Hello Kitty Plush !?

There seems to be a growing trend of Hello Kitty fanatics that not only get joy out of the torment detailed on the blog, but also in getting me in trouble with my wife. An email with the title “Hello Kitty plush” arrived in my email box and I made the bad assumption there would be nothing to worry about. So when my wife asked to see it, I didn’t even hesitate. Who would have guessed this would be the photo:

Hello Kitty plush

wife: “Who is that?”

me: I have no idea! (thinking: “uh oh, this is not going to end well…”)

wife: “If you have no idea, why is she sending you photos?”

me: I have no idea! (thinking: “note to self: never, ever open another Hello Kitty photo email in front of wife before having seen it myself.”)

wife: “That doesn’t make sense. Girls don’t just send photos like that to people they don’t know.”

me: Yes, they do! What about this and this? (realising: “uh oh – I just won the battle, but lost the war”)

wife: Eyebrow raised, hands now on hips. “Why do you still have those photos?”

me: Attempting to salvage anything at this point: “No, no – those photos were used for the blog. I didn’t keep them.” (thinking: “note to self: Seriously – never, EVER open another Hello Kitty photo email in front of wife before having seen it myself.”)

wife: Foot beginning to tap, eyebrows in higher arch: “That sure is a convenient excuse. Are you saying that you can’t see them on the blog?”

me: Continuing to dig a deeper hole for myself. “Yes…no…wait.”

wife: silence but for her tapping foot.

me: “…” (thinking: “Ride out the silence. Keep quiet. No reason to take the shovel out of my hand and start using a backhoe”)

wife: Arms now folded. Foot still tapping. “So, are you going to delete this or are you going to blog about this?”

So here I sit, on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag, typing out this post. Was there ever any doubt it could end any other way in Hello Kitty Hell?

Sent in by anonymous who I would wish the complete wrath of Hello Kitty Hell upon as punishment if I had any idea who it was…

39 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Plush !?”

  1. hahaha don’t worry, I think all females would react that same way 😉
    In a week or so she’ll stop nagging about it, and your only hell than will be still having to live with 20.46979.6867 hello kitties, and keep getting them in your inbox ^^

    come to think of it, you might never escape from hellish situations 😀

  2. That’s what I’m wondering as well.
    Soon, his tombstone will have Hello Kitty on it and no way to get out of this nightmare.

  3. The question is not why he’s married to her, it’s obvious he loves her very much. The question is, why are people trying to get his wife jealous by sending him photos like this? It’s really childish. If you think it’s funny to send a married guy photos of yourself wearing almost nothing and put innocent titles on them so he’d open them in his wife’s presence… you’re a sad, pathetic, twisted person who probably doesn’t have any friends.

  4. The person who sent the photo is such a bitch. This was obviously a ploy to get you in trouble. However. I have to admit, those are some killer shoes.

  5. Your wife knows all about this blog and she knows about previous sexy photos, so why is she still getting all bent out of shape? This photo is rather tame anyway-how about showing her the hello kitty comic con pasties or whatever the hell that was a while ago and then maybe she’ll believe that people are freaks that will do just about anything to get attention.

  6. My question is more “Why is Mrs HKH getting so bent out of shape about risque photos when she’s married to a guy who’s utterly crazy about her?”

  7. The problem with not opening HKH e-mail in front of wife before previewing is that if Mrs. HKH asks to see something that you haven’t opened yet and you refuse, you are still in the HKH sleeping bag.

  8. I don’t see why your wife is even bothered about this.
    She obviously doesn’t trust you.
    Wow, someones legs?
    I don’t see what the problem is, it’s obviously someone sending something for hello kitty hell.
    The reason you haven’t deleted them?
    Maybe you couldn’t be bothered? Maybe you wanted to save them to mention in other blogs?

  9. I wish your wife was more understanding, this is going to happen to you being a target of Hello Kitty fans. Still why not delete the photos rather than blogging about them.

  10. Re: Jenny @ 8:24am. I could certainly see Darlene wanting to get him in trouble, but my guess is there is no way in hell (even Hello Kitty Hell) she is that hot, or even remotely hot. I’m thinking more of a crazy cat-lady look (no pun intended).

  11. Okay, what group of over-obsessed creeps are trying to mess with this poor guy’s love life?! I mean, seriously! Is this darlene in the pic or what?

  12. Um… guys… meta-game here for a while. How likely *is* this scenario? Ever here of a fictional premise? Or, er, creative writing? 🙂

  13. XD Jenny is getting somewhere, but i doubt darlene would send him that cuz those are obviously not her legs, they are too sexy and pretty…
    I feel for ya Mr. HKH

  14. I loled at “ten bucks its darlene” Lol.
    The wife annoys me…not because she is getting angry at seeing them ((though that is a pain, why do women act up like that? it’s just the internet)) But has she not GRASPED the concept of the fact that, wait a minuite, you hate hello kitty.
    Shes obsessed with it.
    And you still stick around though this godawfull obsession of hers, and the repeated, unnecessary punishments she gives you.
    That must totally mean that you dont love her, or whatever the reason she has to actually get upset that you are lookign at some random womans LEGS.
    ut heck. if it were me, i’d just say “Hey, its the internet. you’ve used it. I dont deserve to be punished for that. “

  15. I have one thing to say people… this is a blog and things can be written out of proportion. This probably did not even happen with his wife but wanted to add a bit of drama to his writing. lol

  16. My question is who is dumb enough to ask why you are still married to your wife. Because, you love the person not their possessions. Even if she does know about the other pics anyone can have a weak moment. Marriage isn’t easy, it’s work. If they can survive Hk they can survive the silly people who send oddly provocative Hk photos as well. Besides hubands and wives tease eachothet all the time. It’s a fun blog, have fun!^^

  17. Scary my friend took a picture like that… But I dont think thats hers. I dont think my friend knows of this site. mostly because if she did she would comment every page cruely. -dont ask- lol

  18. I don’t see anything wrong with the photo either, it’s not showing anything except legs. I was going to send in a similar pic of some cute hello kitty underwear that I have. But I don’t want to make your HKH any worse. Other women should try this, You put on your cute lil HK underwear, top is optional, and walk around the house in them and your man becomes more agreeable. You then bring up the next best Hello Kitty item that you must have. At this point, he is no longer listening to what you are saying and only thinking of what men think about 75% of the day. He will then say something like “yeah mami you get what ever HK thing you want”, and then chases you around till he gets what he wants.

  19. Ummm… I this the right time to admit I have an indecently tiny Helly Kitty g-string? Please note that I didn’t realise how small it would be on me until after I bought it! And I should point out that when I told my sister-in-law what I had bought, she said “That’s just WRONG”. Big ups to her.

  20. if some lady sent that to my hubby i would just email her back and call her a sluty slut slut!!!! 🙂 but of course i would let her know that this is the wife not the blogger! 😛 and i would get a little mad at my hubby just from feeling hurt and having low-self-confidence. 😛 but he would not be sleeping in the Hk sleeping bag. he would be in bed with me.

  21. What I find much more amusing about everything going on here is the comments left by the people who have obviously built up a strong dislike for a mans wife because she was insecure and found out some random attention whore had took a picture with a “Pussy” cat stuffed between her legs and managed to leave everything else bare.

    I would like one and all to know the immaturity is not in the fact that his wife became irritated, as irrational as most of you find that. It is not in his need to post the argument, whether it was real or not. It was not even in the little chicklet that decided to flash her goods in cyber space through the depiction of an Hello Kitty Hell client.

    The immaturity here is the level of determination all of you are putting into attempting to talk this man out of his relationship.

    shame on you all.

  22. i wanna know were i could get some of this stuff in mexico i have no idea werw to get them i think there awsome i love this cat shes so cute xD


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