Hello Kitty Vash the Stampede Tattoo

The deluge of Hello Kitty tattoos into my email box continues unabated (it makes one seriously pause to consider how bad things have become in the world when hundreds of people are not only going under the ink gun to have the evil feline become a part of them, but then think it’s a good idea to send me a photo of it once they are done). Even worse, some are choosing patterns like the Hello Kitty Vash the Stampede tattoo:

Hello Kitty Vash Tattoo

This horrifying combination actually has some merit if you are familiar with the Trigun anime and manga series. Vash is also known as “The Humanoid Typhoon” due to the damage and destruction associated with his presence and that is a pretty damn good summary of what Hello Kitty leaves in her path as well. Well, at least when you live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Brian (who was the artist behind the Hello Kitty Shotaro Kaneda Tattoo, the Hello Kitty Afro Samurai tattoo, the Hello Kitty Vampire tattoo, the Hello Kitty Jesus Tattoo and the Hello Kitty Darth Vader tattoo. In other words, some of the worst of the worst in Hello Kitty tattoos. As I have stated in the past, not only should he have to ink all these tattoos onto his own body, they should all be visible so that he has to live with the shame of ever coming up with these concepts — and especially for thinking that once they had been created, it would ever be a good idea to send them to me…

22 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Vash the Stampede Tattoo”

  1. This is a total lie!! How dare you say that Hello Kitty leaves damage and destruction in her path when all she leaves is love and kindness. How can you expect for anyone to take you seriously when you constantly distort the truth in an attempt to make Hello Kitty look bad when everyone knows all she brings is happiness?! You need to take a good, long look at how you are trying to deceive everyone for your own means instead of telling the truth about Hello Kitty. We won’t stand for these constant lies!

  2. The questing is should it be Dear Daniel, He’s got the hair.
    Any I get and wave a Hello Kitty tattoo in your direction.

  3. Just what, precisely when you get down to it, is the point of having anything HK tattoed on your body? I mean, you eventually grow up (probably not in Darlenes case) and will realise you’ve had an extremely cheap and tacky tattoo done that will never leave you.

    I mean, its the ulitmate tramp stamp isn’t it? Cheap, tacky. corporate tat that makes you look like you have the brain capacity of a stunned kitten. Chavs everywhere will want one innit.

    Gonna get a tattoo please try and do something tasteful that isn’t going to date within a day. Sheesh

  4. Brian,

    Not that you seem lacking in ideas, but some others that I think would make nice combinations:

    Hello Kitty Einstein
    Hello Kitty Michael Jackson
    Hello Kitty Paris Hilton
    Hello Kitty Moses
    Hello Kitty Creature from the Black Lagoon
    Hello Kitty Uncle Sam

  5. awww poor Vash, this just makes me sad πŸ™ I have been planning on getting a Vash the Stampede tattoo for about 5 years now and HK was never any part of the idea. I love HK as much as the next HK fan but this is just wrong. And please no HK Creature from the Black Lagoon that too would be very, very sad

  6. genie:

    Always open for some new fresh ideas πŸ™‚ I was thinking about doing a michael jackson one actually after he died but didn’t get around to it.

    I might have to do a creature of the black lagoon one now lol just cause you said not to πŸ˜‰ j/k
    I could actually make it look pretty bad*ss but it probably wouldn’t look too much hk more than a chibi creature

  7. Horrid ( mostly because there is something very creepy about anything with 8 legs crawling out of anything …AND I’m not into tats of any kind…bet you love it though !

  8. NOOOOOO~! Not my Vash! No!!! No! I…my…vash…destroyed… I’m literally in tears now ;A; Hello Kitty has just destroyed something I dearly love. I feel like part of me just died TT_TT I pray to God that there will never be a day when I have to see a tattoo of Hello Kitty x father Abel Nightroad. I would truly be miserable then. ;~;

  9. Why, God, why?!?! Trigun is so kick-ass and Hello Kitty is so. . .ass. This is a disgrace to Vash the Stampede. It’s just so. . .ewwww

  10. ….I checked this guys deviant account, and found he did an Ash from Evil Dead hello kitty tattoo…Oh the horror….and not the good kind either!

  11. D8< That is just wrong!!! On so many different levels!!!

    Vash is NOTHING like Hello Kitty!! They should NEVER be melded like this!! I LOVED that anime, and this combination is an abonimation! DX Hello Kitty should BURN!!!


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