Hello Kitty Machine Gun

Note: Sanrio legal counsel has contacted me because they realize that their fans are not bright enough to know what is an official Sanrio product and what is not. They didn’t feel that this would be a problem until the fans started contacting them directly, and they soon realized how painful it was to actually have to converse with a fanatic, and not even they had the patience to actually do this. As a result, they sent out a notice to me begging for me to take down my posts about guns that had the evil feline on them just so they didn’t have to ever correspond with the fanatics again. When I explained that they brought it on themselves, they pleaded that I spare them the torture that they inflict on me on a daily basis and asked me to post the following, Since I actually have a conscience, here is what they have to say:

Sanrio® has informed us that Sanrio is not involved in the manufacture or sale of Hello Kitty guns or weapons, and does not allow Hello Kitty® to be used to market guns or weapons. The items shown in this post are either digitally fabricated images or were custom-decorated without Sanrio’s permission. Sanrio alleges that creating false digitized images of Hello Kitty guns or weapons, or custom-decorating a real gun or weapon with Hello Kitty art, infringes Sanrio’s copyrights and trademarks, and may violate criminal laws.

And onto the original post…

Because there has never been a gun that Hello Kitty could keep her face off, here is yet another Hello Kitty machine gun:

Hello Kitty machine gun

There are now so many different Hello Kitty guns, it’s no longer even surprising to see one sporting the evil feline (a very worrying sign in Hello Kitty Hell…). In fact, the only surprise with this Hello Kitty machine gun is that the camouflage isn’t done in shades of pink. While this would obviously make the camouflage a lot less effective since the gun would stick out like a sore thumb, it would at the same time put infinitely more fear into the enemy upon seeing what was being aimed at them. I certainly would run for my life if I ever saw something like this…

Sent in by Pierre-Emmanuel who should have to sport this at the next NRA convention in his area as punishment for ever thinking it would be a good idea to send me a photo like this…

28 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Machine Gun”

  1. I just want to see she-who-shall-not-be-named defend this.
    Hell, I don’t think you’d even need to shoot this to kill someone. You could just show it to them and their heart would stop. I had to scroll past the picture just because this made me start sobbing.

  2. oh ffs really? so wrong. I am not a defendant of the kitty name I have the HK tattoos to prove my love for what she once stood for, for me but really, really, really, REALLY??????? the evil feline must be destroyed not for what she once was but for what she is today a horrible commercialized picture it almost pains me to bear my tattoos anymore but then I remember why they are there and how much I love them. I no longer purchase the HK propaganda as which we all now know as the current ongoing gestapo campaign. Hello Kitty for Life Hello kitty must DIE!!!!

  3. Hello Firepower
    I am not sure this is real

    I shoot of a belt of ammo in your direction, don’t worry I am high and not directly at you.

  4. Oh poor gun! What did it ever do to deserve such treatment. Somebody rescue it please! Strip it back to base metal and give it a proper khaki colouring, not this hideous paint job.

    Poor poor thing.

  5. In a world dominated by Hello Kitty Fans (like Darlene), you would convert to HK. Or be executed by one of these guns.

    I prefer the gun…. living in a HK-dominated world is beyond imagination.

  6. What the ultimate level for the evil feline?
    Condoms? (already there)
    Guns (already there)
    Pills, like Prozac?

    There is no “ultimate level” for the evil feline. All she wants is global domination. And is not going to stop for nothing. Just watch HK fanatics. Al-Qaeda terrorists are just simple boy scouts comparing with HK fanatics….

  7. I dont see why it isn’t pink, I mean, the people you are acctually killing it with would freez when they see the cuteness *cough.

  8. Mário – If Hello Kitty Prozac or any pill that could potentially affect your mind existed, I think we’d have
    A. A lot of psychiatrists being put out of work
    B. A lot of people developing schizophrenia and drug addictions
    and C. A lot of intentional as well as accidental overdosing on said pills.

    And my guess is the ingredients would be sugar and speed.

  9. @sj224,

    I dont think she has anything to say. It’s a gun, what’s she supposed to say? The army use this for the peace of humankind and Hello kitty is helping?

    ….Oh God I gave her an idea.

  10. Poor ppl getting shot by an innocent looking gun!
    I mean one moment, ur saying aw it look so cute! and the next, ur lying in the hospital, thinking, “God damn i should have skipped to tokyo mew mew instead!”

  11. I don’t know what would be worse, being killed by a Hello Kitty gun, or having to use one, either way you go directly to Hello Kitty Hell.

  12. Since Darlene hasn’t posted already I don’t think she will.

    @ Kitten: How can a gun look innocent? I mean you can get arrested for having a toy gun nowadays.

  13. Guys, this is a Softair gun (asg), it’s a electric gun, not a real machinegun. (i have one of this)

    Just see the “connector” from the big magazine. There are 2 bent springs where the plastic bullets run in.

    Also, the real machine gun (M249 Para), instead of the “springs” has uncovered 5.56mm bullets.

    …i’m too boringpicky?? XD

  14. Oh good. Because if I am on the battle field and see this thing, I wouldn’t even care if that person is in my own camp. I would just go ahead and shoot the hell out of that direction in hope of getting rid of the horror


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