Hello Kitty Jeans

Seriously, how difficult is it to make a pair of jeans? Apparently, it’s more difficult for Sanrio than for every other clothes manufacturer in the world. Either that or the evil feline wants her fanatic base to be known to each and every person in the world because there is no way in hell that any other person besides a fanatic who would ever be caught in a pair of these. I can state this fact unequivocally even though I’m a man and have no fashion sense. Don’t believe me? Just take a look…

Hello Kitty jeans

Hello Kitty blue jeans

Hello Kitty denim jeans

Hello Kitty jeans side

My wife likes them and thinks they give off a “funky and friendly” style. I tend to disagree, and think that a more accurate description of the look is someone walking around in a pair of jeans that has just taken a giant dump. Maybe that is the look Hello Kitty is aiming for. I mean, there is no doubt that she has made plenty of those deposits in my life, and continues to do so to make sure my life always will be thoroughly full of it….

Sent in by Vireya who should have to wear a pair of these jeans each and every day for the rest of her life as punishment for ever thinking that something positive could come from sending these to me…

Update: Apparently, reader Justine didn’t think that I gave Hello Kitty jeans a fair review. “Just because you don’t like a certain fashion doesn’t mean that you should go around bashing it! There are a lot of cute Hello Kitty jeans out there like these.”

Hello Kitty on the pocket of a pair of jeans

Hmmm, I’m not sure if Justine wants me to look at the jeans or get me in trouble with my wife. All I can say is that if the only way that you can make your jeans presentable is to have a model wear them several sizes too small so that it isn’t the jeans that you are actually looking at, then maybe the evil feline on the pocket isn’t all that important…

The men’s version aren’t much better…

Hello Kitty men's designer blue jeans

Sent in by HK Guy

50 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Jeans”

  1. As much as I love these jeans, they do look like ‘Hello Kitty Men’s Jeans’ that you will probably be recieving pictures of in your emails soon. ^-^

  2. Urg, ugly-ness! You might like this if you never talked face-to-face with another human being. Or if you were one of those people who could make ANYTHING look good. Maybe.
    And how attractive is it really to have a giant HK head for a butt?

  3. [Comic Store Guy] Worst jeans ever!!![/end]

    The boots would be cute though, teamed with jeans that actually had a decent cut and fit. (Biographical point, my great-grandfather was a tailor, and just why would would anyone make a claim like that if it wasn’t relevant to the subject?)

  4. Oh my gosh those are horrible. The bows are completely unnecessary, and they’re baggier than what my male classmates used to wear when I was in high school.
    Those are horrible.

  5. BWAHAHAHAHA! These are uglier than my brother’s worn out, baggy, saggy, droopy pair of jeans. These make the model look like she has no butt.

  6. I want those jeans soooo bad! I would pay any amount in the world!
    The thing is, theyre are so ugly that they actually appeal to me, if anyone has any idea how i can get a pair please tell me.

  7. LOL!
    These pants are hideous.
    Looks like the model is trying to wear her extremely fat brother’s baggy pants,tried(and FAILED) to adjust them to look good in her body.

  8. The bows on the pockets are really cute, but the butt…is just gross. Period.
    Also, Hello Kitty doesn’t look good on some gangsta pants such as those.


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