Hello Kitty Twitter, Hello Kitty Facebook and Hello Kitty Photos

It’s truly beyond me why people that read this blog want me to also post on twitter and facebook since the regular blog posts should be enough to make any normal person go insane, but it’s a request that I get way too often. For your own mental health, I strongly encourage you not to sign up for either, but to keep my email clear of the whining requests, I have gone ahead and done it. If you dare to expose yourself to more torture from the evil feline than any person should endure, you can follow Hello Kitty Hell on twitter and Become a fan of Hello Kitty Hell on facebook.

In addition, I have started a Hello Kitty photo section so that 1) I don’t have to receive the same photos again and again and 2) Hello Kitty whiners will stop emailing me the same photos yet again (after sending them again and again) asking me why I don’t place the photos that they send again and again to me up. This section will be the photo dump area where you should only venture when you feel the need to inflict vast amounts of pain on yourself. For example, this week’s Hello Kitty photo dump includes:

Hello Kitty High Heel Shoe Phone
Hello Kitty Smart Car
Hello Kitty Belly Dancer
Hello Kitty Pregnant Cake
Hello Kitty Coffee Maker Toaster Oven

Welcome to a glimpse of my Hello Kitty Hell…

9 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Twitter, Hello Kitty Facebook and Hello Kitty Photos”

  1. i wonder that, too. i bet on the HK Darth Vader that she’ll (darlene) say something like this:
    ‘I can’t believe that you would have the NERVE and the GAUL to spread your vicious lies to the entire world. you disgust me.’
    That about sums it up.

  2. HELLO are you people listening to what your saying, and not to be rude but who ever is typing these horrible thing about my favorite kitty in the world. when your wife and putting you in a hello kitty sleeping bag and throwing you on the couch THATS WHAT YOU DESERVE and try changing the name of the site the pictures are cool and all but change the name of the site JEEZ.


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