Hello Kitty Bloody Knife Wielding Tattoo

It’s been awhile since our last Hello Kitty tattoo (although there have been far to many sent my way – if you have any doubt that Hello Kitty fanatics take things just a bit too far, all you need to do is see all the Hello Kitty tattoos out there), and even though there can be no such things as a “good” Hello Kitty tattoo, at least I can show one that brings out the true spirit of the evil feline — a bloody knife wielding Hello Kitty tattoo:

Hello Kitty bloody tattoo

While all the Hello Kitty fanatics can only see cuteness, this is what the rest of us see every time we have to look at the one with no mouth. It’s exactly what we imagine the Hello Kitty in the Lisa Loeb video is about to do –and actually wishing it would in that particular instance as it would have been much kinder than having to sit through the entire song.

Sent in by Rykan who really should have to get a Hello Kitty tattoo for even thinking that sending me something like this could produce anything positive in this world…

37 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Bloody Knife Wielding Tattoo”

  1. As a Hello Kitty fan, I would have to say this is scary. I can’t believe someone would get a tattoo like that. Oh well, the person’s choice but not mine.

    Oh yeah, I love this site. I think if I was in your situation; I would be annoyed with the Hello Kitty stuff. Darlene, don’t you dare post your crap here.

  2. Why do you have to lie every time you write something? There is no evil side to Hello Kitty. Some Hello Kitty fans like a many different things and like to mix them together, but that doesn’t change the love and happiness that Hello Kitty represents. You only see the bad in everything and that is why everyone is so tired of your rantings. I should know by now not to expect anything true or positive from you.

  3. Just stumbled to this site from my friend’s link on facebook. Hilarious!!! keep up the good work on the site. And oh, whoever darlene is, dude, ur creepy. Were u joking in ur comments or were u totally serious? If latter, I suggest you delay no longer in seeing a psychiatrist. Good luck.

  4. AHHH! HOLY CRAP! That scared me! DX

    Really, people should stop making Hello kitty scary and gross. It frightens my 13 year-old EYES!

    Maybe you haven’t noticed but YOUR the ONLY ONE who’s sick of it.
    Maybe you should get the SELFISH out of your head, because your like the little child who loves looking at every new post and replying stupid stuff to look smart but in reality, everyone doesn’t like you.
    Get off HKH if you hate it so much.

  5. @Darlene complains about disliking your rants (IMO the BEST part of this blog) but I’d bet you a gazilion dollars she’ll keep reading every post.

  6. Darlene, grow up and sod off will you? Obnoxious woman.

    And that tattoo is just so wrong. so so so wrong. Not as wrong as the music video admittedly, but close.

  7. this RAWCKS. It’s exactly what I see when I look at some more absurd HK items xD Of course I wouldn’t even draw it, much less TATTOO it, but it shows very well what sme people are in to.

    HK is the latest legal drug, judging from what I read here.

  8. Ok, the tattoo is not badly done. I’d have to say I like the lines. The only complaint is that there should be more bruising/shadowing of the eyes due to cadaver rot or whatever you call it, but I appreciate it. 🙂 It is hard to do.

  9. its funny to read all the people that hate your comments about the things you post as if they expect something nice coming from a site named HELLO KITTY HELL.

    hmm.. contradicting much..

    i love hello kitty but lets be realistic that’s not that much of an adorable picture but i guess you could say interesting, i guess…

  10. Darlene, please will you just shut up already? No one cares about your opinion! It is always the same. How the hell could this represent innocence? That is hello kitty in pure evil form. This is coming from a hello kitty lover! I love her, but that is sooo not right. It is evil and vile.

    Get over yourself Darlene. You just give us all a headache and make us want to hate the one with no mouth. :/

  11. I will preface this by saying that I am a fan.. just shy of fenatical. I think I enjoy this blog so much because it very much mirrors my husband and I, in that its my love and his hate…

    Now about this tattoo and all of the other feindish feline tatts that you have on the site- they suck- I think I have gone through most of them and can only conclude that you only post the really weird ones or the ones that look like bad jail house scratch.

    I personally dont have a tat of the cat- however it is on the list, my best friend does actually have a beautiful one and in the same vain as your wife, it makes me jealous every time is see it.

    I would send it to you, but wont becauce 1- I dont think you will post it, as it really is amazing art work and 2- because its not my photo.

    however, as your wife is always on the hunt for the perfect cat tatt, I would be happy to email it to her directly or to you if you will give to her along with the artist info- as this is all I have permission from my friend to do.

  12. @ darlene
    someone has already told you to stop posting your crap, so why don’t you stop it, why don’t you get a job in sanrio? WHY CAN’T YOU GET A LIFE!

  13. Ahw, this is so cute ^^!

    I agree with Darlene. There isn’t a evil side to Hello Kitty.
    Some people mix the things that they like. Is this supposed to be anti-Hello Kitty and scary? I rather find it cute and creative!

  14. Huh??

    That’s like one of those “This statement is false” sentences. Seriously, who the Hell-o Kitty would get a tattoo like that? Those who like Hello Kitty would want something else (something more saccharine overdose, that’s what they’re in it for after all) and the rest of us who look at this and say, “THAT’S Hello Kitty!” wouldn’t be caught dead with the evil feline engraved into their hides.

    In other news, google “Hello Kitty” and this site is EIGHTH out of 27.5 million. Oh yeah, everyone’s sure “tired” of this site all right.

  15. okay, this is over the limit! I thought the hello kitty jesus was bad! Sheish! Hello kitty is satanic, becuase the person prayed to satan for her daughter to get better from oral cancer, and she did! hello kitty is the cat of satan!
    (ps im seventh day adventist)

  16. @darlene

    just go away!!! were all sick of what you say! Get a life and stop reading this blog if you hate it so much! I love hello kitty and you don’t see me doing this! >= (

  17. Ok now i have read a lot of blog
    but this one has a lot to be said kittyhell
    is for sure the right title


  18. As a person who is fine with Hello Kitty and thinks that the whole Hello Kitty thing as gone MAD and someone who LOVES things like this, I think it is totally awsome I wouldn’t get one but I’d make a niffty sticker.

  19. usually i love anything that has to do with hello kitty but does this person not know wat kitty symbolyses?? this is just cruel!!

  20. I like the tattoo it pinpoints hello kitty exactly.
    anyway, love the blog, tottaly agree with Mr. HKH , hello kitty is annoying and etc.


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