Hello Kitty Earbuds

While it pains me to no end to use the terms “Hello Kitty” and “practical” in the same sentence, Hello Kitty earbuds do seem more practical than Hello Kitty earbud charms. That being said, Hello Kitty earbuds also seem like a practical torture device. Simply attach them to a Hello Kitty device that will blind, and inflict excruciating pain by playing the Hello Kitty theme song:

Hello Kitty earbuds bow

Hello Kitty earbuds

Hello Kitty ear buds

Sent in by kyla

11 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Earbuds”

  1. You know I saw something similar on Dr. Who right before the bad guy used them to take over the minds of everyone wearing them and attempted to take over the world. Sound at all familiar?!

  2. loving the earbuds been looking everywhere would you know where they are so i can try to order them… my niece is going crazy over them i might end up buying another pair for myself can you please please please help….


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