Hello Kitty Bar

As with all things Hello Kitty, no matter how bad you think they have become, somewhere out there the evil feline is ready to show that things can always get worse. It was bad enough that they made a Hello Kitty cocktail, not to mention Hello Kitty wine, Hello Kitty sake and even Hello Kitty beer. From this one could expect that Hello Kitty whisky is just around the corner, but did someone really have to go and take it even a step further and create a Hello Kitty bar?


Think about having one of those in your house and inviting the guys over for a night of poker or a game of Foosball. The Hello Kitty bar would pretty much ensure that you could never face any of your friends again.

Of course, my wife absolutely loves it and thinks that a Hello Kitty bar is “something that we could both appreciate together.” Unfortunately, I haven’t had the heart to tell her (or the wish to sleep on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag) that I would have to do my appreciating bent over the Hello Kitty toilet in our Hello Kitty bathroom due to all the nausea something like that would undoubtedly produce. Ahhhh, one more thing to look forward to in Hello Kitty Hell…

Update: For some unfathomable reason, Hello Kitty fanatics such as starrainbow12 actually believe that I would enjoy seeing a close-up of this bar. Can someone please erase this image from my mind…

Hello Kitty bar glasses

32 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Bar”

  1. just delicately tell your wife that it looks more like a girl’s thing.she should at least understand that kittys and pink is not very masculine.

  2. The bar stools seem a lot low! The correct height for a bar stool allows the customer to sit on the stool, and lean their elbows on the bar counter, and no human could do this!

    Also, no straight man would ever voluntarily drink anywhere that pepto-bismol coloured!

  3. I think you are seeing your own delusions again. The “bar” looks dry as no no alcohol served. It look like a candy counter. Snap out of it your losing it.

  4. I think its good that you dont like HK
    keeps you sane….
    if my boyfriend liked hello kitty as much as I do….I would feel really weird ….I wouldnt like it.
    that bar is super cute although the chairs are too low

  5. whether it be a candy bar or not, it’s still a suitable bar!! just get taller bar stools and replace the cups of candy with shot glasses! kewwwt

  6. How could any person not want one of these in their house? It would be the perfect place to entertain friends and everyone would always be happy when they came over. And if your friends can’t deal with it, then they are obviously not real men just like you. Real men aren’t intimidated by Hello Kitty, but embrace her because their wife loves her and they love their wife.

  7. I’m not sure I could bring myself to have a drink at this monstrosity. It looks like a birthday cake covered with booze.

  8. Oh come on guys… This is either strictly for HK lovin ladies or for little girl tea parties. This is FABULOUS!!!!! I love HK but no… I would not put this in my house. I’d just be bff’s with whoever’s house this was in ; )

  9. Well to be honest… it is a guy’s thing… to love kitty’s and to love pink… and also to get drunk and see a pink kitty…

    Maybe it’s just me?


    (LOL! This is too much and does look like Hello Kitty threw up all over that space… but if you went with your wife… you would SO GET LAID afterwards! )


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