Hello Kitty Face Stickers for Men

Let me state for the record that I really hate fashion magazines. It has nothing to do with the heroin addict thin models that grace the pages and the unrealistic “perfect” body image that they send to those that read them. I hate them for a much more basic reason. From time to time, the editors of these magazines get the ludicrous idea (or, more likely, get their palms greased with lots of Hello Kitty money) that doing photo shoots where male models wear evil feline crap like stickers on their face is a good idea and pretend that it’s a fashionable new trend:

Hello Kitty face stickers

Of course, when my wife sees something like this, she believes that it’s a fashionable new trend. Even worse, she instantly believes that it’s a fashionable new trend that I need to partake in so that I am fashionable.

I, on the other hand, have quite a different feeling when I see this. I would much rather have an full body bikini wax over the entire 6 foot 3 inch frame of my hairy body (yeah, I know that isn’t a pretty image — sorry about that) than to have Hello Kitty stickers placed on my face to be “fashionable.”

Yet another battle to be fought in the depths of Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Natalie who should be forced to wear Hello Kitty stickers on her face each day for the rest of her life as punishment for sending this to me and giving my wife the idea that this is something that I should do…

24 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Face Stickers for Men”

  1. WTF? This is just crazy! It is almost unbelievable, but here it is, right in front of me. I am so sorry that your wife actually thinks that a real human male would actually want to wear this out in public.

  2. That would be scary if some guy actully wore this at my shcool id run away, cause if the cats did take over the world id have to hide cats just hate me=( dogiies like me though=)

  3. I actually believe that the model in the picture is just passing as male, if memory serves me (that is, a girl passing as a boy).

    I’m not 100% on this, but I think I’ve seen him before, if it’s the model I’m remembering.

  4. I suppose it’s possible the model is transgendered, or maybe he’s just a very pretty boy. Perhaps the shoot itself had a theme of androgyny? It would explain the HK stickers on a man’s face. Ish.
    While I do think our society desperately needs to overcome its rigid gender roles (such as the masculine ideal that only exists in stark contrast to the feminine; a man enjoying anything traditionally “girly” is seen as freakish and awful, which of course throws into sharp focus our culture’s systematic misogyny), I also think Hello Kitty stickers on the face is a silly idea for any grown adult.
    Given that the style of the shoot seems otherwise quite serious and elegant, I’m not really sure what they were going for, here.

  5. 1.)the model is,in fact male,…a teenage boy…NOT transgendered…NOT a girl that looks like a boy. he is a boy.
    2.)this is not supposed to be a trend…more like something random they just did to try to bring some interest to this shoot…if you see the other pictures it’d make more sense but trust me,it’s not meant to start a trend
    also,I believe it was supposed to be related to Japan or in a Japanese magazine thus the use of iconic hello kitty

    just wanted to clarify.

  6. @Ikickshins

    I respectfully agree with you that we should knock down the really idiotic gender roles, and that men can like girly things as much as women can like manly things.

    However, I also think that HK stickers= cool photo FAIL.

  7. Look at the expression on the model’s face… he’s not happy about the stickers being there, but knows he has to put up with it. Shocked acceptance fading into utter denial while he imagines that he’s wearing something actually cool, that’s what I think he’s feeling.

  8. I LOVE it! Obviousely you would probably never actually wear this in the streets but thats not the point. I think you complain a lot about everything.


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