Captain Kirk Star Trek Figure

It was bound to happen. With the large number of Hello Kitty Star Wars crap out there, you knew it would be only a matter of time before the evil feline started to invade Star Trek as well. The initial warning shot fired was the Hello Kitty Klingon, so it should be of no surprise that there exists a Hello Kitty Captain Kirk figure:

Hello Kitty Captain Kirk

If there was ever any doubt that once Hello Kitty takes over Earth she will not be finished, this pretty much confirms that she has no plans to stop and that she wants to take her world domination plans into the universe as well. Knowing that a Hello Kitty Captain Kirk figure exists is yet another indication that all is not right in the world and Hello kitty Hell continues to get hotter and hotter…

And for those of you believing that the insanity would have to end there, you are once again sadly mistaken — there is a Hello Kitty Spock figure as well…

Via artist Joseph Senior

10 thoughts on “Captain Kirk Star Trek Figure”

  1. I’m still waiting to see a Hello Kitty with mouse ears or a Mickey Mouse with cat ears. That Pepto-Bismol garage was a sign that this hellish hybrid cannot be far away!

  2. How can you constantly be so wrong and stupid? As usual, you have your information all turned around and don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s a wonder that anyone still reads the nonsense that you write.

    It’s these other shows that want the attention of Hello Kitty, not the other way around. They seek her out because they know how popular she is and the love and kindness that comes with those things associated with her. Star Trek is just trying to get more publicity for itself by incorporating Hello Kitty into it because it’s an old and tired franchise that needs freshness. It’s Star Trek that needs Hello Kitty and not the other way around.

    Long after Star Trek is forgotten, there will still be millions of little girls wanting to be Hello Kitty!

  3. Sheesh she really is rambling today.

    Now Captain James T Kirk, known the universe wide as the one Star Fleet captain that would shag anything in a skirt. Think HK is gonna turn lesbian on us? 😀

  4. Okay raise of hands who agree that more people in the world know about Star Trek than those who know about Hello Kitty. Yeah thats what I thought. I have Hello Kitty tattoos but have been kind enough not to send them to this website is sympathy for Mr. HK. There are lots and lots and LOTS of people who ask me what they are on a day to day basis, wheras I wear my vintage Star Trek shirt all I hear is OMG than shirt is the coolest thing ever

  5. I agree with Danigirl. Star Trek (and Star Wars) are more popular then HK. Plus, I believe Star Trek has been reincarnated far more times (and w/ better success) than HK.
    Also Darlene got something right for once. HK is for LITTLE girls.

  6. Actually, wouldn’t this be just a Command HK? I don’t see anything that defines it as a Hello Kirk. (Same thing with the HK Spock; for all you know, it could be HK McCoy, judging from the lack of Vulcan ears and 45-degree angled eyebrows)


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