Hello Kitty Cell Phone Upgrade

My wife already has a Hello Kitty cell phone which has embarrassed me to no end, but in the land of Hello Kitty fanatics, extreme Hello Kitty gaudiness is never enough. Eventually someone will come along with a Hello Kitty cell phone that is gaudier than your own:


This, of course, is unacceptable to the Hello Kitty fanatic and my wife has already begun planning how she can top this phone (which is really a scary thought). All I know is that whatever she comes up with, it’s likely to only cause me more embarrassment and increase the depths of my Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by scarlett who should not only be forced to carry one of these around, but have it set up with a Hello Kitty song ringtone (and the slow death by insanity that it causes) for giving my wife the idea that it was time for a Hello Kitty cell phone upgrade…

Update: Despite all commons sense that would indicate that cell phone bling could never get worse, it continues to do so:

hello kitty cell phone case

Sent in by Katharine (via dreamblingandmore) whose email which only said “disturbing” was far too generous…

72 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Cell Phone Upgrade”

  1. Shoot them, shoot them all!

    Or arrange for electric shocks delivered directly through the phone, whichever causes greatest amusement for innocent bystanders.

  2. damn. That purse looks like she killed Hello Kitty’s “ugly” stepsister.

    What has the world come to that the bag and the phone are considered fashion?!!

  3. Wow. Is that even a phone? Looks more like a wedding centerpiece to me. And I agree, the handbag is horrifying…

  4. I have seen a bigger “mobile telephone”, back when they were first invented, and looked like a landline handset with a motorcycle battery under it!

  5. Yikes. That’s an impressive level of gauche. It’s like they gave a Bedazzler and a cake decorating kit to someone with impulse control problems.

    Is… is that a barbie purse stuck to the lower left corner of the phone? Talk about two bad things that go worse together. No, nevermind. I don’t want to know.

    PS: I found something that might cheer you up. The link goes to a picture of Hagar the Horrible decapitating Hello Kitty. Death to the feline overlord!

  6. It seems fitting that a phone that gaudy would be tucked into that plushy abomination she calls a purse. It’s like someone skinned out a gray teddy bear, then decided that spray-painted brown stripes would somehow make it look more real, then raided their stash of cheap goth gear for the upper half and the straps.

  7. I for one wish to see this Hagar the Horrible image 😀

    Melora, do not worry, the purse is made of lemmings that committed suicide. 😉

  8. > where did she get that? I want one!

    I don’t think you can get it from a store.
    You can buy decoration parts from a store then you need to build your own.

  9. @ Catherine, maybe it’s just me being Scottish, but it looks more like 4 sporrans flying in close formation than a single anything!

    @ Sarah, thanks, but the Viking is surely Erik the Red (aka Erik Bloodaxe) rather than Hagar the Horrible, who has every bit as individual an appearance as HK does?

  10. wow the asylum must have severley restricted Darlene’s internet accsess but I hat to say it I kind of miss the insane ramblings of a pshychotic person

  11. Love how creative she got with decorating her phone. Its really cute, though probably a b*tch to maintain. And I agree its not the phone that really disturbs me. Its that bag. WTF!

  12. It’s cute, but everything looks too jumbled together, like she just glued random pretty crafty bits around the HK head.
    Your wife should get one with a bunch of little Hello Kitty charms hanging off it! And charms of things Hello Kitty likes- like her rabbbit, apples, strawberries, hearts, etc…

  13. The phone is enough but what is she wearing? Show us more!

    PS: Just stumbled across this blog a month ago and have laughed every day. Thanks!

  14. @ Kity and Kitteh – Teeheehee re your comments. Noticed that Mr Hello Kitty Hell has yet to respond. Maybe he fainted away? (Nah, actually get the feeling that he’s less faint hearted than that! ;b)

  15. Jesus Christ, that thing is UGLY!!! And I’m with the posters on the WTF is that furry thing? bit. :/

    My Hello Kitty obsession is limited to a couple tiny vinyl figures on my stereo, a few assorted office supplies, and a soon-to-be-ordered black HK wheel cover. I live in AZ where wheel covers are required unless you want third degree burns on your hands in the summer, so I might as well get one with a little panache.

    But dear God. If I had something like that I should probably be taken out in the desert and shot. Hmm…I wonder if it would be possible to have an Aliens-themed one (the acid spitting critters) to counter the…saccharine? It’d be just as tacky but cool in a horror movie sort of way.

  16. @ Kitty, I’m not familiar with Dragon’s Breath shotgun cartridges. I am familiar with Samuel’s line from Pulp Fiction – “AK-47, when you absolutely, positively, have to kill every Oedipus complex sufferer in the room.”

  17. lol
    its cute
    & your funny
    my boyfriend talks about how he will end up like you
    i love hk
    & you know you do too….
    secretly of course!

  18. While I am sure this was not your intention, I always come to your site to find the latest and greatest HK products 🙂 If I was much, much younger I would carry this in a heartbeat!

  19. hi this for the haters i luv the phone i think its cute. and for your information the purse is a tough of class something that is way out of ur price range.. the purse is nice something you have never seen cauz you can’t afford it lol anyway ilike the phone and would like to kno where she got it from

  20. That’s the most beautiful phone ever and shows the creativity that Hello Kitty fans all have. The fact that you continue to no appreciate your wife when she lends her your phone shows that you have no respect for her or Hello Kitty. If a woman saw a man with a phone like that, she would immediately know that he had all the self confidence in the world and would be a great catch. That is what you fail to understand. By showing how much you hate Hello Kitty all the time, you show how unmanly you really are for the world to see.

  21. Now THERE’S something that’s familiar to me. Teenage days, 2001 – 2005; Christ, this is a reminder of me back in those days. -___-” BUT I STILL LIKE IT! Haha, it’s actually nice seeing people do it. It sucks because over here nobody does it. & also, I have to order online for my crap. Rawr. But yeah, it’s nice… but I bet you it bulgy, right? Yeah. I had a period in my life where I’d put whatever’s cute in it. But then I put it in my school bag and they fell apart. I was crying the whole day. So then I started using more simple accessories(: Hopefully, your wife will tone it down a little when she realizes that her hard work on that phone CRUMBLES down.

  22. This isn’t a hello kitty phone by the way

    It’s a case for an iPhone

    There on sale on ebay

    Get your facts straight

  23. Considering the other comments, you might want to stop worrying about the phone and start worrying about the hideous and probably egregiously expensive bag. I’m sure your wife is a lovely person in all other ways, but I have to say that I’m glad I’m not a man and therefore don’t have to ever be married to a woman with a Hello Kitty fixation.

  24. Dude, if this image’s not mirrored, they commited an error. It’s Mimmy who has the bow at this side of her head (also, her bow’s yellow). And I’m not even a fan, I just watched two or three episodes of that anime when I was younger. I hate photographic memory.

    And Darlene’s a troll, because if she was a true fan, she’d have noticed the FAIL and said it’s a despicable shame to commit such an error.

    Hello Kitty may be cute, but HK junkies are just icky.

  25. Anonymous rules!
    i didnt even see it, i was busy looking at the glitter and the poor bag (*^_^*)
    darlene is a troll, i agree…

  26. love it i have three styles just like it
    theyre mostly made for i phones in the photo thats the back part u can find them on ebay from 30-80 bucks

  27. its sooooooooooooooo cute!!! btw my fiance has the hello kitty theme song set as his ring tone for when i call him. His doing, not mine and I love it!!

  28. “…that you have no respect for her or Hello Kitty.”

    LOL. Respect the Hello Kitty! Hello Kitty died for your sins! Chincilla died for your purse!

    That’s all pretty weird here… O_0

  29. Sanrio & Hello Kitty’s Publists has just released a comment about this phone.

    ” We are outraged & offended by this portrayal of the Hello Kitty brand. Sanrio & the Hello Kitty brand have no affiliation with this product. *

  30. ohh look dont dislike becouse i got sakt same phone as that so like shizon of becouse acutaly that phone belongs to a gypsy and gypsys do stand alot for the culture so if i was u id back it off my dear friends


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