Hello Kitty Longboard Surfboard

When it comes to the fanatics of the evil feline, price is rarely a consideration. Take for example, this Hello Kitty longboard surfboard (not to be mistaken for the Hello Kitty surfboard). You could get basically the same effect by sticking a bunch of Hello Kitty stickers on the board for a few bucks, but they would eventually wear off (all the more reason, in my opinion, to use this approach if you for some reason momentarily lose all common sense and actually think Hello Kitty on a surfboard is a good idea). Instead, this surfboard had the Hello Kitty laminates placed under the fiberglass for about $1200. I guess you could argue it’s a good shark repellent…

Hello Kitty longboard surfboard

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9 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Longboard Surfboard”

  1. Put the figures on the other side of the board. It might keep the sharks away. hehe They’d take a look and go, “dude, last time I ate one of those I got a stomach ache from the cute!”

  2. No way am I going to surf if I had a surf board like that. I would rather stay at home and swim in my own pool. I wonder who is going to pay that much money to have a hello kitty surfboard, besides the fans of course.


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