio Hello Kitty sans the weird stuff and this ad is not even tolerably weird.

    Besides the pink vagina and panty shots, the poor blond girl looked like she was about to get gang raped by the black headed hello sadists…

    Overall super creepy and not inspiring in anyway. $14 for a thing of eyeshadow is too much anyhow but especially when it is promoted by ads like this .

  69. I knew it was gonna be bad when they started singing “Come inside!” and she climbed into a massive pink hole. Maybe I’m dirty minded, but jeebus. What is it with hello kitty and sex??

  70. As much as I love Hello Kitty, I must say this after viewing that…abomination. I am going to throw up. Now. Speaking of now, PLEASE GOD KILL ME NOW ARGH.

  71. they should hav just stuck a knife in the models back and walk away, letting her bleed to death on the floor…

    btw someone please help me get that song out of my head!!! ;D

  72. wow. i like hello kitty.. to some extent. and im all about BDSM… but wtf?? she follows a cat into a gaping vagina and comes out on the other side to get gangbanged by a bunch of guys in hk masks and a black chick? how is this at all about makeup?? xD lmao. since theres been soo many other comments im sure it has all been said numerous times.. but still. lmao.

  73. OMG it IS a bloke who is bitching, where i come from in engerland… lol.. i am unfamiliar with bitchy blokes but alteast that makes sense with the whole website internet thing, just thought you would have something better to do than bitch about hello kitty which i have discussed to you before as a comment and you cannot say a thing to me as i am using the internet for such important things, like a facebook support group for syndromes and illnesses to support sufferers and raise awareness, but i guess i cannot get my head over a bloke spending his life bitching about a cartoon character…. what a waste of life and time!?

    A whole website too?!?! C’mon! Seriously?

    …..omg what has the world come to oh leader of the hello kitty website full of moaning…. such pessimism to read in the morning, and i actually own some MAC hellokitty make up and it is quite attractive and waterproof too, i do really like it… it is juts hard to remove, once dried eyliner when it can be peeled off like false eyelashes sometimes bits can get in your eyes, apart from that its fantastic and they really have good marketing guys as the MAC hellokitty range sells on ebay like hot cakes!!! Well done to the sales and marketing guys…. next a spongebob or betty boop one… they’d sell too……

    ….but just dedicated to miss kitty herself as opposed to sanrio…. omg…..

  74. I like Hello Kitty and I don’t mind the MAC Hello Kitty make-up, but that ad was WAY over the top! Being gang raped by men in black HK masks? Following a black cat through a giant pink vagina? Somebody remind me what this has to do with make-up!


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