Hello Kitty Gangster Car

It’s not often that the initial reaction of my wife to something with the evil feline on it is one of puzzlement, but that is exactly what her reaction was when she saw the Hello Kitty gangster car. She sat silent for several minutes studying the photo before looking at me and matter of factly stating, “But the car isn’t even cute.” I think this is a first that the evil feline has failed to cutify (I know, that isn’t even a word, but I know I’ve heard Hello Kitty fanatics use it before) something she has been placed on in the eyes of my wife…

Hello Kitty gangster car

First sent in by ~Dawn C (then by far too many people after that) via People of Walmart

Update: A pimp car to go with the gangster car:

Hello Kitty pimp car

Sent in by gloria (via sojones)

18 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Gangster Car”

  1. She’s right. The car still isn’t cute. That’s a first for me too, to see something Hello Kittyfied AND pink, but not cutified. *puzzled look*

  2. Ah, now you have a new mission in life – to start compiling a list of HK things that your wife doesn’t think are cute. And then work on making that list grow to include everything Hello Kitty by gradual steps.

  3. You have to admire someone who has the balls to drive this monstrosity, considering most gangsters who drove it would be shot at some point. Although, maybe that’s the purpose of this thing, evidence that the driver is insane and therefore not to be messed with

  4. Good lordy, you definably do not know Gansta. This car is gangster as an Easter Bonnet or a Mary Kay distributor.

    This car scream Hello Kitty Pimp me. If you want Gansta, this car has some potential. First I do the interior in pink, next dump the grandma rims for custom spinning bow rims. I and install hydraulics, give it a custom pain job and a killa sound system. Now that’s my version of a Hello Kitty Low-rider.

  5. i see this car every time i go to walmart, so im guessing its someones that works there,
    im not telling you exactly where it is cos i know *some* of you will be too tempted to either steal it or key the shit out of it! lol
    buts in in North Louisiana!
    ive been asked a few times whilst shopping in walmart if its my car! lol due to my pink hair and HK tatt on my chest!
    Believe me, if i had a HK car, it would be SO much better than this!

  6. Ha, my friend and I see that car ALL the time. We even have our own pics of it – if you think that’s bad, you should see the reese’s pieces car that’s right down the street from me…good lord, that one is just sad. *tsk tsk*

  7. I LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUVVVVVVVVVVVVV Hello Kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dis is like mi dream car! Mi and mi adopted Japanese Child gon be riding in a HelloKitty lowrider WITH Hydrolics! In the futer of course!lol


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