Beer Stein

The never ending problem with Hello Kitty is that Sanrio and fanatics have learned that everyone has a price and therefore anything can be Hello Kittified. Want someone to make you a Hello Kitty beer stein for your Hello Kitty beer? Unfortunately, this is not a problem:

Hello Kitty beer stein

Sam Gueydan claims to be a professional potter (the fact that he was willing to create something like this makes any professional claim highly questionable) and created this on a challenge. Of course, the evil feline used her number one ally (greed) to get him to do so or as he says, “I am he man enough to make anything for money.”

Not only does my wife love it, she immediately thought that we should start taking pottery classes so we could make our own Hello Kitty line of table ware (like we don’t already have enough of that crap — it’s not like I haven’t had to drink my beer in a Hello Kitty cup up until now). Yet one more thing to worry about in Hello Kitty Hell…

From Sam in the comments who should have to drink out of this for the rest of his life for ever thinking that making something like this could bring anything but hopelessness and despair to the world (not to mention showing it to me)…

22 thoughts on “Beer Stein”

  1. Yes I have to agree the hello kitty is messy. Personally I would try a German style design and incorporate Hello Kitty in it.

    Mr HKH I fill the Hello Kitty Beer Stein with Pyramid Ale Thunderhead IPA and raise a toast in your direction.

  2. the HK looks horrible but if it were a true made HK product I have no doubts that the evil feline would persuad me into purchasing one

  3. The only claim that is highly questionable here is whether you are fair and consistent in your portrayal of Hello Kitty which we all know you aren’t. People make things with Hello Kitty on it to share and spread the love and happiness that she brings to everyone that sees her. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a little girl or a beer drinking man. Hello Kitty gives her love to everyone.

    This is a concept that you can’t seem to understand. Any man that wasn’t scared for his masculinity would love to drink from a Hello Kitty cup like this. Everyone would think it was cute and he would get a lot of attention.

    And why do you deny your wife everything she wants to do? She has asked you to do pottery and you aren’t willing to do an activity with her that she wants. It’s amazing that she puts up with you. Maybe if you showed a bit more respect for the things that she likes and supported her you wouldn’t hate Hello Kitty so much.

  4. Wait…isn’t this kind of equivalent to Joe the Camel making smoking appealing to kids. What portion of society most loves Hello Kitty? Little girls. Who is this stein most going to appeal to? Hmmmm? I don’t have a problem with Hello Kitty children’s items, but items like this are just wrong.

  5. @Babsiegirl
    ” What portion of society most loves Hello Kitty? Little girls. ”

    errr–just like the Hello Kitty “Shoulder Massager”?
    There are a lot of product aimed at adults.
    PS. Joe Camel was never aimed at kids, it was a pure political hack job.

  6. Look at it this way: a creative outlet for your hello kitty frustration! 🙂 and while I have your attention, does darlene strike anyone as a uber-feminist?

  7. darlene, you praise hello kitties femininity, then point out how a man using anything hello kitty fearing his masculinity is a bad thing.
    uhm, yeah, WHY WOULDNT HE?
    You said how feminine hello kitty is yourself. Grow a brain, will you?

  8. oh PLEASE

    the stien was ment as a joke, its all HAND MADE, no molds, springs or other cheating. the flowers on top were done with a frosting tip on a extruder gun.
    its a one off, that is there is only the one, hand thrown on a hand made kickwheel (see my construction plans at //

    this isnt even the finished item, this is still in underglaze

    besides its not a “hello Kitty” its a “Katty” mug

    heres the finished item, in the hands of it;’s current owner…


    the recipient, the wife of my best friend, loved it and now displays it proudly.and no, I didn’t sell it, it was a gift

    you kinds sirs, need to get a life.

    by the way, its “Moose Gueydan”, as in Moose Studios Pottery. Clovis California. I do commisions of all types, from teacups to 10 foot standing fountains. Come on by Ill seel you some stuff.

    See my videos on youtube,
    search for
    Moose makes a pig
    Moose makes a fish

  9. After personally using this fine piece of pottery, I can affirm that the kitty looks better and better after throwing back a few!


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