Hello Kitty POW Ambush Necklace

Living in Hello Kitty Hell, you get used to seeing all the overpriced cheap crap that is out there, but the evil feline seems to take the overpriced theory a lot more seriously than most retailers. Case in point, the Hello Kitty POW! necklace which looks like it comes out of one of those gumball machines in front of your local drugstore, but carries a $200 price tag. Just the thought that they can get away with this makes you want to put one of those Hello Kitty guns to your head and put yourself out of misery…

Hello Kitty Pow Ambush Necklace

Hello Kitty POW necklace

Hello Kitty Ambush necklace

Sent in by Bianca

24 thoughts on “Hello Kitty POW Ambush Necklace”

  1. $200? Seriously? Yikes. Hello Kitty: once again proving that the only two things that money can’t by are good taste and common sense.

  2. I wonder what justifies that $200 price tag. It looks like any cheap jewellery around that is suitable for kids when they want to play dress up. The person who buys this must be really into hello kitty.


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