Hello Kitty Telephone Booth

It’s never, ever a good sign when there is a squeal of delight the second that my wife sees a photo of the evil feline. If it is something that can’t be bought, then my wife wants to go to where ever the Hello Kitty thing is located so she can say she has seen and used it. The Hello Kitty phone booth is now on her list of must see things when traveling and ensures that one more of our trips will be filled with the excruciating pain that is Hello Kitty Hell…

Hello Kitty phone booth

Left on Facebook by Mandy

Update: Anyone sane would think that one of these in public would be one too many, but obviously not the evil feline:

Pink phone booth with Hello Kitty theme

Sent in by rose

14 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Telephone Booth”

  1. I’m sorry to say….but i think that is super duper cute. I would probably travel a short distance to get my picture taken under that XD Much cuter than a normal payphone.

    But i wouldn’t travel way out of my way. I am not that crazy. XD

  2. If I was FORCED to stand under one of these things to make an EMERGENCY phone call, I for one would feel unbearably self-conscious and would cut the call as short as possible. Why would anyone think such gratuitous infantilization is necessary?


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