Hello Kitty Hangers

One of the many problems of living in Hello Kitty Hell is that there are far too many unexpected (usually of the horrifying variety) surprises. One would assume that the clothes in my closet would be safe from these events, but I found out a few minutes ago that is not the case when I opened it up to see that all my regular wire hangers had been replaced with Hello Kitty hangers. Yet another step down into the depths of Hello Kitty Hell…

Hello Kitty clothes hangers

Update: More ways to terrify your clothes:

Hello Kitty coat hangers pink face

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12 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Hangers”

  1. I do love hello kitty but some hello kitty items I just don’t understand. This is one of them. How are you supposed to hang your clothes on these hangers and expect the clothes to stay on? They are so small!


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