Hello Kitty Schoolgirl

You know that you have lived in Hello Kitty Hell far too long when you take a look at photos like this and immediately say to yourself, “well at least her face mask isn’t Hello Kitty” when in reality any sane person would be running as fast as they could in the opposite direction in fear…

Hello Kitty schoolgirl

Hello Kitty schoolgirl costume

Hello Kitty schoolgirl costume back

Left by Lenette on facebook

19 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Schoolgirl”

  1. I would love the backpack (Take that mr HKH)

    The school girl look is a cosplay/ Japan thing. I seen plenty at Kumoricon, Portland’s Anime con.

  2. VERY CUTE! and yet , her room at home is probably some version of hello kitty hell, on the other hand she may just be cute enough to pull it off……….

  3. Well, the woman’s cute but what the hell is she wearing?! If I wore that to school I’d get dresscoded and have to go home to change.


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