Wii Balance Board Bag and Yoga Pad

Now that My wife has her eyes firmly set on getting the Hello Kitty Wii dance pad, I know from Hello Kitty Hell experience that it isn’t going to stop there. That means in all likelihood, she will also be adding the Hello Kitty Wii balance board bag and yoga pad to her collection:

Hello Kitty Wii balance board bag

While a Hello Kitty Wii balance board bag may be slightly better than a Hello Kitty balance board (which is undoubtedly already in production…), it certainly is not so by much. The fact that a new Hello Kitty yoga pad is also available sends shivers down my spine and not a good omen of how things are likely to turn out. That Hello Kitty yoga mat ended up putting me on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag as well as instructions not to sweat on it while using it. All in all, a sure sign that the fun I used to have on the Nintendo Wii is quickly going to be just another part of living in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Oliver who really should have to sleep inside the Hello Kitty Will balance board bag (and I’ll even allow for the use of the Hello Kitty yoga pad for some comfort being the gentle soul that I am) for the rest of the year for ever thinking that sending this to me could be a good idea and virtually guaranteeing that I’ll end up back on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag at some point due to these items…

17 thoughts on “Wii Balance Board Bag and Yoga Pad”

  1. Okay, now Hello Kitty’s taking over the games. THE GAMES.

    THIS IS MADNESS! *Insert overused phrase from 300 movie.*

  2. How lovely! I need to have these! I am actually planning on buying the Wii fit and these accessories would make a wonderul addition to it.

    What do you think, dear Darlene?

  3. Ah hell.

    Prepare for a never-ending rant about Mr.HKH’s hate for women, how this is cute and EVERY woman would want one and BLAH BLAH BLAH.

    *hands out headphones and puts one on.*

  4. Thanks for the headphones, Indiana. Darlene must be sick today from the HK Jello or maybe she got a life..
    HK Wii. Sick.

  5. She’s late.

    Anyway, all he has to do is point out to his wife he has every intention of using his Wii console (stupid name) and that if she insists on buying him these hideous things then he will use them, trash them, make them dirty and generally screw them over. Its best if they life in their plastic bags in the cupboard and he uses normal accessories.

    other than that he burns the bloody things.

  6. You have no concept of what is in and what is stylish. have you ever seen the Wii balance board? It’s boring white. This balance board cover brings it color and shares the love of Hello Kitty at the same time. It’s a perfect way to make something ordinary into something extraordinary that everyone will comment on.

    You might as well accept that Hello Kitty and Wii make a great couple because both are soooooo cute. Hello Kitty makes the Wii even more fun and lovable to play. You are the only one that can’t accept this fact, so it makes no sense for anyone to to read your lies. I think you are just jealous again because no matter how much you try to belittle Hello Kitty, she is always more popular that you will ever be.

  7. I just love darlene. Her stupidity and simple mindedness make me laugh. <3 I honestly gotta ask, does anyone else think darlene gets high before posting?

  8. @ Alyss
    i honestly think that darlene is a self-righteous junior high schooler pretending to be older than she is. i can’t see why else she would be so narrow-minded that she wouldn’t understand why some people get so bloody sick of pink and mouthless felines in their faces at all times.

  9. I think you are discounting Darlene too much. A 2007 post show her being a fan but more level headed. For reasons I do not know, she decides to do an over the top portrayal of a Hello Kitty fan.


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