Hello Kitty Headband Bow

No matter how much a Hello Kitty fanatic wishes it to be true, putting on evil feline plush ears with a bow is not acceptable behavior. Asking your significant other to try them on “just to see how they look” pretty much assures that you are comfortable with him living in Hello Kitty hell…

Hello Kitty headband plush

Hello Kitty headband bow

Sent in by amara (via hottopic)

Update: Of course, the evil feline would never allow there to be just one of these as monica shows via the Three Apples art exhibit:

Hello Kitty bow

29 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Headband Bow”

  1. HA! My halloween acsessory’s better!

    Scarecrow vampire teeth.

    Anyway, I guess the headband’s okay. My dislike for Hello Kitty makes it hard for me to admit to anything being good.

  2. OMG I just bought this the otherday m gonna wear it to school today. And yes I’m in high school as a matter of fact I’m a SENIOR lol class of 2010

  3. i have those, i got them at hot topic, dude ur such an idiot, you say you hate hello kitty, but you have a blog dedicated to her, seriously, get a life.

  4. Plz plz plz tell me where to get those??
    I would totally wear that just to annoy my friends lol and entertain my sister and i’d wear HK’s tacky fake little outfits to go with it. 😈 lol


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