Hello Kitty Stained Glass Window

Any normal person would figure that after my wife had decided on the Hello Kitty house made of Hello Kitty bricks with Hello Kitty plants in front surrounded by the Hello Kitty picket fence and Hello Kitty display cases to keep all her Hello Kitty junk that my wife’s dream house had pretty much reached the point where it could no longer be Hello Kittified. Of course, normal never applies when living in Hello Kitty Hell and the Hello Kitty stained glass window proves this point:

Hello Kitty stained glass window

My wife thinks that Hello Kitty stained glass windows would add the perfect compliment to her Hello Kitty dream house. I, on the other hand, believe that this in nothing more than a hideously devised plan by the evil feline to smother all hope in Hello Kitty Hell.

One of the few escapes I have living in a Hello Kitty Hell house is the windows. Although my wife would like to hello Kittify our entire town, this is one goal that is currently out of her reach. That means that I can look out the window and remember that there are places in the world that exist without the evil feline.

The addition of Hello Kitty stained glass windows would mean that instead of seeing possible freedom, I will be looking always be looking at my nemesis. While this would make my wife happy, it would ensure that there is no hope of escape from the depths of Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by utilliy, who should be punished with having to look out only Hello Kitty windows for the rest of her life for ever thinking that sending this to me and giving more Hello Kitty ideas to my wife could be result in anything good…

17 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Stained Glass Window”

  1. think of the fun you could have with a .22 air rifle. the sound of shatttering glass would never before have had such dulcet tones as this.

    then use the biggest bit of glass left to slash your wife’s wrists. its the only way dude.

  2. If that ever comes to be, what you need to do is get a baseball, chuck it at the window with all your might, then blame it on some naborhood (probebly didn’t spell that right) kid you don’t like. Even if she eventualy replaces it, you will have those few sweet moments of having one window you can look out at & not see Hello Kitty.


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