Hello Kitty Bees Commit Harakiri In Protest

It seems that the Hello Kitty beehive bees succumbed to the humiliation of having to be known as the Hello Kitty bees. At the time, Bill Bird was confused about why his bees were swarming even though the evidence was obvious as I explained:

The answer is simple. You’re making the bees live in a freaking pink Hello Kitty bee hive and they figured it out. It would make anybody angry and want to swarm. Of course, as anyone that would think it was a good idea to build a Hello Kitty bee hive in the first place, they try to rationalize the new found aggressiveness of the bees to something else.

Hello Kitty hive

Well, it seems that the Bird family failed to calm the bees by painting over the offending beehive opting instead of thinking about giving my wife Hello Kitty Hive honey instead:

Let’s just say I owe those fine folks at Hello Kitty Hell a bottle or two of Hello Kitty Hive honey, which will hopefully be available next year. I imagine the folks that actually license “Hello Kitty” will jump into the honey line as well. I can’t blame them. When you’ve got a hit like Hello Kitty on your hands — you take advantage of it.

Realizing what was not only in store for them (a lifetime of living in a Hello Kitty Hive), but also their honey (being given to Hello Kitty fanatics as Hello Kitty Hive honey), it was all just too much. They did what any self respecting bee in such a position would do. They committed suicide to spare themselves the shame of having to live in Hello Kitty Hell.

My advice to the Bird family is to turn the Hello Kitty hive into an anti-Hello Kitty hive. Not only will the bees not commit suicide, there is a good chance that bees will be fighting for the use of the hive.

14 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Bees Commit Harakiri In Protest”

  1. Oh dear, it sounds as if his hive has been hit by the bee disease thats wiping them out around the world. For once something scares me more than HK.

  2. A little bizarre, but very cute. I wonder how anyone thought of making a Hello Kitty beehive though.

  3. oh i misunderstand…they already committed seppuku by the time i got here…I intended my last post as a joke but the bees that i intended to joke at were all gone…T_T

  4. Hi to Hello Kitty Hell! I can not help the fact that I am addicted to Hello Kitty. I’m glad that Sheena & Leahler found my song. Check out the lyrics, I think that you’ll love them… Hello Kitty Heads unite. Kitty is all about love and exceptance… Yes you can buy my song on iTunes. It is on my album EXTACY, on TRAX Records. ” If we could all live, Live in one house like Hello Kitty things would be like heaven. No One ever gets nasty or cross in Hello Kitty’s world she is so ZEN”.
    Kitty Forever,
    Screamin’ Rachael

  5. Now I understand why my hit counter went through the roof again last December. I’m just finding this.

    Unfortunately, the colony perished from what is mostly likely Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Although the loss of hives from this disorder had been declining recently — for some reason — it came back with a vegnance this winter.

    Every hobbyist I know of, Hello Kitty Hive or sans Hello Kitty Hive, was wiped out. This included some hive owners who owned colonies that were ten years old or older. That’s the indication of a very strong hive.

    Unfortunately, we all got hit. I’m going to keep the hive empty this year because of landscaping that needs to be done near the hive this summer. But the Hello Kitty Hive isn’t gone. It’s just on hiatus. Hello Kitty Hive will rise again in 2011 — bet your pink booties on it.

    Bill Bird


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