Hello Kitty Hey Baby Panties

It’s not often that I get in trouble for looking at Hello Kitty stuff (my wife usually dreams that I would be willing to do this), but that is exactly what happened when she saw me looking at this email showing off Hello Kitty “Hey Baby” panties:


There is really not that much more I can say other than my wife’s rule of “If it is Hello Kitty, then it’s okay” apparently means something completely different than I thought it did…

Sent in by Darcy who deserves some kind of unspeakable punishment for getting me banished to the couch and Hello Kitty sleeping bag for the next few days…

47 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Hey Baby Panties”

  1. This post is so typical and shows how clueless you really are! It’s a wonder that your wife didn’t kick you out of the house. It isn’t the Hello Kitty panties that upset her, but the way that they were displayed. You weren’t admiring Hello Kitty as you should have been. This post proves that you are hopeless and have no understanding of what Hello Kitty is really about.

  2. I’m a huge Hello Kitty fan, but even I have my limits. Last week my grandmother gave me a pair of Hello Kitty bikini panties. I thanked her and promptly threw them into the back of my closet..I never want to meet a person over 7 who would actually wear those..

  3. The creepy part here is that it says “hey BABY” and I think the HK and Dear Daniel pictured there are actually babies. If anything, this should be on maternity or babies’ clothing, not on “sexy” underwear!

  4. @danigirl: Ugh, I’m so tired of people saying that guys being pervs is A-ok because “They can’t help themselves!” Tbh, though, I I was looking at her butt more than the panties, and I’m a girl.

    @Mr. HKH: Could you please put an NSFW warning on posts like this?

  5. @ darlene,
    “You weren’t admiring Hello Kitty as you should have been. ”

    Maybe that’s because he doesn’t LIKE hello kitty?!
    That 1 line had so much fail. Seriously.

    I would buy those though. I reckon those look cute.

  6. @MagicSmoothie I’m a girl too and don’t deny my bf the right to look at good lookin gals, its only natural and there isn’t anything wrong with it as long as they don’t cheat

  7. Nowt wrong with looking, he touches however he gets his bits cut off.

    And I really wish my arse was that pert. Cow.

    Darlene? Are you actually human? Cos I’ve just read a story about Roswell and it may have been a balloon from the US Army that crashed, and it showed a dead alien, and I swear it said ‘This is Darlene’ in the description.

    Seriously though, are you human?

  8. you see darlene, you have it all wrong. i myself am a hello kitty fanatic but i am also one of the few who see her for what she really is. you, apparently, do not. let me fill you in, as anyone who truly loves hk should know this:

    hello kitty is merely outwardly cute. inside, she is evil. plain and simple. she is the ultimate princess of deception. Some hate her for this, but it is actually what makes me love her.

    if you are really niave, you may argue this fact. However, a true hello kitty fanatic, who really knows hk, would be enlightened.

  9. Not a lof of point in an NSFW warning when the pic appears on the home page (so before you could see the warning).

    And yes I was checking out the same thing as at least half the other posters (not the underwear but what it’s stretched around)!

  10. Meh, they’re cute. I wouldn’t exactly wear them to work but if I’m hanging out around my own place, I like cutesy underwear and pjs and such.

    There’s also the school girl fetish it appeals to, so some wives/girlfriends/what have you would be doing a solid to their significant others.

    However, looking at taut 19 year old booty that does not belong to your wife will always get you relegated to the couch, whether Hello Kitty’s stamped on or not. It’s a raw deal, I feel your pain.

  11. Does anyone else here think that maybe Darlene was posting tongue-in-cheek? Anyone? Show of hands?

    That being said, this HKH post is something I can get behind!

  12. Hey, it’s not your fault people send you the HK equivalent of soft-core porn! Eesh, stuff like that should be photographed on the model…

  13. Darlene is the best troll ever.


    It is strange how a grown woman would wear this. I should examine this picture more closely.

  14. well ive been floating round this site for what a good 20 minutes and i think this is the best photo ever on this site anyway but im a 17 year old male who thinks with his pants and to darlene im quite the snappy dresser although when i put my shirt on in the morning i always have trouble puttin my leg through the sleeve

    on a side note i feel way sorry for you man and that hello kitty sleepin bag dont look comfy you gota love that shealia though if you put up with all this

  15. @DMZ
    totaly agree!!
    take it from the girl who is WAYYYY too obsesed with japanese culture, anime, manga, fashon, music, etc….
    although i would totaly wear thouse pantys!!!
    gota love the cutesie

  16. BJ, honey, don’t think with your *pants*… the junk that’s inside works much better. 😉 think about it. When your pants go into the washer, and the spin cycle starts, if you are thinking with the pants, you’re going to end up dizzy, nauseated, and totally confused. Better to use something that stays with you at all times!

    Darlene, you’re almost funny. Work on your material a bit more.

  17. I love these panties, I’m a grown woman and would wear them! Wives and/or girlfriends need to get their panties untwisted if they get in a huge huff over their significant other looking at a picture such as this when it’s something they’re thinking about 24/7 anyway and its probably hardly ever yours. Also, H&M at least in Germany sells a great Hello Kitty line of clothing, socks and undergarments 😉

  18. This looks very much to me like a Japanese house and a Japanese school-girl uniform. She’s probably a teenager, which is a double-edged sword – not sooooo weird that she’s wearing HK underwear because she’s not the ‘grown woman’ mentioned earlier, but creepy because it obviously is and is meant to be a sexy picture.

  19. haha i think these are really cute. But im a teenager soo…and anyway i dont care if older women wana wear this kinda underwear. I mean as long as there not trying to seduce someone while wearing them (now that would be stupid) who cares. I think there funny and cute

  20. Seriously.
    I wish I had those!
    You really think that no one over 7 should wear hello kitty panties??

    I have 3 pairs of Hello Kitty Panties!!!! and My boyfriend thinks they are amazingly hot!! (just saying)

  21. I think that a woman’s underwear is her own business. I love Hello Kitty and have the exact same pair as well as a few others that came in the package. I am a grown woman and I dress appropriately, but I reserve the right to wear whatever kind of panties I choose.

    That said, you should not have been looking at another woman’s panties, especially while she was wearing them.

  22. What’s it to you? If a woman shows us her butt, then of course men are gonna look! Duh! If you don’t want men looking, then don’t show your butt, it’s that simple!


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