Hello Kitty Spaceship

If you have followed the blog for any length of time, you know that I have said time and again that the evil feline is trying to take over the world. One would assume that this statement would be sufficiently broad to cover all the havoc that Hello Kitty wants to create in her never ending quest to turn everything a Pepto Bismol pink, but I now see that I have vastly underestimated her plans. Welcome to the future of space travel in the Hello Kitty spaceship:

Hello Kitty Spaceship

Yes, I will give you a minute to wipe the coffee off of your computer screen.

Of course, my wife absolutely loves it and would love to take a ride in it. She thinks that traveling in a Hello Kitty spaceship would be the best way to make friends with any alien life forms we may meet along the way.

I’m not so sure about this. If I was an alien civilization and there was a giant cartoon cat spaceship like this hovering over my world, I would instantly question the sanity of any species that would want to create such an abomination. My first reaction would be to blow the thing to smithereens and ask questions later. Just saying…

Who would have guessed that the depths of Hello Kitty Hell would lead to space…

Sent in by lunastar (via Sevens Heaven – Image used with permission of Sevensheaven.nl) who should be forced into space in the Hello Kitty spaceship to live the rest of her life as punishment for ever thinking that sending me this image would be a good idea.

24 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Spaceship”

  1. Never mind the ears and whiskers bits; the sphere hull idea is actually a very good shape for a true spaceship (one that never enters atmosphere).

  2. “Hello Kitty is just trying to spread peace and love to the cosmos! You’re such a close-minded baboon to not be able to see the joy that Kitty brings to everyone. It makes those astronauts day to be greeted by Kitty!”
    That’s an eerily easy viewpoint to pretend to have.
    The aliens would decide we were clearly to deranged as a species to risk contact with. It might be contagious.

  3. Who would have guessed that the depths of Hello Kitty Hell would lead to space…

    HK has infected the human species like a plague. Wherever we go, she will be with us. Resistance is futile.

  4. The bow is underneath and is shot out of the spaceship with glittery pink goodness when they reach outerspace….Darlene most likely will be IN the bow.

  5. uh, is this SERIOUS? please please let it be a joke. PLEASE! if not (oh god) what the hell is japan thinking? is it like a giant DISTRACTION? “oh we kill whales, but LOOK! we put hello kitty in space, isn’t she cute? over there!”

    Frankly I just don’t know what’s worse.

  6. Hello Kitty is the most loved person in the world. She would be a great ambassador for the human race when we meet other civilizations. We want to go there in peace, not in war. Other spaceships look like rockets that destroy things. This space ship can’t be confused with that.

    I bet the astronauts specifically asked for a Hello Kitty spaceship. Space is cold and lonely and so they want something that will brighten up each day while they travel in space.

  7. @Darlene

    If extraterrestrial intelligent life ever made contact with us, and if you’re the first person they meet (dressed up as the evil cat thing you worship), they’d annihilate us to spare us of our misery of the hell that is Hell-o Kitty.

  8. I don’t think we would be using such a ship, dear no, on the contraty , its the hello kitty minions inside this coming to earth… They’re coming!!!

  9. This is a bit much, but I like it.
    Yeah, that’s right, I like it.
    It’s related to space, and I like all things space related.
    So I like it.
    However, blowing up the alien species with the HK spaceship is mean. Killing is wrong.
    Leave the poor aliens alone.

  10. I don’t pretend to know much about aerodynamics, but, geez, how would that thing even be able to fly? It looks even more awkward than a bumblebee…

    Def. a photoshoop

  11. Is it sad that the first thing I was thinking to Darlene’s post was that that ship would never fly? It has no aerodynamics and no one in there right mind would ever think to complicate space flight by making a ship designed like that.
    Thank you, a total geek.


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