I try to avoid showing any Hello Kitty food to my wife because when photos of it end up in my email, three incredibly tortuous things happen. It goes without saying that I have to hear about how cute the Hello Kitty food item is for the next week. During that time I’m under constant threat that my wife will actually try to make the Hello Kitty food item in question which will mean that I will have to eat it. Then there is the whole “only Hello Kitty food diet” that inevitably comes back to life that my wife still believes would be a good idea. With this in mind, I jumped back in fear when the Hello Kitty Jello landed in my email:

Hello Kitty jello

It’s one thing to have to eat nauseatingly pink Hello Kitty food, but since this food looks identical to the Pepto Bismol that I am forced to chug immediately after consuming the pink food in question, my eyes have come to view pink going into my mouth as an extreme relief 75% of the time (it usually takes a number of Pepto Bismol swigs over the day to counteract each pink Hello Kitty food).

Not only does this evil feline Jello have the nuclear blue glow, it also resembles a Hello Kitty zombie that threatens to eat me from the inside out. Either way, they both would be much too powerful for the Pepto Bismol to overcome (not to mention that vast amount of eye drops I already need due to the sting the mere sight has already caused) and guarantee that I’m physically ill for an extended period of time. Then again, constant painful assaults on the senses is a daily routine when you live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by maria who should have to eat Jello (in various nuclear induced colors) for the next year for ever thinking that anything good could ever possibly come from sending this to me…

update: You knew that it would never stop at one flavor:

Hello Kitty orange jello gelatin

Sent in by plustwo

Hello Kitty rainbow jello

Sent in by Hellen

blue jello Hello Kitty mold

Sent in by nkl

30 thoughts on “Jello”

  1. OMG. I feel horrible for whoever has to eat that monstrosity. Hopefully your wife will not make you eat anything resembling it.

  2. @ Sharon,

    Agreed. I have no. Idea. But I bet it has something to do with happiness of Hello kitty and the crap it brings.

  3. What is wrong with you? Someone wants to make you something and all you can do is complain. If you can’t appreciate the love and effort that your wife wants to give to you with Hello Kitty food, then you don’t deserve to eat at all. I bet you’d like Hello Kitty and all the nutritiousness she gives when you were about to starve to death!

    The Hello Kitty jello is wonderful and anyone that was served it would be happy for days just thinking about it. You are the only one that could see anything negative with it and it shows what a small and uneducated man you are.

  4. Darlene, you may think your insipid statements are furthering the Hello Kitty cause, but they really aren’t. You’re an insult to real Hello Kitty fans. This site is hilarious. Its a commentary about the rampant commercialism that Hello Kitty now represents.

    Its hilarious that you’ll accuse the site author of being a “small and uneducated” individual. Its hilarious to me because you resort to making statements like “The Hello Kitty jello is wonderful and anyone that was served it would be happy for days just thinking about it” to prove your point, and yet you think you have the intellectual capacity to accuse others of being uneducated?

    How about you bring up a legitimate point for once? I dare you.

  5. Whats nutritous about jelly (I’m British)? Sheesh its hideous. You know, I’m down with a mild case of swine flu right now, and i thought i was feeling crap as it is, then i come here to catch up on the couple of days I’ve missed and realise things can get oh so much worse.
    What fookin flavour is that meant to be anyway? Nuclear Lime? Radiation Raspberry? What?! Jeez.
    You know what, I am thinking this is the time to go out and breathe on people in order to try and eliminate those who come up with things like this. Darlene open wide cos I’m gonna sneeze in your face.

  6. Okay, I’ve only been reading this blog for a week, and even I can tell that Darlene is just a troll. I’m not sure why people respond to her…they’re just feeding her.

  7. I’ve been reading this blog for a couple weeks simply to see what Hello Kitty stuff gets posted, not because I agree with the writer of this blog. I’ve come to two conclusions: one, the writer needs to chill out, Hello Kitty is adorable and grown women who like her do so because she reminds us of our childhood; and two, his wife really does need to stop forcing HK on her husband. HK is for girls, 99% of boys don’t like her and shouldn’t be forced to tolerate her.

    My husband uses Hello Kitty notepads that I buy, but that’s only because he won’t buy his own. My husband also accepts that I love HK and that our 9 month old daughter is starting to as well. He understands that girly girls love girly things like the color pink (my fave) and Hello Kitty.

    So dude, just accept that Hello Kitty is here to stay. Girls will always love her. Stop giving your wife such a hard time about it and she’ll probably stop shoving HK in your face 24/7.

  8. @NoAdditives:

    Oh, so you’re a marriage counselor? If Mr. HKH stops “giving [his] wife such a hard time about “it”… she’ll stop shoving HK in [his] face?” Wow you must know this couple personally. You’re a regular Dr. Phil to be able to make such an assessment.

    Also, why does the writer need to chill out, again? Is he frantically ranting at us that EVERYTHING HELLO KITTY MUST DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE? No. Each of his posts have been quite calmly writte haven’t they? You think he needs to “chill out” because he has an opinon that you don’t share? Does that make sense to anyone? HKH’s opinion is JUST an opinion. He posted your comment, didn’t he? Isn’t it obvious he isn’t trying to get anybody to HATE Hello Kitty?

    The only person who needs to chill out here is probably Darlene, because she’s crazy. Each one of Mr. HKH’s posts has been sardonic, to be sure, but that’s why its funny. Learn how to take a joke, honey. Your daughter will appreciate it when she gets older.

  9. “in various nuclear induced colors”
    That made my day, and it hasn’t officially started yet. 😀

  10. Somehow I dont think Darlene REALLY likes HK so much. I think she makes this up as a joke to get a rise out of people and get them to come to the site to see what funny comment she has made this time. Because come on, who really has such a sorry life that all they do is come on here every day to make some HK Psyco comment and then really eats HK Jello??!!

    “The Hello Kitty jello is wonderful and anyone that was served it would be happy for days just thinking about it. ”

    Thats freakin funny.

    Love the site, dont eat the Jello or you’ll be on the pot for days.
    P.S. Check back tomorrow and see what Darlene posts as a response. Should be funny!!

  11. there are some thing that even cause me to pause. This is one of them. It reminds me of a scene in Andromeda Strain where the Scientist get their first look. I would used a different color.

    I sen my condolences in your direction.

  12. @ turtlemomma
    i misread what you posted the first time, and i thought you said “don’t eat the Jello or you’ll be on pot for days.” XD if that were the case, i think Mr. HelloKittyHell might actually enjoy the HK jello.

  13. Well, take the jello. In your mind, think about the fact that in order to be eaten, HK must be dismembered, bite by bite… …and it’s not like eating a real cat (eww!), it’s just a likeness.

    It’s all perspective.


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