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Once again showing that she can’t keep her claws off of anything that is remotely popular, Hello Kitty seems to have set her sights on the Nintendo Wii gaming system. The people at Sanrio know that there is absolutely no way that any Hello Kitty fanatic will be able to resist the Hello Kitty Wii dance pad:

Hello Kitty Wii Dance Mat

I like the Wii and I have had a lot of fun playing the games on it, but I know from horrifying experience where this is all going. The Hello Kitty Wii dance pad is, unfortunately, only the tip of the iceberg. It won’t be long before the evil feline is placing her image on every Wii accessory imaginable and after that, can the Hello Kitty Wii complete gaming system be that far behind?

Of course, my wife loves it and thinks that it’s doubly great because she knows it is for something I already like. Somehow with her Hello Kitty fanatic reasoning this translates to I will like playing it even more with Hello Kitty…

Even though I will be able to get out some of my frustration by stomping on her head as hard as I can (all while delicately making it appear like I’m not stomping — I don’t want to end up on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag), somehow I don’t think that the coming pink invasion is going help me improve my Nintendo Wii scores. Upset stomachs and dry heaving doesn’t make for optimal physical activity, but it is a sure sign that I’m still in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by dora12 who should be forced to do extreme physical activity on a daily basis in the name of Hello Kitty fitness for thinking for even a moment that sending this to me could result in anything positive…

19 thoughts on “Wii Dance Pad”

  1. Nice but I waiting for Hello Kitty Rock Band.

    I DDR with Hello Kitty Wii Dance Pad in Fursuit for Cathrine in your direction.

  2. It doesn’t surprise me that you are so childish that you would try and stomp on Hello Kitty’s face, but by doing it you are doing exactly what Hello Kitty wants. Hello Kitty wants people to be healthy and by stomping hard, you will exercise more and become more healthy. That is why Hello Kitty is so wonderful. No matter what you try to do to beat her, she will always win because she has love and happiness on her side.

  3. @ darlene
    by stomping hard, he will break the pad. which is exactly the point. and if she really has love and happiness on her side, why does she have so many fans that are, like you, nasty little people?

  4. wooow… i’m sure it’s pretty lovely to playing dance games on wii…
    did u have hello kitty wii console and remotes too??

    it woud be completely fun..

  5. I am a DDR addict and it would be awesome if I had three more to compliment the one I already have. Heck, I might get four and get rid of the standard one that comes with the game…that is, of course, if I know where to get one :-P.


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