Hello Kitty Louis Vuitton Bong

I’m not sure what disturbs me more – that Hello Kitty bongs exist or that there are several variations of them. Apparently, when a standard Hello Kitty bong is not high class enough for some Hello Kitty fanatics, they go out and make something a little more upscale like a Hello Kitty Louis Vuitton bong. With either one, when you get high and see what you’ve been smoking from, I’m pretty sure that you’re in for an very unpleasant experience…

Hello Kitty Louis Vuitton bong

Left in the comments by Harlock

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  1. wow. and i thought hello kitty fanatics (like that delightful, sweet girl darlene) were all too happy and relaxed as it was to use marijuana. i don’t know what to make of this one. just… wow.

    what’s coming up next week? a photo of some guy snorting coke pushed into the shape of hk’s head off a prostitute’s butt? will her butt have a hk tattoo on it? will he be using a rolled-up package of hk stickers to snort it? oh wow i’d actually enjoy a photo like that. checking back next week!

  2. Guys, a bong is used for smoking “normal” tobacco in Turkey (and possibly other Middle Eastern nations), so at least it’s not necessarily a druggie thing.

  3. They dont use bongs in turkey they use something a little different. they are called hukas (in arabic “argeela”), in all middle eastern countries. but its still awsome!

  4. This is actually a hand made, one of a kind art pipe set made for me by ” Fat Mike” and NC based glass artist.
    It’s an art piece that represents the over emphasis of branding on today’s social landscape.
    It’s made from5mmx50mm pink borosilicate glass, with an 18mm ID scientific ground glass joint.
    The slide/bowl was made by the artist “Bishop”.
    Speaking of brand influence set was made before the RooR LV themed tubes, which were ultimately inspired by another custom LV piece made by NY artist “JP” ( that by coincidence, I also own 😀 ).
    I’m a glass pipe collector and own lots of art glass pipes.
    These are not available for sale, and this one was a gift I recieved a few years ago.
    There are some copies of this around, but most are cheap pieces with a simple sandblasted HK logo.

  5. oooh hello kitty hell…u just make us drooling for all the stuff u put here….really want it sooooo bad!!…anyway love ur website!!!hihihi….


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