Spock Star Trek Figure

Obviously, once the Hello Kitty Captain Kirk was created, it wasn’t going to stop there. The logical next step was a Hello Kitty Spock:

Hello Kitty Spock

This evil feline morph seems to be an especially cruel combination since you know the logical part of Spock is wigging out having to deal with the completely illogically Hello Kitty and all that love and friendship she supposedly possesses. I imagine that Spock’s suffering would be on par with my own Hello Kitty Hell…

Via artist Joseph Senior

24 thoughts on “Spock Star Trek Figure”

  1. Hmm, looks more like a Star Trek Hello Kitty to me.

    This makes about as much sense as a Mickey Mouse Spock… or would that be a Spock Mickey Mouse?

  2. The only one not logical is you! Why do you always have to make up lies when you post. Everyone can see right through them because they just don’t add up and reveal what a con artist you really are.

    Hello Kitty and Spock make the perfect pair. She brings him her love and kindness and INCREASES his logic because she is far superior to Spock. Spock lacks emotion, but Hello Kitty has emotion and logic so she is a well rounded role model.

    Star Trek needs Hello Kitty due to her popularity and Hello Kitty is willing to help out because she wants to bring love and happiness to all.

  3. NO! not Star Trek!!! when will the horror/insanity end? The Star Wars doesn’t surprise me, but not Star Trek, too. I might have to stop visiting your website, this stuff is depressing seeking the sickness spread.

  4. Spock does have emotions, he merely suppresses them as a good Vulcan should…. OK am showing too much knowledge about ST here.

    Think we can get HK into a red shirt? We all know what happens to them 😀

  5. NOOO!!! How dare they desecrate the awesome Mr. Spock in such a disgusting manner!?!?!?! That’s just sacreligious!!!

    Dif-tor heh smusma Spock!!!!

  6. Both are kind of cute to bad there no real kit for them. Still after the Maori version it took you this long to figure out there is more.

    I build a Hello Kitty Model in your direction.

  7. I would also like to agree that she should be put in one of the red shirts. I am a Hello Kitty fan, I have tattoos of Hello Kitty, I own too many Hello Kitty items and I am fully aware that the feline is PURE EVIL

  8. I see absolutely nothing about these things that differentiate them as Spock or Kirk from any other member of the bridge crew with a blue or gold shirt. Fail.

  9. I covet this so intensely. I am hyperventilating from the joy. HK and Spock. Together. My universe just became a significantly happier place. *thud*


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