Hello Kitty Anthropology & Weekend Photo Dump

My wife now wants to become an Anthropologist. What would cause my wife to all of a sudden want to be an Anthropologist? Well, it seems that if you are one Christine R. Yano and an Anthropology professor at the University of Hawaii, you can get paid to write research papers such as Wink on Pink: Interpreting Japanese Cute as It Grabs the Global Headlines which is all about Hello Kitty. The fact that Cambridge University Press would be willing to publish anything related to the evil feline and give her any academic credence at all goes to show how fast the world is spinning out of control.

And for those who can still keep their food down after reading that, here is the past week’s hello Kitty photo dump which will surely leave your stomach feeling a little lighter:

Hello Kitty Panty Liners
Hello Kitty Wall Display
Hello Kitty Push-Up Bras
Hello Kitty Carabiner
Hello Kitty Appliances
Hello Kitty Birthday Balloon
Hello Kitty Kellogg’s Loops
Hello Kitty Rice Krispies Treats
Hello Kitty Pink Laptop
Hello Kitty Reebok Shoes
Hello Kitty Shopping
Hello Kitty Vodka

Anthropology article link sent in by tsnere

6 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Anthropology & Weekend Photo Dump”

  1. Um, as much as I’d hate to break it to your wife, research papers are based on *facts*. You can’t put opinion in there, so your writing’s limited.

  2. Good point, Liz. AAAND when one studies anthropology, one is required to read a lot of thick books and write a lot of long essays that DON’T have anything to do with Hello Kitty at all.

  3. She’ll go off anthropology as soon as she realises it’s not the study of Hello Kitty.

    Personally, I want to be a forensic anthropologist. Dead things that are decaying. No cuteness whatsoever.

  4. Hee hee Tansy; have you been watching Bones, by chance? I love that show and it is very inspiring. I wish you luck with the dead things (I have plans to work in a morgue.)

  5. Wow, as an Anthropologist I’m insulted. I like hello kitty but I like your website more. I’d be upset if somebody expected I write about this phenomenon…


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