Hello Kitty Store Verona Italy

One thing that you learn quickly when you live with a Hello Kitty fanatic is that you are never safe from the evil feline when traveling. That’s because no matter where in the world you might be, there is a good chance that a Hello Kitty store exists — and the one universal truth for those living in Hello Kitty Hell is that if there is a Hello Kitty store to be found, the Hello Kitty fanatic will find it. Take these photos and story as a classic example:

Hello Kitty shop

Hello Kitty store

Hello Kitty Italy shop

Hello Kitty Italian store

Hello Kitty store in Italy

This is the message that came with the photos:

Got sucked into this store not one, but TWICE with my wife while on vacation in Verona, Italy. Every possible piece of junk they could stick the face onto was there, for sale, and 4x the price in Euros that it should cost. Worst of all, there were THREE floors to this joint. — RT

I know exactly how this poor soul feels because that is exactly what happens every time my wife and I take a trip. Actually it is even worse these days because most of our trips are planned around actually going to see some Hello Kitty event so there is no “chance” in the equation.

I can tell you that there is nothing more disheartening than visiting a country and spending most of your time in Hello Kitty themed shops rather than the historic places that it offers. Just another reason why you never want to find yourself living in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by RT who has already suffered more than I could ever wish upon him as punishment for sending me these photos and getting my wife excited about her next Hello Kitty adventure since he had to spend two afternoons in that ungodly place…

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  1. My next big vacation is Harmonyland in Japan – it’s like Disneyland but ALL Hello Kitty and Friends. I’m taking my mom and brother, too. I’m 35, mom is 60, and bro is 30 so it’s no kiddy vacation! But after that I am so going to Italy! You would HATE a trip with me especially since all my luggage is Hello Kitty!!

  2. You have no idea what you are talking about again. There is a reason that visiting Hello Kitty stores is important and you dismissing this just shows how ignorant you are.

    The reason that women want to go to Hello Kitty shops is because they are so much more interesting and fulfilling than going to see boring tourist attractions. Plus Hello Kitty makes everyone happy so the atmosphere is joyous and everyone is smiling. Plus everyone wants to go and see Hello Kitty so everyone is in agreement which is not the case when looking at touristy things. That makes Hello Kitty the happiest part of traveling and why she is so important when you travel.

    Maybe if you understood this before writing stupid comments people would respect this blog more.

  3. Visiting HK stores is a bit wierd when traveling as its kinda like traveling to china, & visiting Wal mart & SEARS, instead of the Great Wall , or the bird’s nest stadium. WHY travel all that way, when there is a store just down the street with the SAME stuff?!?!?!?!?!?

    Makes no sense……………………

  4. i LOVE it! stores like this make me smile big smiles! we have one in my area except its super tiny and kinda makes me sad that they call it a Hello Kitty store.

  5. darlene, I’m a woman and I would much prefer to go visit the sites that Italy has to offer then go to a place like this. Committing suicide in that store would most probably end up in a hello kitty shape it’s that bad.
    HKH for sure

  6. There is no world without Verona walls,
    But purgatory, torture, hell itself.

    Looks kind of nice and smart but I if I go it Verona it is because its Verona not because has a Sanrio Store.

  7. Hm.
    Maybe Darlene should take time to read other people’s comments? And maybe learn how to use the word “everybody” correctly…

    Thank god I don’t have any Hello Kitty fans in my house. …But I might just go there for giggles.

  8. Stop your hating on Kitty you no good slob! What did she ever do to you? People that go hating on Kitty should be executed! There is no good reason for it.

  9. I think that people take this way too seriously.. I LOVE Hello Kitty, seriously I’m CRAZY about it, but I love this blog, it’s funny! =)

  10. the store is called camamilla…is the store advertised by the hello kitty tram posted a while back. it’s actually a really cute store, and honestly, you guys make it sound like she spent her entire trip in that store…which i hope was not the case haha.

  11. Okay, I would go in there to look… not buy anything though… I just love to look at all the crap they plaster her face on and then jack up the price.

  12. wow it is beautiful… can samobody tell me where is it and does hello kitty shop is in maddona di campiglio or verona? please tell me 😀

  13. For someone who hates hello kitty its sad that u dedicate all ur time & research looking for random hello kitty crap…do u even have a job or is this how u spend your “work time”

  14. dude! italy you dont go to a hellokitty shop you got a local cafe eat pasta. maybe go into a few local italian designer shops…. i offically am annoyed with your wife 0.0 i would gouge my eyeballs oujt to go italy and she wastes it on hellokitty..HELLO KITTY


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