Hello Kitty Toaster

I have absolutely no idea why the Hello Kitty toaster is such a popular appliance with Hello Kitty fanatics (quit sending photos of it to me!). There really is nothing that’s more dreadful than having Hello Kitty staring back at you in the morning when you still aren’t awake, especially when it is accompanied by a squeal of “how cute it is” when it is placed before you.

I’ve been avoiding writing anything about it simply because having to stare at Hello Kitty toast each morning pretty much is the limit anyone can take in regards to thinking about it each day:

Hello Kitty toaster

Of course, when you live in Hello Kitty Hell, having a single Hello Kitty toaster isn’t enough. It seems that for the Hello Kitty fanatic, it’s important to have a choice of what type of Hello Kitty toast is staring back at you each morning (no joke):

Hello Kitty star toaster

A warning to all people out there: If your significant other decides that a Hello Kitty toaster is a cute addition to your kitchen, you know that it’s time to get out of the kitchen (and the entire relationship). Either that, or you can join me in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by far too many people (it’s up, stop sending it) who should have to wake up to Hello Kitty toast each morning for the rest of their lives as punishment for ever thinking that sending me anything that requires me to look at Hello Kitty in the morning would be a good idea…

44 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Toaster”

  1. As a collectable, the top toaster with the moulded HK head has its points. I like my toast the same sort of colour all over though, which makes leaving an image (any image) untanned like that a FAIL!!

  2. This was on Fmylife and it was just too good. It shows how far the HK fanatic will go.

    “Today, when I was finished eating at McDonalds, I went to Shoppers to pick up a new toothbrush. I got back to my car only to find the windows smashed in. The only thing that was missing from my car was the Hello Kitty toy I got from McDonalds. Someone broke into my car for a 10 cent toy. FML”

  3. Collectable???? I could have sworn Kitteh that I saw that thing on sale at target only a couple of years ago. Now it’s collectable!!???

    On the other hand, I agree with you, It’s kinda cute, but it must taste weird only having part of it toasted. Pluse you would have to toast it really dark (which I hate) to see the face (especially if it’s wheat bread, which I love.)

  4. I just said “collectable”, not “limited edition” or anything like that. I have difficulty believing that people buy these things to actually use them!

  5. Some strawberry jam and a sharp knife could really brighten your mornings with that Hello Kitty toaster. Toast several slices, then use the jam and knife to create interesting and creative Hello Kitty murder tableaux. Extra points for getting your wife to cry.

  6. My Brother in law works in construction / carpentry. My 2 small nieces will love getting the toaster for school lunches, but if their mom makes his sandwiches with the same toaster, he will have an interesting lunchtime with the other construction workers & carpenters at the jobsite……

  7. LOL I have the top toaster! and yes the face only shows when you use white bread as for the face being un toasted, well that isnt the case, its just as crunchy as the rest of the slice. Not sure how, must be part of the evil felines’ amazing powers!

  8. I heard it does not work very well, I think I can reengineer it with pic micro controller, a few TRIACs, soldering iron and another heating element.

    I gladly eat Hello Kitty toast in your direction.

  9. Everyone knows that waking up to Hello Kitty is the best way to wake up. You get a smile on your face and the rest of your day is perfect. You complaining about this shows what a shallow life you lead. Especially when you complain about something that your wife does for you. She even gives you a choice and you make this sound like something that is bad.

    If you are going to complain about Hello Kitty toast, you should make your own food. Your lack of appreciation is appalling

  10. oh man…my cousin has one…and i’ve seen it at her house for a long time…I think it’s an older version cuz i remember seeing it…my freshman year in High School….and i’m a sophmore in college

    and….not to mention she’s never used it ~_~…. it’s still in it’s box

  11. Ok, I have to speak up. I’ve been looking through the photo’s on your site HKH man and I can honestly say I have no idea why this is popular, never the less, I seem to want one. Damn, I promised hubby no HK stuff would enter the house. Wonder if he would notice, hmmmm. *start plotting how to get this past him without him noticing*

    To Darlene: Please, please, please tell me you’re not serious. Please, I mean crikey, I’ve looked at several posts, photo’s and comments and all your comments just take the biscuit. I thought I was obsessed till I read your comments. At least I can see the funny side and know HK is *whispers* not real. She’s fictional. It’s not a big deal if someone doesn’t like her. Her feelings will not get hurt. It’s no wonder those of us who are “normal” addicts get bad names. Actually, I should show your posts to my dear hubby, then he may relent in his views and realise life could be worse. Hey, at least I don’t mind when I get made fun of by friends and family, I even make fun of myself. I’m 28 yrs old for goodness sake and addicted to cutsie stuff. *hangs head in shame*

    For the record Darlene. There are some HK items that are ott and not everyone, including myself would want them. I would certainly not like a HK wedding or to live in an HK house. Even my addiction has it’s limits. It would be greatly appreciated if in future you speak only for yourself. It embarasses me to end up being placed in the same category as people like you. Not trying to be horrible but you do seem to be taking things a bit too far.

    Sorry rant over. Ok, anyone ever heard the phrase ‘it’s so ugly I must have it.’ It’s a phrase I use daily in life and somehow this toaster fits that phrase. Hope hubby doesn’t read this. He is not as patient as HKH man. I fear any item I might manage to smuggle past him would, if found, end up straight in the bin in time for trash pick up day.

  12. I have one, well actually my oldest daughter got one for Christmas (when she was 4 and loved HK.. so that’s already 4 years ago… so this isn’t new news..).. and I never found that it worked very well at all. It’s.. sorta.. cute..

    But I love the Hello Kitty waffle maker more… too cute!

  13. hummmm, that is odd- as I said above, I own the top toaster, I have had it for three years and it works great! i have toast every morning for breakfast and the face is toasted, just doesnt look tha way.

  14. nice rant samantha! I agree, I usually have no problem being a hello kitty addict until people like darlene make me look like a nut bar L

  15. If it’s any consolation, the picture on the toast hardly ever actually resembles Hello Kitty. It’s usually more like Casper the Friendly Ghost.

  16. A few years ago I actually received two of these toasters as Christmas gifts. After the one I kept started on fire, I decided no more Hello Kitty appliances.

  17. You are such a loser honestly.
    First if you hate the brand so much than while your wifes away, burn it!!! or better yet change your name and move to South Africa. with low exchange rates you’d be able to live there. yes there is electricity, plumbing and normal houses and animals don’t roam the streets. I’ve been there on holiday before and there aren’t any hello kitty shops

    Second you insult every blogger who sends you more content for your blog. I’m sorry but the last time i checked that’s not the best way to keep a blog alive.

    Third just cause you don’t like hello kitty doesn’t mean you can blog about her in such a way. There’s got to be someone at Sanrio that knows about this. I hate Thomas the tank engine but I don’t spend hours blogging about it.

    fourth don’t you realise your advertising hello kitty?
    this website is like a hello kitty catologue where fans can come on and say “OoOoOh I want that”

    Finaly check this link out.
    his name is foamy the squirrel and he tells it like it is

  18. Well I sent you a Hello Kitty Toaster pic back in January. And I kept checking and checking and you never put it up. So maybe if you don’t want people to send you the same thing 100,000 times you might want to throw them a bone and post it? Just sayin’. Personally I find the products more interesting that seeing yet another Hello Kitty tatoo. I own this toaster and while it doesn’t make great toast, I do get to destroy HK’s face with my massive incissors on a regular basis. Sometimes I pretend I’m Godizilla.

  19. I bought ten of these on sale at Target last week. Gave away six of them to astonished grownups. I will sleep with the remaining four and give them cute HK names like Pookie and Snuggles. HK kept me sane throughout those long dark years of incarceration. Bless you HK. -Butch

  20. Heh, I had this toaster and it really is only good for white bread. Bagels won’t fit, frozen waffles don’t come out right. It was the only toaster my fiance and I had. When we moved it disappeared. I asked my fiance where it was and his answer was always “I don’t know. In a box somewhere.” Then he bought a toaster oven. So I have no idea what he did with the thing. He probably used it for target practice.


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