Hello Kitty Hello Kitty

It pains me greatly to have to write the evil feline’s name each time I make a new post on this blog. The simple fact that I had to type Hello Kitty twice for the title of this post should be enough to warn you that what you are about to see isn’t going to be pretty — Hello Kitty made out of Hello Kitty goods:

Hello Kitty Hello Kitty

It’s my wife finding stuff like this that is making me reconsider this whole twitter and facebook thing. I made the (unforgivable)assumption that by putting Hello Kitty Hell on facebook and twitter and making short photo dump posts, I would be able to dwindle the backlog of the hundreds of evil feline photos that fanatics have sent that crowd my email. As I should have anticipated, the exact opposite has happened and now I get even more photos sent to me even as I place more up. Even worse, my wife has found that searching these venues means that she can find even more Hello Kitty stuff to drool over.

The Hello Kitty Hello Kitty is a perfect case and point. She has found that searching the past tweets of people that commented to me how wonderful the evil feline is (there really is no justice in the world) often results in discoveries that she absolutely loves and then I must suffer through the rest of the day listening to why it is so wonderful.

Apparently, making Hello Kitty out of Hello Kitty crap is a fantastic and creative form of art that I just seem not to understand. This is no surprise, however, since this is often the way things are when you live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Unfortunately found by my wife from miss_island_619 who should have to live with and use all the Hello Kitty crap in that photo as punishment for ever thinking that tweeting about it could be a good idea…

Update: I really, really didn’t need to see more of this, especially up close. Apparently, that is of no consequence to reader Seny that emailed these close-ups to my horror, but great joy to my wife…

Hello Kitty face

Hello Kitty bow

Hello Kitty face closeup

30 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Hello Kitty”

  1. HK squared.

    Any chance you may decide to take down the twitter and facebook? Or if it comes to that, this blog as well? The sarcasm just whooshes right over some heads, and it seems to be making your own particular circle of Hello Kitty Hell even hotter.

    If you do, I for one will understand completely.

  2. One kitty’s hell is another kitty’s treasure. LMAO!!!… It does seem that you have created a deeper and hotter HK hell for yourself. And I am sorry for that, because we know how you have suffered and do feel for you. On the other hand, I have been following your blog for quite a while. And really…, the only reason I asked my feline friend to visit my farm on Farmville, was that perhaps I could take a snap shot of her in hopes that you would post it on your blog. When you did, I had a HK party! I wonder how many have tattooed HK for the same?
    Indeed, your blog probrably has more HK lovers than HK haters that follow. Just think. Your blog could be the seed of a travel commercial campaign of snap shots of HK around the world. I think that gnome is a little silly looking anyway. Besides, who would want to travel with a gnome. Does he party like HK?
    Wow!!!… better than that. Your blog could be the beginning of a book and then a movie. Just like “Julie and Julia.” The story of you wrtitting your blog and how it affects, or effects your life. With your initial intent to start the blog to rant and vent concerning the feline in your life; rather, it would turn out that you would become famous for it and thus become a HK ambassasor to the rest of the World on her behalf. A comedy, of course. Reguardless, your situation is quite entertaining. Even to my friends that didn’t even know about HK…sooooo…….we beg you, HK lovers and haters…..,

    Please don’t stop your blog, FB and Tweets.

  3. cos they are frickin evil inbred aliens intent on the entire destruction of the human race by making our brains dribble out of our ears, either through utter horror at HK or through complete brain washing. 😀

    I have to say Mr HKH that I really think it is time to have a long quiet chat with your wife and tell her straight that even your venting on here isn’t helping anymore and she now needs to make a decision: her marriage to a guy who loves her immensely going by the amoutn of crap he has tolerated, or this fascination with frickin HK. Cos she is way out of control now dude. I think its ultimatum time.

  4. Hello Kitty x2

    Just in time for Halloween. Waaay over the top – I feel HK diabetes creeping in.

    Love your blog. Keep fighting the good fight.

  5. OMG!! I LOVE this!! I want, like, all of the Hello Kitty items that were used to create this work of art!! So kewl!! Thanx so much!! Muah!

  6. I hate to admit it… but that is actually really cool looking. I mean, I hate HK and wish her nothing but the hell she’s brought upon many, BUT that is an extremely awesome collage. Are there, like others with different products? Or is the artist just another HK nut?

  7. my 4 y/o daughter (whose 5 birthday is nov 1) is a hello kitty addict.
    when she saw this picture she burst into a many versed rendition of
    which is her own version of the hellacious cat’s theme song.
    now, seeing as how she is 4, it’s cute that she loves HK. Not sure i will be saying that if she’s still obsessing at 18 :s

  8. How do you have so many followers who are stupid enough to believe what you’re saying is true? That you actually have a wife who does nothing other than sit around and look at Hello Kitty? So I guess neither of them work then huh? C’mon people, it doesn’t add up.

    I know it’s all in good fun, I’m just astonished by the neverending amount of people who think you’re serious.

  9. there’s so much evil in the world, and much of that is in this photo. thanks for ruining the one night this week i might actually get to sleep.

  10. I think it kind of original
    PS a Challenge how is Hello Kitty Evil. There is plenty of evil in the world, I do not see Hello Kitty enslaving, killing, or raping anybody like in Sudan.

  11. This is the greatest piece of artwork ever made! It’s genius and will be loved by millions. And the only “crap” here is the stuff coming out of your mouth. You have lied so many times that nobody even reads what you write anymore because it’s so biased.

    It figures that you can’t recognize true genius and would make stupid remarks about it. I bet you say the same thing about the Mona Lisa as well, right?

  12. i love hello kitty. And even though you don’t hk reading your blog is funny though. but i do agree with sharon’s comment, this is just gonna make hello kitty more and more famous:) i love your blog.

  13. I love Sanrio characters such as Kuromi and Badtz Maru but you can’t buy them in the UK other than import. I know Hong Kong sells Sanrio merch unfortunately they are in Hello Kitty stores and I tried to avoid much as possible whenever I’m on holiday there.
    I’m glad none of the members of my family collect Hello Kitty crap or else it really would be hell.


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