How To Make a Hello Kitty Mascot Head

They really don’t celebrate Halloween in Japan, but that doesn’t stop my wife from doing her best to bring the evil feline into the holiday anyway. The one thing that she absolutely hates is that she can’t dress up in a Hello Kitty costume like she sees so many people do in the US, but since this guide on how to create your own Hello Kitty mascot head landed in my mailbox, she’s been strongly hinting that we need to join some of the US Halloween party celebrations in costume. Yet one more thing to worry about in Hello Kitty Hell…

Hello Kitty mascot head

Sent in by tauney (via instructables)

6 thoughts on “How To Make a Hello Kitty Mascot Head”

  1. On the bright side, since you’re in Japan, your wife won’t say, “Honey, it’s Halloween, put it on and walk around the city with me….”

  2. On the bright side, YYY, even if she somehow did, at least his face would be completely covered. That’s the only upside I can come up with here, the rest is disturbing, especially the 50’s suit with the HK head. I can almost hear the music they always put in those 50’s clips in the background (shudder).


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