Hello Kitty Sandwich Bag Mod – Fellow Kitty

What happens if you are a male in a Hello Kitty dominated family? You get stuck having to use things covered with the evil feline through no fault of your own which can be especially traumatizing when you are only in the third grade. Even when the Hello Kitty fanatics try to edit it to alleviate some of the embarrassment, it still ends up being pretty pathetic — like this “Fellow Kitty” sandwich bag. I feel for the poor kid because things are only going to get worse…

Hello Kitty Fellow Kitty

Sent in by Joann

3 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Sandwich Bag Mod – Fellow Kitty”

  1. Dang, that’s as bad as a boy getting a hand-me-down pink bed from his big sister and the family calling the color “light red” to make it seem “less girly”.


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