Hello Kitty Bra and Panties

In another attempt to get me in trouble with my wife (which has unfortunately succeeded), I am now officially not allowed to look at any women other than my wife in Hello Kitty bras and underwear. I was tempted to ask for her to make it a 100% ban on looking at any women in Hello Kitty bras and panties, but figured I was already in enough trouble…

Hello Kitty bra and panties

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18 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Bra and Panties”

  1. Tell your wife to get over herself or you’ll find someone with a Scooby-doo fetish. These are the best posts. More Hello Kitty semi-eroticism, I say! 🙂

  2. What if there’s a random billboard? Are you supposed to spontaneously go blind?

    …could you teach me how to spontaneously go blind?

  3. One of the main functions of lingerie is to make men want to take it off the wearer; viewed in that sense, and with that wearer, this stuff works! Too bad I’m thinking about removing it with a pair of scissors! 😈

  4. Just compliment her on how she’d look in those, but on the otherhand, that would be just one more HK item in your house…

  5. lol thats great haha. well thats just like anything you could see in a add or something. lol your wife sounds cute! <3 i would most likely get mad for a bit too.


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