Hello Kitty Monopoly

Due to Hello Kitty’s never ending quest to be a part of anything popular even if it has absolutely nothing to do with Hello Kitty, somewhere, for some unknown reason, somebody got the idea that creating Hello Kitty Monopoly would be a good idea:

Hello Kitty monopoly

There is just something seriously wrong in the world when a classic game allows railroads to become wagons, Boardwalk to become a hair accessory store and all the money to contain images of the evil feline.

It’s always a disaster when Hello Kitty comes out with a version of any game. My wife assumes that because I like games, I should also like games that have been Hello Kittified. Of course, this puts me in a no win situation. If I try to get out of playing the Hello Kitty version of the game by saying that I don’t like that particular game, then I can never play that game again (and if I have already let it be known I like the game, this isn’t even an option) without the threat of ending up on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag. The other option is playing the Hello Kitty version which usually means suffering through several hours of pain more awful than slowly having your fingernails ripped from your hands with pliers — which pretty much sums up what it’s like living in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Jen who should have to play Hello Kitty Monopoly 24/7 for the rest of the year for ever thinking for a minute that sending this to me could be a good idea…

Update: One would assume that one Hello Kitty monopoly game would be enough, but obviously the evil feline would disagree:

hello kitty monopoly game

Sent in by Friedrich

38 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Monopoly”

  1. This is just an excuse for them to print HK money as they’ve always wanted to do. After all, there are already HK credit cards out there.

  2. too… much… pink… and I live in Disney Princess Hell (21 year old roommate loves them and all things Disney, so I also live with two Zac Efron cutouts in my living room).

  3. My brother’s girlfriend (and me) are big Hello Kitty freaks. He HATES HK, so I have to buy this for his girlfriend for Christmas to make his life utterly miserable. Thank you for giving me an idea to tease my little brother with. ^_^

  4. Yeah but thats cos you are a sister, and our role in life is to make our male siblings lives hell. However come on! HK monopoly? He’ll murder you, or really let fly and then you will suffer cruel and unusual pain. and to be honest I’ll be giving him an alibi.

    Sheesh this is jus hideous. Any female over the age of 7 who goes ‘I WANT!’ needs a full lobotomy. *shudders in horror*

  5. It’s plain stupid to complain about this. Given a choice, everyone would rather play the Hello Kitty version because it is so much cuter and fun to look at. I’m sure that this version will soon become more popular than the regular version since it appeals to so many more people. You just can’t stand that when Hello Kitty comes to help out other things that those things instantly become popular and sell a lot. It shows how out of touch you are and why everyone should ignore your ignorant opinion. I bet you haven’t even played this game to see how fun it is before saying how bad it is. That shows how biased and dishonest your are!!

  6. With so many version of Monoply out there, Hello Kitty Monoply I find this post a big whoop-de-do.

    I play Hello Kitty Monopoly in your direction owning Boardwalk, Kentucky Ave and North Carolina Ave–all with Hotels.

  7. Does Darlene work for Sanrio??????? Otherwise I can’t understand why she would think that more people would buy kittified monopoly. Isn’t the ordinary monopoly the worldwide best selling board game of all time?

  8. No.

    @ wondering: My brothers and I get along Ok as we all know the rules: don’t piss each other off deliberately by buying something like this crap.

  9. Did anyone else hear about the Michigan man jailed for assaulting another person while playing Monopoly? The news didn’t say if it was the Hello Kitty version or not…

  10. The ordinary Monopoly Jr. is based on an amusement park theme. So much better than HK.
    P.S. Does anyone actually enjoy playing Monopoly? I mean a ’till only one person’s left standing.

  11. The game is cute but not a “must have” and who indeed in their right mind has ever enjoyed Monopoly ? I’d rather get a root canal then suffer thru hours of greed, posturing and cheating on an epic scale. Whenever we mention playing it in our family, everyone decides they want to play Scrabble, Clue or Balderdash instead and I am frankly relieved every time !

    I got a big laugh out of Edward’s comment on living with the Disney Princess stuff ! Hang tough buddy !

  12. It’s too cute! I want to buy it ! I’ll tell my friends ! I think they found it , they’ll say:”Hello Kitty Hell is too too too…… funny!”

  13. I got a link for this with my regular Sanrio.com e-mails and BEGGED my honey to let me have it….didn’t work. So gotta finance it on my own.

  14. Wow that’s awesome! I hate monopoly! Whenever people want to play its annoying cause everyone complains and cheats and ruin it for everyone when they are losing and ahhhhh I hate that game sooo freaken much…

    I think I’ve only lost 1 game of monopoly, it was the only time I wanted to play and I only rolled 1s and 3s I never made it around the board once…

    But every other time I’ve one out of spite for being forced to play and everyone gets all pissy my brother threw money at me someone got punched idk its a hateful game so I’m going to buy this version and only agree to play monopoly if its the hello kitty version and then nobody will have fun

  15. My husband has just bought this for me and in all fairness I am not going to be petty and start insulting people who hate this as that is merely childish, at the end of the day people accept and know they are ‘mature’ when they can accept personal preference….

    But, you can be as offensive as you want as you are the same as the star wars haters sites, and the ‘something to hate here’ sites, but I am not surprised to find this site ran by a man who has obviously nothing else to do and has expressed that his wife likes hello kitty….. therefore he hates it…. but… you have to live with it man and accept your wife likes it!

    Seriously if my man started acting this immature i would like literally get rid of every hello kitty in the house as i love him and although i enjoy hello kitty and he surprises me with various gifts I would suggest counselling, this is about as low as anyone can go when they are literally attacking a character from a japanese company called Sanrio…. are you even aware that Hello Kitty doesn’t live, breathe or think? And like her their are many characters more in the Sanrio family, Badtz Maru, Kuromi, Mymelody etc and then there are other characters Tenshi Neko etc…

    I am just utterly gobsmacked at what your lives have become, its like starting a marmite hating site, people either love that or hate that don’t they?

    Well this has been swell but I wouldn’t ever define it as low and as ridiculous as ‘hello kitty hell’ apart from the comments you have become quite a site for logging all hello kitty items and activities so secretly your adding to the pleasure of hello kitty as people like me randomly find this site and think OH WOW =] Another thing I would like to buy THANK YOU HKH Lmao…….and theres millions secretly ignoring your rants and doing just that……. oh” the shame of it all” LMAO to find people wanting to hate a fake character only promoting all the items for people to buy……

    Enjoy! x

  16. @Pink Sarah This site is a way for the man to cope with being inundated with excessive cute and severe Hello Kitty overload on a daily basis from his wife that he obviously loves very much. I would imagine that if there were any way he could get away from the Hello Kitty overload in the presence of his beloved, this blog would not exist. If you don’t want to see someone venting his frustration, don’t read it.

  17. I think hello kitty is adorable. I asked my husband last night if he would buy this for me. He was more than happy to and will play with me because I like her.I’m actually trying to find out more about this game to see if I would like It better than the original or not before purchasing


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