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It’s a given when you live in Hello Kitty Hell that something worse than what you have already seen will come along. You know it’s going to happen and you just prepare yourself for that that day coming down the road. What is not anticipated is that the horror will show up so quickly in your email box. In response to the Hello Kitty camper, you knew that there would be a Hello Kitty tent out there:


There is no possible way that all the Hello Kitty beer and Hello Kitty sake could drown away the nightmarish image of having to wake up in something like that. Might as well find the Hello Kitty camping knife, take out your own eyes — and heart just for good measure — because that would be a hundred times less painful than having to admit to any living being that you actually went camping in one of these.

While the camper is a horrendous injustice to anyone that is sane, at least it can withstand the rocks and sticks that the wildlife would undoubtedly begin to throw at you for disturbing the wilderness. The Hello Kitty tent, on the other hand, basically is asking for a bear to come in and eat you as a snack (to the applause of all the other forest animals for getting rid of a complete eyesore).

Sent in by Claudia who really should have to live in this tent as her home for letting my wife know this exists and creating the chance that I might someday find myself in one of these…

Update: Did you really think that the evil feline could stop at one Hello Kitty tent?

Hello Kitty pink camping tent

Sent in by outdoorsgirl

36 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Tent”

  1. Looking at the size and shape of it beside the “normal” “igloo tent”, I think this is actually a “Hello Kitty Wendy House Castle”; that is it’s designed as a toy for girls aged about 4 to 8, and treated as such becomes the acceptable face of HK! If an adult woman even contemplates using it as a camping tent, she (or her partner) shoud call 1-800-ARKHAM-ASYLUM. 😉

  2. I think it’s cute for a little girl which I think it actually made for and a normal size adult will probably not fit in it to sleep.

  3. The girl in question must be about the age of 5. After this she either grows out of pinkness or dies.

    Or more likely turns into a n inbred moron like Darleen who will eb alogn soon.

    Darlene honey, let me paraphrase your rant for you.

    All women/girls
    Disrespect your wife
    Should be happy to serve
    how can you be so heartless.

    That say it all honey?

    Guess what? I despise it, its hideous, obviously badly made, useless in reality, and why should Mr HKH tolerate this kind of crap on his holiday when he has to put up with it for the other 50 weeks of the year?

    Now try a coherent well thought out response to the posting as this is a site about hating and loathing HK and Sanrio, if you can’t play nicely with other children then you can go to your HK room and not get any HK Canned Ramen for tea.

  4. Looks like a nice idea horrible executed, I would never leave my kid in overnight. Besides the pink tent screams little girl aboard to every pedophile.

    PS. I feel sorry for the kids, the camp site looks like a redneck convention a nightmare for me to camp next to.

    PS. I would not mind Sanrio work with one of the better tent makers to come up with a Hello Kitty tent.

  5. well when I first saw it my first response was I want one, but after looking further I decided camping in a HK tent is not for me, although adorable I’m over the age of 5 and am happy enough to even have convinced my boyfriend to allow me my HK bathroom. No no I believe I will leave the HK at home, I always have my tattoos where ever I go and have been nice enough not to submit them to this site.

    @darlene blah blah blah blah blaah blah. That is all we ever really see when you post so why dont you just go away

  6. Sadly, one of my roomies has one of these, given to her as a doorprize at an SCA yulefeast. It has been packed safely away so it can be regifted at another such event in retribution for being saddled with the evil pinkness.

    We’d torch it, but the fumes would cause far more atmospheric pollution than I’m comfortable with causing.

  7. This one doesn’t bother me too much. Its pretty clearly designed for indoor use and for children. Any adult in there is going to wind up cramped, damp, and uncomfortable pretty quickly.

    If you wife wants this one, you could always point out that it is *not* a camping tent. Its the tarp equivalent of stretching a blanket over some chairs, or a cardboard fort. Except that cardboard forts are way more awesome, of course.

  8. Y’all know, I’m wondering where the officially sanctioned by the American Cornhole Organization (Americancornhole.org) Hello Kitty cornhole board and bags are? I mean when you go camping y’all just have to play some match games of cornhole. The fun new game spreading like crazy across the American deep south. Surely Sanrio can’t have missed this opportunity? Think of tossing those oh so cute pink bean bags at darling Hello Kitty’s mouth? Can’t y’all just see it now!

  9. If going camping in a Hello Kitty tent makes you happy, what is wrong with that?!? Hello Kitty loves the outdoors and nature and this is one way that she shows it. More people need to spend time with nature and Hello Kitty is promoting this with the tent. This is obvious to anyone with half a brain which apparently you don’t have.

    Any woman would be proud to wake up in one of these tents. It would mean the beginning to a wonderful day. If your wife wants to sleep in a Hello Kitty tent, then it’s your obligation to support her. She’s making an effort to go camping with you so you should do the same. Maybe if you could appreciate Hello Kitty a bit more, you would see how Hello Kitty brightens up everyone’s day instead of always saying bad things about her.

  10. @Darlene,

    Darlene sweetie, anyone with half a brain would notice the tent’s for kids.

    Also, Noone likes you. GTFO of the site if you don’t like this site. It’s obvious your a troll, and laugh at everyone who actually tell you off. Grow the hell up. Kthxbai.

  11. That is truly disgusting. I think this is the first thing I have seen since I started reading this site that has gone way over my pink cuteness threshold, which as you may guess is pretty high. I feel ill.

  12. @shannon,

    I didn’t put words in your mouth. o_o

    ….Fine, I’ll say 98% of the site doesnt like her. That’s my opinion. I don’t know how you could like Darlene though. She’s annoying in my opinion.

  13. it’s pink! it’s freaking fluorescent pink in the middle of the forest O_O
    how could you buy your child such a thing? doesn’t it hurt the eyes??
    what will they do next? paint some trees pink and call it a “Hello Kitty natural reservation”? oh and let’s not forget they should also paint in pink all the wild animals….
    “oh look mom a cute pink rabid wolf…can we go pet it ^_^?”

  14. Pity me. My niece got this two years ago for her third birthday. She loves it. I have had to put it up several times and it is a real pain to do. Plus it’s Pepto Bismol PINK. with little pink flags.

    Shoot me, it’s the only way that I will ever escape my own hell.

  15. I agree with the 4 kidz only part, however I know several girls who like pink well after the age of 5. Liking pink isn’t bad, loooving hk after 12 years of age is.

  16. I just got this same tent on garage sale for my daughter. Can’t find it anywhere online as to it’s original value. Any idea how much it sells for in the stores or which store???

  17. please if anyone has this tent can u send the instructions i am trying to help the kids put it together and don’t have the instructions thank you

  18. Haha, I just picked one of these up off Craigs List. I have 5 cats, and think it will look awesome in my somewhat whimsical backyard, and provide a great shady hangout for them. I think it’s awesome. It seems it is a collectible, though I don;’t know the value. The one I got has never been set up. BTW, if you still need instructions, I have them.

    PS… I really am not into Hello Kitty stuff, this is my first item. I do love pink however ;0)

  19. I was also needing those instruction plz. Bought it 4 my daughter a few years back an went 2 go out it up today an instructions are not there!

  20. To all you Hello Kitty haters out there – Lighten the F*#% up! It’s just being mean spirited. Is someone p*#%ing in your fruit loops every morning? Hello Kitty is cute. It’s not only men behind anti-HK, but I believe they are the driving force, and if they would learn just one thing – THAT GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN!!! The world would be such a happier place for everyone. However, what men consider FUN usually involves intoxication and/or altered states, aggression, destruction, and a sigh of relief after p*#%ing, pooping, burping, or squirting. Life’s too short and too hard – Let girls have their fun : )


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