Hello Kitty Lady Gaga Markus & Indrani Photos

My wife was already a fan of Lady Gaga due to her Hello Kitty hair bow and visit to Japan where she professed her love of the evil feline. This has only grown as Lady Gaga posed for a Markus & Indrani photo shoot for the Three Apples art collection (yet another reason to avoid this if at all possible, as if you really needed another reason).

Hello Kitty Lady Gaga plush dress

While the Hello Kitty plush dress is quite disturbing, vastly more disturbing is that I immediately knew it had been tried before without success (bikini plush as well). This is information that no man should have stuck in their head. Things from the photo shoot didn’t get any better from there:

Hello Kitty Lady Gaga shoes

Hello Kitty Lady Gaga belt purse

Hello Kitty Lady Gaga purse

Hello Kitty Lady Gaga bow

Sent in by far, far too many different readers (seriously folks, you need to spend your free time in more productive ways) all of who should have to wear these outfits around town as punishment for ever thinking that sending them to me would be a good idea…

42 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Lady Gaga Markus & Indrani Photos”

  1. I hate Sanrio’s marketting cr@p as much as Mr HKH does, but this is art! Viewed as art, and a fashion photo shoot (not stuff real people actually wear) it’s actually pretty good.

  2. @Sarah If it evokes an emotional response, it’s at least moderately good art. The function of art is to evoke an emotional response of some sort, even if it’s disgust. That is what art is supposed to do. It’s just not art I like. At all. Ever.

  3. The Eyes-on-your-eyelid makeup is a little creepy for me, but that’s just me.

    I agree with Kitteh that it’s Art, even if it’s not something I’d say, want to hang a print of on my wall.

  4. I guess she trying to imitate anime girls with the eyes, You call it art but for me it just doesn’t work

    I send my condolences in your direction

  5. ……WAH? Her eyes… they’re like demons,,, and if she was trying to imitate anime eyes -Acton above- I’m going to shoot her!(Figuratively,I think I need to clarify because of that Whiner) …Hello Kitty’s face is beginning to scare me

  6. Interesting new fashion, definitely beats the old tired stuff the keep hawking at the dept stores, yet too many office types go into conniptions if these are tried as office fashions…….lol :^)

  7. Where’s darlene, to tell us that every woman’s dream is to have painted-on Barbie-doll eyes and wear Hello Kitty over her crotch?? 😀

  8. I like Lady Gaga’s music, but her taste in fashion is… erm, questionable at best for me. That eye makeup makes me shudder.

  9. “She had a little bit too much…
    Oh oh ohoh”
    I think she was drunk doing this but the anime eyes are starting to creep me out.
    Love her music, hates the bow but now We pronounce her “Queen of Kitty” all we need now is someone to play King of Kitty 🙂

    And meryat, that was just funny! thumbs up!

  10. I’m assuming your wife has all those hello kitty dolls that lady gaga is wearing. If that is true then I’m soOo jealous!!!

  11. I have to say that this is very creative and the photography is amazing. . . I know I know, you hate her! ha ha

    i see that little ole Darleene hasn’t adorned this page yet! lol!

    I am a makeup artist and I can do those eyes. . . . really creepy yes! cool for halloween tho if you want to go as a creepy manga character! lol

    I don’t think it’s really fair to uestion her fashion. . . . you wearing jeans might seem like suicide to some people. . . fashion is about change and experimentation. . . and also the basics.

    hope you are having fun on the lead up to Christmas. . . I have hello kitty wrapping paper from last year. . . I can send you a pic of it! I am sure you will hate but the wife will love!

  12. This is art. She knows how disturbing hello kitty and japanese subculture is. I think it emphasizes that. If you watch her Bad Romance video, the theme of large eyes are used again. Sure mainstream would think it’s cute, but Lady Gaga knows what she is doing and not being as superficial as you think.

    Look at Takashi Murakami work and his readings, especially in his book, Little Boy: The exploding arts of Japanese Subculture. It really analyzes the pschy of kawaii and the Japanese affinity for it and anime.

  13. Omg this is amazing.. love Lady Gaga and love hello kitty
    Love the shoes and I can deal with the creepy eyes
    its art indeed : P


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