Hello Kitty MAC Cosmetic Signage

I would basically like to wipe the entire Hello Kitty MAC cosmetic line — and the advertising they did — completely from my mind due to the traumatizing effect it caused that I’m still recovering from. It’s difficult to have a positive outlook on life when you have seen the MAC make-up video and S&M Hello Kitty men. So it is no surprise that the artwork signage for MAC also leaves one shaking their head wondering what type of drugs the people were taking that came up with the entire concept. Maybe they took a few too many tokes from the Hello Kitty Louis Vuitton bong or got hold of some of that Hello Kitty cocaine

Hello Kitty MAC cosmetic sign

Sent in by too many people – stop sending MAC stuff – the campaign is over and let’s leave it that way for everybody’s sanity…

8 thoughts on “Hello Kitty MAC Cosmetic Signage”

  1. Well, obviously they got a stash of hk ‘shrooms! Actually, I could imagine a run of hk lsd stickers, what with hk ex tabs having already been done.

  2. Is the hello kitty signage on the MAC cosmetic line purely for cosmetic purposes, or is there a deeper reason for using that face on the front of the marketing signage? Sure, it will appeal to the fans of hello kitty, but I am sure that it turns off just as many people.


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