Hello Kitty Brick

The problem with Hello Kitty Hell is that even something that is already far more horrendous than most people can imagine without wanting to physically hurt themselves can be made infinitely worse by additions that the Hello Kitty fanatic wants to make. Take, for example, the Hello Kitty house. Most people would take one look at that and pull out a Hello Kitty gun to quickly end their misery. The Hello Kitty fanatic, on the other hand, decides what the Hello Kitty house really needs is to be built out of Hello Kitty bricks:

Hello Kitty brick

Hello Kitty bricks

My wife has fallen in love with this idea. I, on the other hand, can think of very few things in life that would be more Hello Kitty Hellish than living in a Hello Kitty house made of Hello Kitty bricks. This is especially true since I would undoubtedly end up spending most of my day smashing me head against them in a futile attempt to escape the Hello Kitty Hell I was in…

Sent in by marie who should have to spend the rest of her life making Hello Kitty bricks by hand as punishment for ever thinking that sending this to me could result in anything positive…

28 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Brick”

  1. while I do think this is super cute I would never do this to my own brick … yikes at Sanrio prices I don’t even wanna know. I am a hk fan I have the tats to prove it but I have in fact recently downsized my hk collection and pcked it away into storage, all that remains is my purses and tattoos. I love HK but I also realize the horrible commercialism behind it all and am resisting my urges to buy more things that are expensive just because they have a HK head on them.
    Out of curiousity soes anyone thin darlene was marlene and that is why marlene quit posting????

  2. If you used these to brick your house, I think it would look like it had some strange kind of chicken pox from the street. Or mold. And the fake pink color is nauseating.

  3. I think the bricks are cool! I mean if you stagger them side by side clike corner to corner you will be able to *rock climb* up the side of your house! Is there a HK Spiderman?

  4. What is wrong with you?! Hello Kitty has never made anyone want to hurt themselves. This is a complete lie! And it proves you are always telling untruths!

    These bricks are wonderful. Think of what a better world it would be if all houses and businesses were made out of these. Everyone would smile every where they went and be full of happiness. You are just jealous and bitter because yo know that these bricks would make everyone happy and you can’t stand it.

  5. @ Daphne: There wasn’t a HK SPiderman, but there will be soon. Can basically guarantee that one now its been said.

    I know brick collectors. I thought they were sad gits but now I see they are completely logical well balanced individuals.

    Jesus Wept, why did they do that to an innocent brick?!

  6. Darlene, I think you’re sadly mistaken. You might want to just check yourself in, ride the Thorazine, and live your life in complete isolation in a house devoid of Hello Kitty items, so you can think of how mind-bogglingly stupid you have been to our dear Mr. HKH.
    And yes, Hello Kitty has made me want to do terrible things many a time.

    Anyway, I think maybe a few of us might want to take one of these bricks and bash our heads in. I know I do.

  7. Oh yes it will be a better world for the HK fanatics *COUGH*darlene*COUGH*, since all other people will commit suicide. :]

  8. Are you sure you’d want to beat your head open against these bricks? I mean, what if you failed? You’d end up with Hello Kitty head trauma.

  9. A bit tacky, I woudl kept them grey, they woudl go good in a HelloKity Bathrom.

    I throw this brick a la Ignatz in your direction.

  10. LOL @ gail. I am just now coming down from a nasty flu bug and had to get my HK fix and when I saw the bricks just now again I thought they were boobs complete with nips and all! I am so glad it is not just me!


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