Hello Kitty Burqa

In yet another example that this Hello Kitty 35th anniversary celebration has gone way past the point of sanity, Sanrio invited Portuguese fashion designer Maria Gambina to create a unique fashion piece – the results being the Hello Kitty burqa:

Hello Kitty Burqa

Of course my wife thinks that this is an important fashion statement because “everyone should be able to wear Hello Kitty outfits if they want.” I, on the other hand, see it as yet another example that the evil feline line will go absolutely anywhere in the attempt to make a few extra bucks and has no problem co-opting any religion in doing so. In fact, I have no doubt that Hello Kitty’s plan is to meld all the religions of the world together through Hello Kittification so that we all worship her. Just one more step toward global Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Crocadila (via ebay) who should have to wear a Hello Kitty burqa for the rest of her life as punishment for ever thinking that it would be a good idea to send this to me.

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  1. Well it was from a fashion show about Hello Kitty anniversary there in Portugal on October 11.
    I was there!
    There are many curious/weird clothes made just for this fashion show and some cutes too.
    If you wanna see more just look into Hello Kitty’s official Portugal site homepage: //www.hellokitty.com.pt/

  2. We may see it that way, but for all we know, it may be the equivalent of a HK t-shirt. Not that I’m okaying it, just, you know…

  3. This will probably show up pretty fast over there as there is nothing against “Hello Kitty” in Islam, , BUT the face part will probably be less revealing in Saudi, as the Wahabi DONT follow true islam ( Just ask the Shia, the Iranians, and the Turks) Iranians and Shia are not as insane as the Whabi & evens simple Headscarves are OK, this would have NO problems in Teheran, Turkey its WAY more conservative than what most Iranian or Turkish women wear…..
    Of course the Wahabi ALWAYS disagree & wage war on other Muslims (the Shia in particular) who disagree with them, & than wonder why Iran is building A bombs……
    Lets face it, only the Wahabbi will end up in conniptions, and Hello kitty is the LEAST of their problems right now as the Wahabis have WAY bigger problems to deal with….

  4. THis is another example how HK profits. This is a long shot to conquer the Islamic world. And to profit with it.
    In the future, we will see the girls in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and others using this HK stuff. And the evil feline will build an truely global empire…

  5. how ironic…. a lot of feminists talk about how Hello Kitty is an example of misogyny in our society because she has no mouth, implying to girls that look up to her that cuteness is valued over intelligence/opinion… In this case, she’s silent AND oppressed.

  6. OMG I have not laughed so hard in ages. I happen to be Muslim with a great sense of humor and yours just cracked me up with your humor about kittification. ohhhh man. I might even blog this one and see how my readers, an international group with many Muslims, react.

    Just tooooo funny. Omg… I am gonna laugh all night, especially at your comments.

    BicycleBob, I have been involved in feminism since the ’60’s and have come to the conclusion that like everything else that must be handled with political correctness, all humor is killed. People get so wrapped up they forget to laugh. PC has killed laughter and much joy on this planet. But what else could you expect from a creation of the Frankfort School of Germany, a Marxist creation to prepare the world for a Communist overtake?

    As both Feminist AND Muslim, I find no problem laughing. So, lighten up a little bit. This from someone who is into heavy duty serious politics… here is where I come for a giggle after writing politics all day. Not all Muslim women are oppressed.

    Friedrich has it pretty straight. The Taliban/Wahabbi might dislike it because it could make someone smile. However I can see this going over big in Palestine provided the Israelis would let HK in, but probably not cos it would add happiness. Dubai and the Emirates, not a problem. Syria either. Surely in Iraq. Not toooo sure about Malaysia or Kerala, but they are big on cuteness down there too. Personally, I would wear it. ‘

    And yeah, that is a dude in that burka.

  7. Noor, I know this may sound super racist.
    And I am soryr, I guess I don’t understand enough about muslims.
    And honestly, I mean no offense, I really am just, curious, and confused. as none of my friends know about the subject.
    How can you be muslim, AND feminist?
    Again, i dont mean to offend, I really am truley curious…My friends asked the same question, so I guess your answer would be usefull to them too
    thank you <3

  8. You really don’t understand anything do you? It’s pathetic that you have no idea about Hello Kitty and what she means to everyone. It doesn’t matter what religion or race a person is, they all love Hello Kitty because she is about love, understanding and acceptance. Everybody loves Hello Kitty.

    Muslim women want to be as fashionable as everyone else and there isn’t a bigger fashion icon than Hello Kitty. This burqa is exactly what they have craved so that they can share being fashionable and loving Hello Kitty with the rest of the world.

    It’s time you got off your high horse and told the truth because we are all tired of your lies.

  9. Hi Emmie, just got your note so here I am to answer. First, I am 61. I was part of the bra burning set in the first hippie days. I have to say also, I am 11th generation Canadian, so I was not born into Islam. All my life I took care of myself and ended up raising two very strong successful daughters in the process.

    After they were grown I met an older Muslim man and was quite submissive in our relationship and I found it was quite wonderful after a lifetime of always making the final decisions. He was a wonderful man although very dominant. But that was not just because it was he was Muslim, it was due to the type of man he was. All men of his level of international power are similar.

    Due to circumstances beyond our control (the goddam war in Iraq) we had to part.

    I never said, btw, I am a GOOD Muslim did I? I read the Koran, I dress modestly and cover my hair, I do not eat pig, eat halal which is actually organic healthy pure food, do not drink alcohol or wear pants. I say my prayers most of the time but am not fanatic. My home has no face or living imagery on the walls, photographs are kept in albums.

    Also because I came to Islam so late in life, there are things I simply do not adhere to. They just seem silly to me. Bad Muslim! I let dogs in my house!

    I am also aware that most religions are man made methods of control of civilizations. I study all religious, currently I am studying the Jewish Talmud. I usually pick up things from each one that are of value. All I am learning from this Talmud is… I never knew the human mind could be so low filthy and absolutely venomous and hateful and be called a “Holy Book”.

    From a lifetime of working with children, for day to day events, I believe humor deals effectively with problems.

    Despite my thoughts and rebellious ideas, I am naturally a very polite and thoughtful person. I do not judge unless it is obvious, and even so I look at possible CAUSES for many behaviours in others rather than quickly condemn and that is a truly Muslim way.

    My language is clean but I say what has to be said. Just check my blog. I do not speak like a Muslim, I speak like a human being with serious concerns.

    Most of the Muslim women I know are strong women who say “He tries to hit me and I take the children and leave” “…I would knock his block off” These are Egyptian women, Syrian women, etc etc. I was offered marriage several times in places like Saudi Arabia and other repressive Muslim regimes and just said no. I have my limits and giving up my driving or rock and roll just do not make it possible.

    So I hope that answers your question. As with every religion there are levels of devotion.

  10. wait !! it’s a burqa, right ? so… why can you see her face ? it’s not a real one I think… this evil feline is trying to turn the world in a real dark hello kitty world… where lady gaga is having fun with her hello kitty dress and shoes… that was just my opinion… sorry


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